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The House Impeaches Trump

The House Impeaches Trump

Congress has just voted to impeach President Donald Trump. Article One, Abuse of Power, carried by a vote of 230 to 197 with one “present” vote by Presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard. Two Democrats defected and voted against the measure, Jeff Van Drew, who has announced he will be switching parties, and Collin Peterson, from Minnesota, in whose district Trump won by 34%. All Republicans voted against impeachment. Two articles of impeachment were passed, one for “abuse of power” and the other for “obstruction of Congress.”

Article Two, Obstruction of Congress also carried by a similar vote 229 to 198 with one “present,” but with one additional Democrat defection.

Trump was in the middle of a rally in Battlecreek, Michigan, and spoke at length about the impeachment to an enthusiastic crowd.

All of this was as expected, in fact, since Democrats called for Trump’s impeachment shortly after his inauguration. This most recent impeachment effort began this summer when the President asked the president of the Ukraine to investigate areas of corruption, including that of former Vice President Joe Biden. Democrats accused Trump of attempting to force the Ukraine to investigate a political rival and therefore interfere with U.S. elections.

Former VP Joe Biden was caught on video saying that he has threatened to withhold a billion dollars of U.S. aid unless a certain prosecutor was fired. That prosecutor was indeed immediately fired. Biden’s son Hunter was at the time receiving a very large salary from a company that was the target of corruption investigations. This appears to be a smoking gun that VP Biden’s actions were to protect his son, and not in the interests of America, a clear conflict of interest and abuse of power.

Some would say that President Trump not only had the RIGHT to investigate someone from the previous administration who blackmailed an ally for personal gain, and who interfered with the relationship with that ally, but also had the OBLIGATION to get to the bottom of the issue and clear the air with this ally.


What happens next?

The Articles of Impeachment will now go to the Republican dominated Senate for trial. In the unlikely event of a “conviction” Trump would be removed from office.

Since the Republicans hold a majority in the Senate there is almost no possibility that the President will be removed from office.


But the Republicans do have some choices.

A.  They could immediately acquit President Trump. This would mean that the impeachment process is over with minimal fuss. However, it would not begin to counter the negative propaganda that was generated by the Democrats in the House to harm the President. President Trump has expressed a desired to hold a real trial, controlled by the Republicans, that would highlight the opposing views, bringing Hunter Biden in to testify, and the whistleblower who initially made the complaint. There is speculation that the whistleblower coordinated with Congressman Schiff’s office before the complaint which would prove a conspiracy against the presidency.

If you have read my other articles, you know that my own conspiracy theory is that Hillary Clinton is behind the attacks on Trump and the impeachment (recall that the Clinton’s arranged all of the funding for Schiff’s first Congressional campaign, he is beholden to Hillary). Hillary wants to get into the 2020 race, but she needs Biden to be destroyed so that she can get an initial boost for “rescuing” the election. But Biden has weathered the storm so far and if there is no Senate trial, Hillary will not get the initial boost (she will get in anyway, watch for it…).  The Republicans now see Joe Biden as a very weak candidate, and would prefer him to stay in the race. So more the better to keep it short.

B.  They could have a long show trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already said that he is coordinating the trial with Trump’s attorneys. This would mean a heavily pro-Trump procedure, covered by all of the media networks, where the (fake) whistleblower, Hunter Biden, copious pro-Trump witnesses and maybe Adam Schiff himself (as a material witness, because of his office’s contact with the whistleblower). While it is doubtful that liberal networks CNN and MSNBC will cover this with the enthusiasm they did the House proceedings, the coverage could provide a tremendous boost in Trump’s popularity.

This would indeed destroy Joe Biden and perhaps make way for a Hillary Clinton candidacy. Trump knows that he can finish Biden’s destruction at any time, should Joe’s popularity start to rise (unlikely). But Joe’s presence accentuates the divided Democratic election slate. Without Joe, another candidate may start to gain momentum. Currently, it is mere chaos.


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  1. linda ruegsegger

    What a witch hunt

  2. Medic RN

    Trump is NOT impeached! He’s scammed by lying liberal democrats.

