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The EU Declares ‘Power To The Kids’???

The EU Declares ‘Power To The Kids’???

When my publisher first alerted me to this tidbit of last week’s EU news, I thought he was joking. Or maybe he didn’t realize this report came from The Onion, and it wasn’t really true, that it was just a wacky and satirical look at the European Union’s history of idiotic and uncontrolled “progressivity.”

Well, I’m not a huge fan of modern-day texting acronyms, but “OMG!”

EU nations must now empower children to participate in decision-making and policy development at both the national and European levels. The declaration was adopted at the first ever Children’s Summit in Bucharest (Romania just took over the rotating EU presidency), in order to “guide European leaders” in putting structured mechanisms in place to ensure that young minors’ right to influence public policy is respected. The argument is that children should participate in political decision-making “to build a stronger European Union.”

While it could reasonably be argued that a 5-year-old could do a better job than many current EU leaders and representatives, can we get a little real here? What is the point, where is the logic, of giving children influence on the political stage? Is it truly for a stronger European Union, or more likely, just a stronger liberal philosophy?

“Free candy for everyone! [What mommy? Okay.] Free candy, free housing, free health care, higher wages, and Death to Israel too!”

Just as Hitler had his Nazi Youth, the EU will soon have its own version, pushing the liberal agenda. (UK, you’re getting out just in time. Run, don’t walk!)

Kids do what you tell them (sometimes anyway), and they think how you tell them to think, until they reach a certain age and are determined to think for themselves. EU liberals, however, can’t take that chance, and want their kids to get a vote now before they come to their free-thinking senses. Although the EU is probably long past any salvation anyway, and many of its educational systems don’t allow for free market capitalist theory, independent thinking, patriotism/nationalism (they don’t like that), conservatism (they hate that), etc., this latest development certainly represents one of the final nails in the group’s coffin.

The EU now represents a One World Order, one every bit as dangerous as that One World Order threatened by the U.S.S.R. and/or China. It is the same socialist enemy; it just looks a little different and appears a bit friendlier and less menacing. This latest EU declaration is a warning to the rest of the normal-thinking world that they are not to be taken seriously, and it provides a very valid reason for those of us here not to do so. The United States fought a Civil War and shed blood to unite a nation, yet still respects individual state rights and differing opinions, cultures, and subsequent localized laws.

Can the EU hope to become a meaningful world power by refusing to do the same, by forcing all member nations to conform to just one homogenized liberal agenda, without asking the people themselves?

Of course not, which is why the citizens of the EU never got to vote on this child inclusion nonsense in the first place, and why the liberal leaders are bringing in the kids to unfairly tip the scales in their favor and assure that their damaging liberal agendas march on.

It’s time for them to grow up, or at the very least, learn that when it comes to politics, children should be seen and not heard.

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  1. Barbie

    Na Na N-Na Na – stop lookin’ at me – no you!

  2. Bob R Ressler

    The libTARDS would love making decisions with no logic like they do

  3. Fire21

    The mindless “thinking” of adult liberals mirrors that of immature children. They are one in the same. I remember an episode of Star Trek where children ruled the society, and “Grups” (grown ups) were not trusted and were even hunted down. I can see that actually happening in the not-so-distant future. How many of us remember, “Don’t trust anyone over 30!”?

  4. Bill

    What’s going on now in Europe (EU) brings to mind the fable of the Pied Pipper and how he rid his country of rats by blowing or playing his music flute and leading all the mindless rats to their demise. USA is also part of this mindless LIBERALthought which will lead all of us down the tubes to. Destruction!….”.


  5. Aaron W.

    It’s only a mandate that children “have a say” in decision-making. It doesn’t say they have a right to vote or hold office. Allowing kids to voice an opinion, especially on matters of policy which may affect them directly, isn’t a bad thing. There are no downsides to hearing them out, but there are no upsides to shunning them completely. Might as well encourage participation even if everyone ignores them until they’re legal adults.

    Spinning this as a liberal thing is kind of nonsense, since parents could just as well have their conservative kids participate.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Are you an idiot? Children “have a say” in complex issues they are not equipped to understand? We call then “children” because they are not “adults” and thus need to be taken care of because they are not yet able to understand the real world. This is liberals taking advantage of their innocence, attempting to propagandize them before they are old enough to know better. I can’t think of anything more disgusting than this.

    • Stanley Steamer

      How does this not translate into a “vote?” Even though that vote might not be a direct vote in the member nation or their EU rep…for now.

      What’s the point of this exercise of theirs otherwise? Do you actually believe kids know anything about anything?


  6. marie rubino

    i think the E.U. will go along with it and anything the U.N. wants maybe because they have the same values and fear their power???

  7. Don

    Adults, most especially politicians, don’t do anything without an objective in mind. This is directly something that many sci-fi authors have taken note of, and this piece of political agenda is incorporated into a very good book by John Ringo, ‘The Road to Damascus’. It is not a new book. There is nothing harmless about what the EU is doing.