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The left’s antisemitism is no longer a secret

The left’s antisemitism is no longer a secret

Apparently, the two thousand years of irrational hatred of Jews has not ended.  There is no other way to explain it.  Despite the prejudice, Jews have made great contributions to world – and especially to the United States.  George Washington’s Continental Army of Independence was partially financed by Haym Soloman – a Jewish businessman.

America grew into the most successful and powerful engine of commerce thanks to a number of major Jewish business leaders.  In the early days of the Industrial Revolution, there were Jews like Julius Rosenwald (Sears, Roebuck & Co.), mining magnate Meyer Gugenheim (think museum), Samuel Gompers (American Federation of Labor) and Jacob Schiff (financed Panama Canal), A.N. Pritzker (Hyatt Hotels).  The list of modern-day Jewish business leaders includes Larry Ellison (Oracle), Michael Bloomberg (Bloomberg News), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Sergey Brin and Larry Page (Google) and Michael Dell (Dell Technologies).

What would Hollywood have been without the original movie moguls?  Louis B. Mayer (MGM), the four Warner Brothers (Warner Brothers), William Fox (20th Century FOX), Carl Laemmle (Universal Studios), Adolph Zukor (Paramount Pictures) and Marcus Lowe (MGM and Lowe’s Theaters). And the many Jewish producers and directors, such as Steven Spielberg and Mel Brooks.  Comedians like George Burns and Gracie Allen, Jack Benny – or more contemporary funny folks, such as Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David and Adam Sandler.  What would American music be without George Gershwin (Rhapsody in Blue, American in Paris), Irving Berlin (White Christmas, God Bless America) and Lenord Bernstein (Westside Story).

This list could go on and on and on, but you get the point.  Jews have made great contributions to the world and to America.  I also wrote a commentary in the past explaining why I love Jews – from both as an American and from a personal perspective based on close friendships.

What is beyond my comprehension is why there is such a deep embedded hatred of Jews as a people throughout the world that seems to flair up periodically in the historic record.

The excuse for antisemitism today – and it is an excuse – is the conflict in the Middle East.  The basic claim is that Israel is occupying land that does not belong to them – and that Israel is oppressing the Palestinian people who lay claim to the land that is now Israel.

The World War II launched by Germany was both a war of geography – with Hitler envisioning a global empire for his Aryan race.  It was also a war of genocide against the Jewish people – deeming them to be inferior human stock.    It was the same white supremacy nonsense that fueled genocidal actions against Black Americans by such progressive leaders as Margaret Sanger (Planned Parenthood), Dr. Clarence Gamble (Proctor & Gamble) and white supremist policies of Presidents Woodrow Wilson and Franklin Roosevelt.  It was Roosevelt who blocked U.S. entry of a ship filled with Jews escaping Nazi Germany.

A lot of Arabs – especially Palestinians – heated up the antisemitic hatred in response to the creation of the State of Israel after World War II.  We have seen a growing acceptance of Israel among Arab states through the Abraham Accords.  Israel was on the verge of entering into a peace agreement with Saudi Arabia at the time of the attack.  In fact, the Iran-sponsored attack on Israel  is believed to have been carried out specifically to prevent the anticipated Saudi/Israeli peace agreement.

Where conflicts have occurred in the past – or in recent times — Israel has never been the aggressor.   Since its founding, the State of Israel has endured constant attacks from terrorist organizations or states, such as Hamas, Hezbollah, al Qaeda, ISIS, Iran and others. “Death to Jews” has been  the battle cry.

It is damn near impossible to find a group of human beings throughout history who have been victimized to a greater extent and for a longer period of time than Jews.  The suggestion that Israel’s motivations and actions in response to the Hamas attack on October 7 are genocidal is absurd. 

Now we have a new wave of violent antisemitism in America – arguably the worse in American history.  It has the eerie feeling of life in Germany in the 1930s.  Hundreds of thousands of people have taken to the streets to proclaim opposition to what they claim is Israel occupation, oppression and genocidal actions against Palestinians.  They condone the barbaric Hamas attack on Israel – endorsing it with feint or qualified condemnation – or even praise the heinous slaughter of innocent Israelis, Americans and other foreigners at a peace concert.  They chant that Israel is carrying out genocide and war crimes.  They praise Hamas and describe them as “freedom fighters.”  They pick up the “river to the sea” chant that means wiping out the Jewish population of Israel and ending the Jewish state.

