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The End of the Global Warming Myth

The End of the Global Warming Myth

It’s the end of the world…again. According to European scientists, a “mini ice age” is just around the corner. 

Last week, a team of researchers revealed a model showing that Earth may be plummeting towards a “mini ice age.” These all-too-familiar predictions about global warming and cooling are usually too far in the future for us to worry about now, but this “mini ice age” is predicted to hit us in just 15 years. 

According to professor Valentina Zharkova, a decrease in solar activity will cause the ice age. She used a “double dynamo” model to explain her theory during the annual National Astronomy Meeting held earlier this month in Llandudno, Wales. 

The model shows a drop in solar flares and sunspots in the year 2030 caused by two magnetic waves cancelling each other out. This exact phenomenon is believed to have caused the “Maunder Minimum,” the time period from 1645-1715 during which temperatures dropped so low that the River Thames froze and remained solid for 7 weeks.  

The modern world may face its own “Maunder Minimum,” between the years 2030 and 2040 with long, bitter winters and frozen rivers. At least we have central heating. 

While climate change advocates continue to preach about greenhouse gases and global warming, professor Zharkova assures us that her model is at least 97% accurate. Either way, Zharkova and her team of scientists seem to have much stronger evidence to back up their claims than those who warn of increasing temperatures. 


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