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The Great Misdirection in Election Security

The Great Misdirection in Election Security

‘Tis the season. Election day. All of the Sunday morning talking heads are interviewing candidates, lamenting the polls, and doing feature stories on various aspects of the elections.

In one such feature, on This Week with George Stephanopoulos,  Secretary of Homeland Security Mayorkas looked straight into the camera and told America that our election infrastructure is secure and that they can have confidence.

The feature continues with local officials expressing their confidence in the machines and the added security, with many testimonials about how impressed they are with the workings.

But while they are talking about the “security” that is, they are missing the “security” that isn’t.  I have every confidence that once the votes are in front of people who are counting, they are perfectly able to count.

Florida’s new Office of Election Crimes and Security just uncovered a massive Democrat led ballot harvesting operation in the Orlando area, targeting low income black neighborhoods. They allegedly were paying $10 per ballot. Large Scale Ballot Harvesting Operation in Florida Busted. By the way, the damage cause by this operation, even it has been stopped, affects the current 2022 election. The damage is done, the results undetectable.

This vulnerability still exists all around the country. We see sporadic surveillance of ballot boxes to check for this, but it is strictly on a volunteer basis.  And Democrats are screaming “voter intimidation” wherever this occurs. I’m guessing that ballot harvesting is happening in a majority of states. I’m not kidding.

And yes, election officials still have the capability to inject votes, in the form of boxes of votes and electronic votes.

I know, the testimonials above swear that the voting system is airtight, that you cannot possibly cheat. But that ignores the most basic of security principles. 


It’s the people.

Whoever is in charge of the election has the opportunity to circumvent any physical, technical or administrative measure in place to protect the election.  And the tools and techniques to bypass these measures can be made readily available from some of the nefarious, well -funded political groups out there. We saw this in my own home country of Broward in Florida, notorious cheating by corrupt officials, boxes of ballots found hidden.

Officials have done recounts over and over again. Unfortunately (but rightly so), the link between the vote and the person is severed once the counting starts.  When you are at that stage, all evidence of fraud is unrecoverable. And yet you hear Democrats saying over and over again “we counted and recounted, there was no fraud here.” Misdirection.

But the liberal mainstream news doesn’t mention these things. They cynically believe that giving Americans “confidence” in their voting system is more important than ACTUALLY protecting the voting system.

So when you see the right hand in a liberal salute, be sure to watch what the left hand is doing.

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  1. mike

    someone any one please tell Mayorkas that we do not trust him or the machines. Back to paper we the people demand it. Mayorkas you work for the people

  2. Carolinadog

    The fraud has been proven over and over. Scientifically, mathematically and common sense proof of fraud through numerous schemes by political operatives, the tech industry and foreign operators. There is no way to make the elections fraud proof without resorting to hand written ballots with proof of identity and residence. Even then, there must be cross checks on the checkers. Human nature was recognized by the founders of our system of government as flawed when it came to power and wealth. As long as there is power to be gained or money to be made, no system is completely safe.

    • Miles collins

      As long as democrats exist

  3. Georgine Wetzel

    Already Pennsylvania has sent out ballots by mail “in error”. How come there is suddenly a power outage in parts of the state? I smell a horde of Dem rats . It’s just a matter of time to start papering over the windows & counting ballots trucked in, in the wee hours of the morning.

    • frank stetson

      They were not sent in error, they were sent according to their laws and processes. Election officials noted the situation and the standard process to validate on the inbound negating any potential voter fraud. Elected officials still had questions, felt there was risk, so, more investigation will happen, but it’s pretty normal stuff, normal processes.

  4. Chuck Elkins

    What a crock of shit

  5. David Dutra

    That last election was no more rigged than Biden is some kind of great Humanitarrian!
    Neither is true!
    Those voting machines have been checked an re checked and nothing but lawsuits that were win by the company that makes them was found. Firs there was “PROOF” that was debunked over and over again then finally when in court Trump’s lawyer was asked if there is any proof. The answer was “NO BUT There’s ALOT OF THEORIES”…

    • `frank stetson

      Man, I saw the ALL CAPS, bad grammar-punctuation and said “incoming,” but +1 on your questions.

      Add in WTF were you planning to do with all those nuclear secrets you secreted away at your house? And WTF did you not call for police and military support while you ate hamburgers and watched the mob tear into the Capitol screaming Kill Pelosi, Hang Mike Pence? Love to see him step up and testify to that…..or testify to anything, the big pussy.