American antisemitism has become a granular issue.  Individuals and groups are committing acts of violence against Jews – some resulting in death.  According to the Anti-Defamation Leage (ADL), there has been a four-fold increase in attacks on Jewish citizens and property since the October 7 attack.  It is a long list, but here are some of those antisemitic events.

October 8, Clifton, New Jersey:  A car with individuals waving the Palestinian flag swerved out of its lane to strike a Jewish family.

October 9, Detroit, Michigan: A Jewish student was harassed, shoved and called a “Fucking Zionist” on the campus of Wayne State University.

October 10, Los Angeles, California: A person claiming to be Hamas made death threats against patrons of a Jewish deli restaurant.

October 12, Indianapolis, Indiana: A man carrying on Israeli flag was attacked by a pro=Palestinian protestor.

October 15, New York, New York:  A woman was punched in the face at Grand Central Station.  When she asked why, he said “Because you are Jewish.”

October 18, New York, New York:  A group of Jews were harassed and assaulted by pro-Palestinian protestors in Times Square.

And the list goes on and on.

Jewish man attacked by group shouting “Free Palestine” and “Allahu Akbar.”  Student at the University of Michigan punched in the face for being Jewish.”  Synagogue in Tucson, Arizona vandalized with swastikas and “Death to Israel.”

Actions have gone beyond attacks.  A Jewish man died after being struck in the head at an anti-Israel protest – and a Michigan Rabbi was stabbed to death outside her home.

These are just a sampling of the hundreds of the reported criminal attacks on Jews since Hamas invaded Israel and brutally slaughtered more than 1400 people.

College campuses have erupted in antisemitic hate speech by students and faculty at some of the most prestigious schools in America without repercussions from the school administrators.  High school students were allowed … encouraged … to skip school to protest Israel.  The post progress leaders in the most progressive environments are engaging in unprecedent levels of hate speech – including members of Congress.  Major leftwing media engage in anti-Israel reporting — giving voice to Islamic terrorist propaganda.

What these protestors are NOT doing is exercising free speech or expressing sincere concern for the Palestinian people.  They are engaging in antisemitic hate speech base on prejudice and intolerance.  Every one of the acts of violence and vandalism is terrorism – and those who perpetrate them are terrorists.

Those on the left rail against what they call “rightwing terrorism.”  The very few examples of real rightwing terrorism pales in the face of the tens of thousands of American citizens – and foreign students and illegal aliens – who are actively engaging in antisemitic terrorism in the strongholds of the left – campuses and cities like New York.

As a first step toward recovery, actions should be taken against those who engage in terrorist activities – including criminal attacks on Jews and Jewish institutions … antisemitic graffiti … calls for the elimination of the Jewish State … embracing genocide.  If the individuals engaged in such activities are students, they should be expelled and prosecuted.  If they are foreign students, they should be expelled, prosecuted and deported.  That should also apply to any foreigner – student or not.

Campus organizations that promote and participate in such activities should be disbanded.  Faculty and administrators who promote and participate in hate speech and antisemitic terrorist activities should be terminated regardless of tenure.

In terms of the colleges and universities that have promoted, tolerated or failed to act against those engaged in antisemitic terrorism, parents should stop sending their kids to those institutions.  Private donors should cut funding to schools that do not act against hate speech and terrorism.  All government funding should be cut off until there is a replacement of top administrators and governing boards.  In this situation, the schools are like a failing business that needs new management,

The decent people of America – most Americans – are stunned by the level of antisemitism that has flourished behind the veil of public reporting and awareness.  It is a political and social cancer that must be eliminated before it metastasizes even further.

So, there ‘tis.