  3. Recon Ranger

    I vote to imprison Schiff who comes from a cabal of FED bankers, ( a relative and big shot in early fed time ) of course Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Ginsburg, and a large list of others in the same witch hunt club…. Isn’t it a little discerning that these types performing and promoting this coup all have the same ethnicity ? Let me be their jailer. God Bless our greatest president that ever was.!!!!

    • Joe S Bruder

      Hmmm, Schiff and Schumer, probably German, Nadler and Ginsburg probably Jewish, Pelosi definitely Italian. I heard a lot of black speakers tonight from Democrats… and there was a black leader on one of the committees, but he unfortunately recently passed away.

      What ethnicity do you mean? Compared to what, the all-white all-male Republican Party?

      And why would you jail them? Despite what Republicans said tonight, impeachment of a sitting President who commits multiple crimes is Constitutional. They carried out their sworn duties as elected officials against a two-bit wannabee dictator.

      • Steppen-Wolf

        Amen, Brother!

  4. Darrell

    So this is there plan they are going to use this to get the senate they are not going to pass it to the senate they are going to try to get there voters railed up to vote to impeach the president whet he wins reelection this will definitely send us into a civil war especially when there was no evidence at all and the fact they have been at this Presidents throat the whole time he has been in office this is not good strategy for the Dems they donot see what the final outcome will be and it’s not good in any imagination!!!

  5. Joe S Bruder

    I thought this article was more mainstream than usual, just the facts, until I got to “what happens next?”, and you went off into the partisan conspiracy weeds…

    Trump is IMPEACHED. That asterix will be next to his name forever. Trump is a lifelong criminal, and that won’t change, and now he has that mark that historians will forever bring up and debate about how bad a President he was. Republicans didn’t try to justify Trump’s actions or defend him, just spent their time bitching and moaning about the exact same process they used to impeach Clinton. If I were a heavy drinker, I’d have been plastered by taking a shot every time Republicans yelled “sham” at the mics. On the other hand, every Democrat calmly explained the evidence and why they were going to vote the way they did. Republicans came off looking pretty bad.

    Pelosi will most likely hold onto the Articles of Impeachment until Republicans approve some rules that make the process fair. Or, she can wait and drop them on McConnell right before the election or the next time Trump has another scandal. Or she can wait until Trump loses another court fight, at which there will be more hearings and maybe more articles of impeachment. She’s got Trump’s balls in one hand and McConnell’s in the other, no way either of them come out of this without political damage.

    Republicans lied to the American people many times tonight – I don’t know if Trump or Guiliani came up with the original plan, but Trump was in on it from the beginning. It didn’t begin or end with the phone call that was reported by the anonymous whistleblower. It started at least a month before that, and multiple witnesses confirmed that. And they weren’t “never Trumpers” or liberals or any other perjorative label that Trump applied (and Republicans repeated), they were members of his staff, people he appointed, non-partisan embassy staff… in fact, everyone who testified was some member of Trump’s “team”. The oft-repeated lie that “the Ukrainians didn’t know” was refuted by multiple witnesses, and “the Ukrainian President denies that he was blackmailed” is ludicrous considering that Trump is still (for now) in power and usually exacts revenge on anyone who crosses him. “But the money was released” – well, yeah, after Trump was caught with his fingers in the till, he coudn’t stuff the money in his pockets too. Attempted murder is still a crime, just like murder. And in fact, even after the money was released, some $30M didn’t make it to the Ukrainians. Before the whistleblower filed his report, WH lawyers were in full coverup mode, hiding the actual transcript and telling people not to talk about the call, and Trump has blocked every witness and piece of documentation he could. Not only is that obstruction, but a clear sign of guilt.

    Trump withheld money approved by Congress, and had his idiot lawyer running around trying to create a scandal with Biden that does not exist. Biden has been cleared of any wrongdoing here, and Republicans have had control of Congress for, what, the last 7 or 9 years? Why didn’t they investigate when they were in power? Because there was nothing there. Yes, Biden talked about holding up money, but it was before Ukraine was approved by State and Defense departments, and it wasn’t approved by Congress at that point, and it was part of official US policy. Yes, Biden pushed to fire a prosecutor, but because he was corrupt, not because he was investigating Biden’s son. There’s no scandal there. Trump withheld money that was apporved by Congress, and was intended to help fight against the Russians taking territory from Ukraine (all Trump roads lead to Russia!)