  6. frank stetson

    Hey, the Don just called DeSantis, DeSanctimonious. Tell me you guys have seen that from other people beyond PBP? I think you might have hit the big time, reader wise.

    “The beauty of any conspiracy theory is that because it can’t be proved, that just makes it more ‘real.’ It’s not a question of believing or not believing, really; it’s more a question of just accepting a series of probabilities that lead to an undeniable conclusion” said Dean Haglund from The X Files although he is not the first.

    That what Joe has here in election fraud. He can’t prove it but he know if he lost there must be cheating. And, for dome reason, it’s only his opposition, his enemy, that mostly cheats. Sure, clear as mud.

    For evidence, he brings up new, unproven allegations, that an election-losing Democrat, has testified to, that she says have occurred for decades right under DeSantis’ nose, she has tapes too that no one has seen too. All of this has been vetted by Densantis’ taxpayer funded election fraud squad desperate for a win after their first 20-person very public arrest is going up in smoke and all will be exonerated.

    Joe then extends what is alleged in a county or a few counties in crooked Florida, an apparent hot bed of criminal election activity, to the entire country concluding it’s everywhere because it’s alleged in one place by people who have yet to actually, successfully, convict ANYONE.

    Of course, this is all done by Democrats, probably the Deep State fearful that JFK Jr is about to return to run with Don Trump.
    Based on Joe’s firm conclusions from allegations, Mike concludes we can’t trust machines, must have paper. He walks to work because automobiles are the devil’s spawn. CarolinaDog says there’s proof everywhere. Here’s mine. Over 65 court cases tossed, mostly for lack of evidence, lawyers lost right to practice for defrauding the court, were sanctioned, referred to States for more punishment. No fraud found. No fraud also in a half dozen recounts in a half dozen States, often conducted by Trump-endorsed counters. But CarolinaDog believes fraud proof is everywhere when, in truth, she has no proof that election fraud exists at a level that matters. And Miles echos Joe — it’s the Democrats fault because they won, you lost.

    Joe says “the results undetectable” pretty much saying he can’t prove it. That’s what makes a good conspiracy theory. And good conspiracy theory, and people who buy it like Miles, CDog, and Mike, put their faith and money in conspiracists like Joe because it makes them feel better about their problems. This is not one of them folks, there is NO PROOF, Florida Harvesting is an allegation. Why haven’t they rolled the films, they have had two weeks of silence. Did someone get to them? Have they been abducted by Russians from Mars? Did the Republicans go all Pizzagate again like they always do? How can there be air if I can’t see it.
    We should wait on the Florida Harvesting allegations because they are allegations at this point. Smoke so far, not fire and certainly not in all 50 states just because DeSantis found them in a county or two.

    Or put it this way. If it was taped, and the tapes are great, wouldn’t DeSantis have put them on cable news by now? We should wait, not be a knee-jerk like Joe.

  7. Dennis McLain

    Make sure there is surveillance at the voting boxes and also of the counters! If any wrongdoing takes place, immediately arrest them and put them on trial. If found guilty put them away for a few years and give them time to think about what they have done to the American people and America! If they ever do it again. Put them away for 20 years and have to serve ALL their time.

  8. Kawika56

    California “Election” Cheat
    I have noticed during the last several elections that they have TWO ballot boxes being used at the same time… it seems as that some people’s ballots must go in one box, while other people’s ballots must go into the other box.
    During one election these boxes were back to back and the person who was putting my ballot into one box, was tapped on the shoulder and a very short conversation happened. She then withdraws the partially inserted ballot, walks around to the other end and puts it in the other ballot box. They take your ballot back in the folder provided, then they slip it in and retain the folder.
    All presorted!
    Very easy to destroy Republican Ballots and replace them with a different box of ballots that were all prefilled out as DemonRAT!

    I may be the first one to notice this scam, as it happens “innocently” right in front of everyone.
    Why two boxes? To cheat on the sly, while everything appears as normal.
    Nothing on the box to differentiate between the two, that you could obviously tell… that would happen later.
    This has been happening for at least four elections.

    On the Mail-in Ballot envelopes the “Serial Number” has an “R” in it. When they see the “R” they file it differently in the “To be disposed of” later bin.

    • frank stetson

      Maybe you should have turned them in to the proper authorities like a good citizen?