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The Man Who Can Help Trump To Victory in 2020, and Get The Wall Built.

The Man Who Can Help Trump To Victory in 2020, and Get The Wall Built.

The current list of Democratic Presidential hopefuls now sits at thirty, but of course, we have a long way to go. More candidates will surely be added, either by announcement or speculation, and others will drop out, due to a lack of serious will or a sex scandal revelation, which is now a given for every Presidential cycle. (By the way, the House Democrats just voted down a bill which would deny raises to Federal employees who engaged in sexual misconduct. How’s that for a Progressive way to start 2019?)

True to form, Trump isn’t worried about 2020 right now. He’s the man who beat every Republican in the primaries to become the party’s candidate. Not weak Republicans either. He beat the best of the Republicans’ best.

And then he beat the Democrats’ best (is that the best they really had?), trouncing Hillary in the electoral count and sending her into a corner crying and sucking her thumb.

So Trump isn’t exactly a guy who worries about the competition, and for better or worse, nothing or no one frightens him. Perhaps if Democrats could learn to accept this, they would better understand why that despite opinion polls (remember the low numbers for Trump in 2016 polls?), Trump’s support still runs deep and loud.

A record economy and stock market, low unemployment, GDP growth, mega-low inflation (the economy always needs a little inflation or it’s not growing), better trade deals, his push for the wall and overall tougher border and other security, has only boosted his standing amongst supporters. What is really killing Democrats, and why they’ve been so obstructionist and bitter, is that he’s actually trying to keep all of his campaign promises.

And the Dems are thinking, who ever heard of that? Are all of us guys going to have to start keeping our promises now?

Unfortunately, Trump keeps inviting controversy with his Tweets and strong statements, his controversial policies aside. The major root of his controversies is always his big mouth more than the policies, although that big mouth is also a huge strength. (Weird huh? It works both ways.)

Possibly damaging for Trump in 2020 is that he’s turned off not only so many people in the middle, but just about all Latinos. (By this, I mean Latinos who are here legally. We know why Latinos who are here illegally hate him.) I can even speculate that, as hard as it is to believe, a large majority of Venezuelans here hate him as well, a country he’s trying to save, the only U.S. President in the past 20 years who has done anything substantiative to bring Venezuela back to freedom and prosperity. (Oy, don’t get me started.)

So what’s Trump’s answer to winning the Latino vote, which he lost to Hillary with only 28% compared to her 66%? (Obama did slightly better than Hillary, winning 71% of the Latino vote versus Romney’s 27%.) How does he convince Latinos that despite his stand on illegal immigration, he still has the best interests of Latinos in mind?

He taps Marco Rubio as his running mate, and asks Pence to step aside in favor of an appointment worthy of his talent and former position.

Identity politics never fails, and selecting Rubio as his running mate in 2020 puts him one heartbeat away from the Presidency, and makes him the Republican candidate in 2024.

The country’s first Latino President, Latino through and through, and I don’t think too many Latinos are going to run away from that prospect.

As Trump’s running mate, he could also do a much more effective job in convincing Latinos of the necessity for better border security, taking the “edge” off the issue a bit and toning down Trump’s falsely perceived prejudice towards them. Rubio can speak to Latinos in “their” language, and by “language,” I don’t necessarily mean literally speak Spanish. I mean speak in and from their perspective, too. The icing on the cake is that Rubio and Trump have always been on the same page, and they work very well together.

As the field of Democratic contenders starts to take shape, it’s beginning to look more and more like a Che Guevara Fan Club. Have you heard some of the things Elizabeth Warren is saying these days?

All she has to do is grow a beard and scream, “Stand them up against the wall…fire!” and it could be Che himself! (Or she could be Mao, allowing the murder of newborn babies.) In fact, the field is so far left that it’s attacking the only reasonable high-profile contender they have, Howard Schultz, for not being progressive enough.

The philosophy of Democrats these days is “kill the rich,” and although it’s scary to think about, there are enough idiots in this country to put such an irresponsible, clueless, Socialist “Progressive” in the Oval Office.

With more than 27 million Latino voters eligible to vote in 2016, certainly to be more in 2020, Rubio for VP could make all the difference in keeping Trump right where he belongs.

It’s a smart move.

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  1. Roberta

    Dear Ira, you don’t know your head from a hole in the ground!

  2. Roy Goodin

    If Michelle Obama run’s tapping Rubio is the only way he’d win.

  3. Jason D Ouellette

    Stupid conservatives. All you Care about is your wealth. That is not important. It is way more important this country be healthy. Health care for all now! There should be higher taxes for the 1 percent. What do you need millions of dollars for? Why do you even need thousands of dollars? I get by quite well with no money and run a business. The more generous you are with your money, the more karma will provide for you in life. Stop hoarding your money and start giving. It is the best feeling in the world to know you constantly help the under privledged.

    • Joan Workman

      Jason, just how money have you given to anyone?? Glad you can run a business without any money so what is your real complaint? Do you think the conservatives are the only ones with money..?? Well it has been proven that more Democrats are richer than most conservatives.

  4. Helen

    I agree with U concerning helping those in need but the wealthy DO HELP those in need. The weathly usually have worked to earn their wealth and therefore designate who their donations will benefit. That is their prerogative. I am a Conservative, not wealthy, live on a meager amount of less then $1,500.00 a month. Each of us do what is right for us so, my friend, as we use to say years ago, you go your way and I will go mine, yet we can love each other as Christ has loved us!

  5. MJB

    Isn’t Little Marco a deep state Globalist swamp creature?

  6. Shirley

    To Jason Ouellette you are an idiot! Government provided health care is the start of socialism and Americans will have to wait long periods before seeing a Doctor or having surgery. The more you give away the less people will do for themselves and the Government is not in the business of providing this and will allow government to make more personal decisions for you and does not allow for you and your Doctor to make that decision. I do not want to provide anything for illegals from my taxes!

  7. Shelba Herring

    Rubio may be a disaster