    Speaking of idiot lawyers, while hearings were going on about impeaching Trump, Guiliani was back in the Ukraine, talking to even more Russian criminals to try to create a Biden scandal. Turns out the other Ukrainian idiot Parnas got paid a cool million in Russian criminal money (the same Russian that Guiliani just visited), paid half to Guiliani, who gives the President “free” legal representation. Two things about that – first, Donald, you get what you pay for, and you got shit. Second, as they say in the social media business, if you’re not paying for the product, you ARE the product. Guiliani was running around the globe offering access to Trump and getting paid by the Russians. And I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump didn’t get a chunk of that. Again, all Trump roads lead back to Russia. And they have, since months or even years before the election. THAT is why Democrats have been investigating Trump since the beginning of his term, not because “they hate him” or “they lost the election”. Dems didn’t like Bush, but they worked with him in good faith for his terms in office.

    And for the last goddamned time, HILLARY CLINTON IS NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT AGAIN!

    Merry Christmas!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Hillary Clinton IS running for President

  6. Dan

    Suppose that Trump accepts impeachment from the Senate and the VP is also kicked out of office. That puts Pellosi in as President. Then the economy of the US crashes and millions of jobs suddenly disappear. Since the Democrats are in full power, their response is to boost welfare for those who don’t work or don’t want to work and increase taxes on those who still have jobs. Since money is suddenly tight, businesses have to reduce wages for those still working. People are having to walk away from their nice homes and find shelter in small, dirty rentals. Then we’re back in the 1930’s where people were starving to death and sickness and disease was rampant. The big cities are rat infested and filthy. Water systems are polluted by sewage and electric grids are collapsing. The death rate is at an all time high as people can no longer afford to go to a doctor or a hospital for illnesses. Farm machinery sits idle, broken down and without repair available. Dairy products are scarce and mostly not affordable by those who still have jobs. World wide famine sets in and wars irrupt between neighboring countries. Meanwhile, our politicians have upped their own pay so they’re unaffected by the plight of the general population. And Nancy Pilosy has just been re-elected to her fourth term as President by the Democrats. All other political parties have been outlawed.
    Does that sound possible? Well, that’s the direction we’re all headed thanks to the evil that exists world wide. Now aren’t you glad they got rid of Trump?

    • Steppen-Wolf

      I would be glad they got rid of any of these evil scoundrels, Rethug or Dump. They’re all crooks. “Odrona” was and still is an “al CIAduh(!)”-created fraud. Both Bushes were the same. As well as Bubba Clinton. And Trump is obviously nothing but a money-grubbing criminal like virtually all politicians and CEOs. Both main political parties are completely corrupt and filled with evil cretins, and anyone and everyone who calls themselves Rethug or Dump is a brainwashed tool. Wake up, people! The U.S. and the entire world are now run by totally corrupt CEOs, corporations and everything anti True Liberty and Freedom, and this has all been, and is still being, orchestrated according to long-term plan.

      Trump got in because he very deftly changed himself into a revered household name, from being relatively obscure, through his “reality” shows and having himself painted as a “hero” who supposedly wants to “save” us from the swamp; when, in True Reality, he’s a major part of that swamp and doesn’t want to redeem us from it AT ALL. He, like all of corporate criminals and globalists from both sides of the aisle, wants us, the U.S. and the entire world, to become more and more of a communist-fascist oligarchy, NOT less of one. We are witnessing a MAJOR part of the end of the world as it, including the U.S. and the “West”, descends into more and more of an international, Satan-controlled “government” and completely un-free matrix control grid, made to nothing but appear to be “more free”, as all symbols of “liberty” and “freedom” have been doing for over one hundred years.”Demonocracy” always leads to communism and/or fascism, look at Germany.

      We are in the final gasps and throes of the U.S. and the world as they descend into Satanic communist-fascist global enslavement, and all of the political and media wrangling is nothing but “distracting-from-the-real-truth” false propaganda leading to that global enslavement, as Satan exercises his final time of being let loose to get evil to totally control the entire world as never before; and we haven’t seen anything yet. All hell of earth is breaking loose, and it is only going to get worse and worse, until finally Jesus the Christ returns and TRULY saves us from all of the madness that is our Satan(ic) and corporate-fascist run world, ON BOTH SIDES OF THE AISLE OF THE SWAMP.