About The Author

Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Dan tyree

    The left has shown that they are hypocrites in many ways. This is just another example of their ingrained racism. They will attack the Jews because defending them against racism or antisemitism would get in the way of them brainwashing the black population into believing that they need the government to exist. But the jews wouldn’t buy into that bullshit and the democrats know it

  2. frank stetson

    IMO, Israel is righteous in its war on Hamas; innocents will be hurt but Israel is trying their best not to. Hamas will be vanquished but it will take years to eradicate, if ever. Just as ISIS was never vanquished except in Trumpian rhetoric usually touting how they solved Middle East strife with the Abrams Accords that netted Jared Trump $2B in Saudi investment.
    Hate crimes are really terrible and we have extra penalties for those convicted as all perpetrators should be.


    In saying it’s “the left” Horist spins by applying his broad brush of hate to anyone who does not love his favored Trumplicant policies and personality too, when they stand against Israel’s treatment of GAZA and THE WEST BANK. These anti-Israel policy pushbacks have been true for over a decade. That’s right Larry, unlike you, we do not support apartheid and we can be vocal about it. We won’t shut up just because there’s a war. That’s neither antisemitic nor a hate crime. If you had bothered to look at the data, you would have noticed that this sentiment is also age-related with older folks not necessarily bending as hard in that direction.

    Now, speaking of data, let’s look at your……cherries…..that you picked to serve your purpose of spin slamming the entire left, the entire democratic party, for the actions of just part of the party. And you overlooked a whole lot of antisemitic activities outside of the left, but that’s your party so………

    First: as stated, you appear to overlook any antisemitic actions by the right. Most white supremacists lean that way and Trump salutes them often. “Stand back, stand down” and all that. “Good people on all sides” and all that. Guess it’s just an oversight.

    Second, your history lesson on the St. Louis fails to mention Canada, Britain both also turned down the ship and only after US involvement did the ship’s passengers disembark in England, France, Belgium and Netherlands. 900 folks, over 30% went to England thanks to US involvement and Chamberlain. It was the summer of 1939. France fell to the Germans a year later. Of those returning to Europe, 30% were murdered in the occupation by the Germans.

    Third, your six examples of hate crimes did not indicate they were done by leftists. And the list that does not prove your point goes on and on.

    Fourth, your Tucson example might be: “An Arizona man with a history of menacing local leaders was arrested Saturday for threatening to execute a local Rabbi and “every other JEW I can find tonight at midnight of your Sabbath.” He is a Trumplicant. There was also Dustin Wilkerson who has been popped a few times, also for assaulting an officer, who most certainly is not from the left.

    Fifth: there is no hate crime investigation in the murder of the rabbi in Michigan although several persons of interest are being investigated otherwise.

    Pretty shabby evidence to indict the entire left leaning population of America as you promised you are doing, and don’t.
    All hate crimes should be investigated. We have extra penalties for that shit. But labeling a half of America as antisemitic is a lie. You can attempt to hide behind weasel words, but once again Horist’s real conclusion: Democrats bad, vote for Trump. Can’t learn new tricks, can’t forget old ones.

    The fact is, yes, the Israeli treatment of the WEST BANK and GAZA citizens is being protested by the left and others. I support their peaceful protests.

    Antisemitic hate crimes are also on the uptick and these are perpetrated by people from both the left and the right. I would guess mostly the right, but I do not have the stats. Nor did Horist. These folks should be arrested, tried, and convicted on hate crimes with the extra penalty that involves.

  3. Mike f

    Yet another one of Larry’s posts trying to demonize democrats and confusing ‘anti-Israel’ actions with ‘anti-Semitic’. Yes, there is a broad feeling by those of us who read the news and understand it that Israel is not blameless in the situations that their country has been involved with since its creation. No, Israel has not started any wars, however their mistreatment of Palestinians is what has led to attacks in the past. I do not think that the Hamas attack was right, I believe they did their cause a disservice, but it has been widely reported that the much touted (at least by Larry) Abraham accords was the main cause of the most recent attack by Hamas. The group reports that they felt even more marginalized after agreements were reached without their participation (similar to what happened when Trump excluded the afghan government from his ‘peace talks’ with the taliban-see a trend here?) and they attacked to make the world remember their situation. Wrong decision? I think so, but understandable.. What Larry (and other government officials) need to understand is that blindly backing Israel, without forcing them to live up to the two-state agreement reached in the past, these kind of attacks will continue. Destroying current Hamas leadership is not a long-term solution, because as long as Palestinians are marginalized, a replacement is bound to form. Larry (and others) also need to understand that being critical of israel does not translate to blanket hatred of Jews, though there are certainly crazies on both left and right who do translate their anger into anti-semitism…

  4. Darren

    Well, just walk into a crowd protesting and ask, ARE YOU A DEMOCRAT?
    Then you will see the answer. YES!
    Pretty simple if you ask me.