      If anyone really believes that Trump or ANY of these globalist corporate-fascists and elitists, including himself, wants to save us from this inevitability that must come to pass in order to bring about the final end (in other words, God the Father and Jesus the Christ are allowing it), they are extremely deluded. Evil has been slowly but surely taking over completely, all semblance of sanity has been intentionally being whittled away, and the restraining power of the Holy Spirit that kept up that semblance of sanity is bring removed. It truly doesn’t at all matter what political “flavor” the satanic corporate-fascism is, it’s still nothing but evil-controlled corporate-fascism in various guises keeping most of the masses asleep to what’s really going on, dividing and conquering, getting us to fall for uncivilly warring against each other, to not truly find any True American and World unity, and to bring about the True Revolution that would need to be brought about to Truly Save us and prevent us from descending into this global enslavement.

      Orwell’s “1984” book is being followed like a blueprint by the corporate-fascist globalists. Read it (again?), and see if you don’t recognize what is coming about in reality. If you don’t recognize it, you are completely deluded and probably beyond the point of no return. Most people are nothing but “copper-top batteries” in the matrix control grid, feeding right in to the complete takeover by evil. They have no idea what is truly going on; and, like the character in the Matrix movies who wanted to go back in to the Matrix, they don’t want to know what’s really going on, and would much rather “eat artificial steak and drink artificial wine” than to pull their heads out of the ground and come entirely out of that evil-controlled matrix control grid.

      In other words, most people are already totally controlled by evil, and are being taken over by evil more and more. It was all predicted in God’s Word(s). “Many are called, but few are chosen.” Most professed-“Christians”, who are nothing but counterfeit “Christians”, are also completely controlled by evil and are going to be lost as well. But, though it obviously doesn’t appear like it, all of this is for the best in the long run; because, again, it is going to separate the majority of tares from the minority of wheat, and usher in the return of Jesus the Christ. “Even so, (return very quickly), Lord Jesus (the Christ)”! Revelation 22:20. It all can’t happen fast enough because of the extreme amount of, and increasing, suffering in this only-evil-world-in-the-universe, and it can’t all be brought to a complete end quickly enough. So, BRING IT ON! And may all of those few who are true of heart and chosen, wake up entirely, not fall for any of the madness in the world, and work to wake up more of the chosen and true of heart.

      He or she who is AT ALL a friend of, or AT ALL fits in to, this evil world IN ANY WAY(S), is an enemy of God. (2 Corinthians, Chapter 6.)

    • Joe S Bruder

      Use the Nixon impeachment as a model – Agnew was ousted first, replaced by Ford, then Nixon resigned, making Ford President, who then pardoned Nixon. There will be lots of negotiations, and if McConnell knows Pence will be charged with a crime and Trump is going to be removed, he will stack the order so that Pence is removed and replaced with someone non-controversial first. Pelosi is not going to let Pence be President, and McConnell won’t let Pelosi be President. Some pip-squeek from a state with a few hundred thousand residents will get “chosen” after a lot of horse-trading. Different only in that Trump can’t be pardoned because he was impeached.

  7. Knock Knock

    Haha – looks like you might want to change the headline here since as of 12/20/19 Nancy has stopped the bus and sent everybody home. They voted to impeach but didn’t actually do it. What a circus. These libs are just a bunch of phony clowns. Makes you wonder what kind of foul personal constitution do these people rest their ‘solemn’ positions on. Fools like Joe B above clearly have been the object of great propaganda campaigns, but the people at the top don’t have that excuse. It’s ugly, probably power driven. But in any event the policies don’t pan out as good for the country and on its face it is just so utterly without merit. So sad we have this in our government. Who else but Trump could even address it?!

    • Joe Gilbertson

      That is correct, he is not impeached as of this moment.