    • Frank stetson

      I tried that at the capitol on 1.6.2021…..

      • Tom

        Good one Frank!!! +1 for Frank!

  5. AC

    Extrapolation may work with numbers crunched in statistical analysis, but generalizations, assumptions, and wholesale categorization as seen here is lacking in basic sound reasoned journalism. (Although, considering the title I instantly knew which PBP commentator originated these words proclaimed.)
    It’s more of the same anti-American rhetoric I’ve come to expect from the mind of Mr. Horist.
    Because. you Larry, have your certain perspective and choose sharing your thoughts. You may not assume widespread acceptance and adoption of your particular insights.
    As for my take on your views, on this and generally, I reason that your views are not like others espousing the particular politically right possibly even conservative side. Therefore, justice would be ill served if in my response I choose undifferentiated labeling of the right as all, every last one, thinking in lock-step with you.
    I hold s more moderate political perspective. Neither the right’s perspective, nor the left’s philosophy suites me well. Reading your commentaries opens slightly a window to the right. Other, known sources from the right lend a more unified political perspective on the right.
    Likewise, from the left and progressive sides in the equation, no single source or voice has my complete attention.
    Your version on topics that happen to be hot in the news at the time are treated with an assertion of correctness bourn of claimed authority. No other view stands as true and prophetic.
    Israel-Palestine relations are complicated, contextually, historically, philosophically. religiously, socially, culturally, and individually. They are people, individuals. each one deserving of our respect
    Easy simplification has become the way the outside world views the conflict between these two long warring nations.
    All Jews are the same, is a common view. All Palestinians are the same, for that matter. Easy, pick a side, Israel or Palestine. Let’s those two fight and may the best one win. Ridiculous!
    Dismantling your argument is not worth the effort. You are steeped in your own conviction that your opinion is gospel. No others need apply. It works for you. But, the Universe is not under your command and will not do your bidding
    And, that’s the absolute undeniable truth. Even you must agree on that fact one true fact. All else is up for grabs.

  6. Jimmy F

    “Right-wing” or “conservative” people have nothing to gain by being anti-semitic or anti-anything, so why in hell would they ever want to be included with insane radical leftist progressives, who make money by promoting chaos and manipulating the public by intimidation. All the baloney about “white supremacy” being a right-wing thing is just pure propaganda. Again, the left can only rule by fear because their polices are verifiably utter doo-doo. It doesn’t take a genius to research U.S. history and check out every term in which the Democrat Party has been in control. The country generally goes to hell and a resurgent GOP has to rescue the country from the clutches of the [deep state-globalist- Marxist Cabal owned] DNC and their thoroughly corrupt Media Mob shills. As soon as they get bounced out of control, the DNC works double overtime to undermine the GOP until it once again wears down the public’s trust with incessant lies and fake news. Hopefully the public in 2024 will put most of the DC establishment globalist elites back into their Pandora’s Box for another decade or so and give the GOP a chance to help us undo the mess created by the deep state cabal that owns the DNC. Talk about an existential threat to “democracy”. We can NEVER again give control of OUR Government to any globalist Marxist Uni-Party if we expect to have OUR United States of America survive past 2030. It only took the DNC and their unhinged Media minions 2 years to trash our economy and greatly undermine our credibility around the planet. We can’t ever let them do that again or a REAL Anti-Christ will take control over us faster than that “twinkling of an eye” spoken of in Bible prophecy.

  7. Frank stetson

    Jim, white supremacy general supports Donald Trump. And antisemitism. Same with most attacks over the last decade

  8. Tom

    Larry, I only have a few comments:

    1) I agree with you that anyone here on a visa or any other guest invite should not be engaged in any protesting. If they wish to protest then they should go back to their home country to protest. If they are caught protesting on US soil, they should be sent home and not allowed back for at minimum 5 years.