      • Joe S Bruder

        You’re statement is incorrect, Joe. President Trump is legally and Constitutionally impeached, now and forever. A Senate trial follows impeachment. Trump is not yet convicted. Pelosi controls the timing, and she’s using that control to force McConnell to hold a fair trail, after he stated that he was already “wotking” with the White House to throw the trial. Trump is already bribing the jurrors with re-election money, which has been his normal business practice for years – first bury the opposition in lawsuits, then bribe whoever he has to to make accountability go away. Pelosi has shown herself to be a smart cookie, and won’t let him get away with it that easily. Trump may still survive the trial, but just barely, and at the cost of destroying the Republican Party if they don’t take their jobs seriously. It’s up to McConnell to decide which he values more – keeping Trump in office, or holding the Senate majority. And he may lose both anyway.

    • Steppen-Wolf

      And you think you haven’t been brainwashed?! All of the Dems make me sick, and all of the Repubs make me sick. They’re all brainwashed. We’ve been so dumbed-down in this country and world that most us, including most of those who think they do know which end is up, don’t truly know which end is up. And as far as those in the leadership of the parties go, the Dems love corruption, lies and endless illegal wars of aggression, invasion and takeover, “the supreme international crime”, for profits; and the Repubs, as well, love corruption, lies and the same, and love violence even more than those who run the Dem Party.

      The Congress is run by a majority of Catholics and the Roman Catholic Church, the most evil cult of counterfeit-“Christianity” on the entire face of the planet; who actually, behind the scenes, run the globalists and the entire world. And who do they work for? Satan of course. Satan and the globalists want the vast majority of us dead to “save the planet”. It’s a bunch of absolute psychopathic insanity that far too many “Amerikans” on both sides of the aisle fall for. And all of the counterfeit-“Christians” are nothing but worshiping Satan in the guise of Jesus; without, in most cases, realizing it of course; but they nevertheless are.

      And you think you haven’t drank the KoolAid, whichever Party flavor, like most “Amerikans” have. Most people are part of a mass insanity; and, of course, think they’re “sane”, such as the Repubs, and think others aren’t, such as the Dems, and vise versa. And both sides are correct that the other side is insane, but they fail to realize that they’re just as insane. Real insanity is supposedly “sanity”, and True Sanity is supposedly “insanity”. Most of you, including those who think you have, haven’t come out of the matrix control grid, and just believe your version of the mass insanity. Right now most of you are crazy as loons. Wake up and TRULY come out of the mass insanity!!

  8. Pastor Dennis Wall

    If the Demented Democrat, Nancy Pelosi, delivers the Impeachment Scam to the Senate many Democrats will go down. Nancy Pelosi will die in a couple of days due to an apparent suicide (Killary), so she won’t be able to deliver the Impeachment Scam to the Senate! The Senate will simply rule the Impeachment Scam a “frivolous lawsuit” & throw it out of Court. The Republicans will continue to gather evidence on
    the Demonic Democrats & have a “Real Lawsuit” that will cause many Corrupt Democrats to be imprisoned for several years!
    Have a Very Merry CHRISTmas all you Decent, Moral, Sane Christians!
    Take no part in the worthless deeds of evil and darkness; instead, expose them. Ephesians 5:11 NLT

    He who justifies the wicked and he who condemns the righteous, Both of them alike are an abomination to the LORD.
    Proverbs 17:15 NASB

    • Steppen-Wolf

      You, and most others, don’t understand impeachment, and you falsely believe that those in this thread who have tried to make clear to you that TRUMP IS ALREADY IMPEACHED, don’t know what they’re talking about. Let me spell it out for you: The House votes to impeach. The Senate does NOT approve or disapprove of the impeachment. All the Senate does is carry out a trial to determine if the ALREADY IMPEACHED person and/or administration is to be removed from office or not. Obviously, since the Senate is GOP controlled, he’s not at all likely to be removed from office; but, he IS STILL IMPEACHED ALREADY. Yes, an impeached U.S. president and/or his administration can remain in office after already being impeached. Look at Clinton. He was impeached, but he was allowed to finish out his term because the Senate wouldn’t vote, by a majority, to remove him.

      With Nixon, the writing was on the wall, and he knew it. If he hadn’t resigned and voluntarily left office, he would definitely have been removed from office by the Senate, after already having been impeached by the House. So Nixon chose to avoid further scandal against himself, and removed himself from the equation before the Senate held the removal trial and voted to expel him permanently from the White House and/or the Office of the Presidency.