    2) You claim to be a person very strong on the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech rights of the individual but it appears that when people exercise their freedom of speech rights in a manner that is against a hard core belief or “love” of yours, then they are terrorists. You appear to have many ways of labeling people who do not agree with your opinion, and all of those ways are harsh. And you love cherry picking specific incidents and then globally applying them to the entire Dem party as a specific attribute of only that party. And in this issue, Dems are not alone. The real facts show that there are many Repubs that feel the same way. It almost seems that you go out of your way only to look at cities/states with Dem controlled governments and turn a blind eye to Repub cities/states. Were there no anti-Israel demonstrations in any Republican held cities or states?

    3) In a very good poll, the facts show that Democrats maybe in general are more against Zionism and the violence in Gaza than Republicans but Democrats are certainly not alone. Please read this poll at ** Maybe this poll should be more widely circulated so that everyone knows the GOP secret: That many of them on the right feel the same way as those on the left! I guess the only difference is that the right is a bit more sneaky about it, and is attempting to use it to pull away membership from the Dem party.

    4) My personal feelings are that the war on Hamas is justified but in the bigger picture, both Israel and Hamas have been at fault. Hamas for their anti-Israel stance that Israel must be wiped out, and Israel for some harsh reactionary policies that rob Palestinians of any hope and dehumanize them. I suppose human beings living a life of no hope and oppression only have one language they can speak: Violence! Violence is the language of the oppressed. And good Palestinians are not innocent in this either because around 2007 they elected Hamas to represent them, took their food, money, etc. Hamas promised Palestinians a better future and so far have only delivered blight, oppression, and now mass death. So there is plenty of blame to go around if we want to play the blame game. The scriptures say that God will never abandon or foresake his people. So I stick with Israel while not always agreeing with what they do.

    1 Samuel 12:22 New Living Translation (NLT)

    The LORD will not abandon his people, because that would dishonor his great name. For it has pleased the LORD to make you his very own people.

    If God feels that abandoning His people would dishonor his name, then so do I. Its that simple. Sorry Palestinians, unelect Hamas, reconcile with Israel, learn to live in peace.

  9. Tom



    A 1977 law ensures a low-cost, and in some cases free, legal abortion to any woman who fills one of four criteria:

    She is under 18 or over 40 (cost to those in between: 1,500 shekels [$370]).
    She carries a fetus with a severe mental or physical defect (free).
    She claims that the fetus results from forbidden relations such as rape or incest (free) or, in the case of a married woman, that the baby is not her husband’s (not free). Single women also fall under this clause, and they too must pay.
    She shows that her physical or mental health would be harmed by continuing the pregnancy (free).

    In 1980, a fifth criterion that allowed abortions for women living in economic hardship was abolished due to pressure from religious political parties.

    In January 2014, the Knesset passed a reform to the national health coverage law, guaranteeing free abortions to patients between the ages of 20 and 33, regardless of financial circumstance.

    Read entire policy at **

    Hey Larry, fair is fair. You said about me that since I am pro abortion, then I must also be pro slavery and pro Holocaust. Remember that statement you made?

    Well Larry, now I say since you love Israel, and since Israel has the most liberal ABORTION policy in the world, you must love abortion which makes your whole article a hypacrit!!! I bet you did not know that the country you love and the people you love are also the most prolific abortionist for just about any reason that the mother gives! And their government pays for it in many circumstances!!!

    :>) Just sayin Larry!!! LOL

  10. AC

    Send this propaganda to Biden, the House, and the Senate and see how it’s received. Then, you have your answer about your opinion’s credibility.
    On the other hand, your obvious distrust for two party democracy where Democrats have a say in decisions negates your trust in decisions.
    Who is your equal or is of greater intellect that you may accept as an alternate perspective? Certainly, your points made solve nothing nor do they clear the air so negotiation toward lasting peace can commence.
    Best for the world that PBP is not a major media player on par with NewsMax. Blessed be the US Constitution’s 1st. Amendment and free speech just short of slander.