      What may be happening now with Trump’s presidency and his having already been impeached, is that the Dims are working to get control of the Senate so they can vote by a majority for his removal from office. Or, if they have no hope of gaining that Senate majority, or at least are unsuccessful in doing so, they are just putting it on record that Trump IS impeached, and seeking to make it (much?) less likely that he will win a second term. They’re definitely working very hard to get a Dim to “win” the “(s)election” against Trump, and gain the presidency instead of Trump winning a second term. (Both sides of the aisle steal elections and select the best globalist-controlled next president that it is their will to “win”. If Trump is the globalist choice, as he was for his first term or he wouldn’t have gotten in in the first place, the election will be stolen by the Rethugs, and he will “win” a second term. But, if it is the globalist’s choice that a Dim “win”, the election will be stolen by the Dims, and “Hitlery” or whoever is their Dim choice will “beat” Trump and “win” the White House.

      If Trump is not voted by the Senate to be removed from office, we’ll relatively soon see what happens with the “(s)election” as to who is favored by the globalists, who actually run the entire show and the whole world already, to either “win” a second term; of, if it is a Dim who “wins”, their first term as President. I won’t hazard a guess as to who is chosen to “win”, except to say that it may very likely be Trump to “win” a second term of actually doing the globalist’s will while making it nothing but appear that he’s “fighting against them”. It’s all “bread and circuses”, putting on nothing but a show, and behind the scenes doing away with national sovereignty and independence, and bringing about global, one-world government and religion according to the plan and will of Satan’s Roman Catholic Church, which ultimately controls the globalists and the entire world already. In other words, they ARE the globalists and control all of their globalist minions, Catholic or not.

      As long as the above-referenced minions COMPLETELY bow to the Catholic will, and eventually all of those, both “Amerikans” and other world-citizens, who are left alive do so as well, and they all bow to the ecumenical, all-denomination, all-religion, all-sect one-world religion, including Islam, they don’t care if they’re “officially” Catholic(s) or not; as, under that global “one-religion”, they will all technically be Catholics anyway because they bowed down to that one-world religion which is ultimately Catholic-controlled. This is the plan that they have successfully, slowly but surely, been carrying out, and will continue to carry out without fail, for millennia; and we are now in the completion phase of that Catholic global domination.

      The founders of the U.S. left Europe to get away from Catholic domination, even through “reformation ‘Protestantism'”, and set America up to never allow Catholicism to take over in the U.S., warning us against it. But we slowly but surely allowed larger and larger inroads by Catholicism, until we got to where we are today, totally dominated by Catholicism, and by its global government absolute takeover and enslavement. The Vatican, the richest separate country in the entire world, and the most evil one, has been working towards domination of the U.S., which used to be the only holdout against global Catholic control, and thus subjugation of the ENTIRE world, for going on two thousand years. They knew they had to be very patient, as they have been very much so, in order to not draw too much attention to the fact that such is exactly what has been happening, and to keep it from being prevented, at least by the U.S., at all costs. And, thus, they have been completely successful. We are now being made complete slaves to Roman Catholicism, and more and more so. That is ultimately why all True Liberty and Freedom are supposedly being eradicated (remember, our human and civil rights are unalienable, meaning they can’t truly be taken or removed from us, and that we have them within ourselves whether the powers-that-be believe we do or not. Once more, we are in the final throes of the U.S. and the entire world being turn turned into a mass open-air prison state.

      So, what is left of our free will and choice? Pray to God the Father through Jesus the Christ for the latter to return sooner than later and bring a complete end to all of this mass-insanity, and stand up against global enslavement in any and all ways that you can, even if you, like Jesus the Christ, all of the Apostles, and most of the Disciples, are murdered for doing so. In other words, stand up against it no matter what. It is much better to die Truly Free, than to die on your knees, or subservient to global evil. For if you bow to the latter, you will lose your soul(s) for all eternity; but, if you do NOTHING BUT THE WILL OF GOD, including standing up against global domination and subjugation by one-world evil religion, even if you are murdered in the process, you will obtain eternal life with God the Father and Jesus the Christ.

      (I apologize. I did not edit this before posting it, so there are invariably some grammatical errors in it. Again, I am sorry for same.)