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The Eco-Radicals’ Real Motives

The Eco-Radicals’ Real Motives

The driving force behind the eco-radicals’ fierce efforts to strangle the free market with environmental regulations is their virulent hatred for a free, prosperous economy. Yet behind this hatred is an even deeper one.

To understand why they try to wreck our economy, you have to grasp the shocking fact that many eco-radicals hate the human race and Western civilization. They hate the fact that you, your family, your friends, and millions of other human beings live and prosper on this planet.

Most of us are naive about the environmental movement. We believe that when eco-radicals say we should “protect the environment,” they mean we should protect it for people. What they really mean is that we should protect the environment against people. People are the enemy. Rats, swamps, and old-growth forests must be protected against you, your family, and the rest of the human race.

To confirm this, just watch nature programs on public television. In every program I’ve seen, human beings are depicted as the enemy. These programs portray humans as vicious, violent destroyers of birds, wildlife, forests, rivers, and oceans. Nature is seen as “pure,” “fragile,” and “innocent” (including child-eating hyenas and alligators). Environmentalists or their sympathizers create these programs, so the programs reflect the environmental movement’s deepest attitudes toward the human race.

If environmental groups valued human life, they wouldn’t try to cut our oil supplies by banning drilling in arctic wastelands or off the coast of Florida and California. They wouldn’t ban the hunting of alligators that kill children. They wouldn’t file lawsuits against housing developments that give people shelter, to protect kangaroo rats. They wouldn’t have lobbied Congress to ban DDT, the pesticide that saved the lives of millions of people worldwide from malaria. They wouldn’t ban logging in northwest forests to protect spotted owls, a ban that destroyed over 30,000 logging and sawmill workers’ jobs.

Here’s what one environmentalist had to say about loggers losing their jobs:

“Loggers losing their jobs because of Spotted Owl legislation is, in my eyes, no different than people being out of work after the furnaces of Dachau shut down.”

In other words, forcing owls to move to another forest because you cut down trees they nest in is just as evil as murdering six million people in gas chambers. Owls are as important as six million human lives. If loggers unintentionally kill a few owls, they’re as evil as the murderers who ran the Nazi gas chambers. Therefore, we should have no sympathy for loggers who lost their jobs.

Here’s another quote:

“Somewhere along the line . . . we quit the contract and became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth . . . Until such time as Homo sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along [emphasis added].”

In other words, this eco-radical wishes the human race to die out — for your family, your children, your friends to die, so that the “sacred” Earth will be free of the “plague” of human beings.

These are quotes by radical environmentalists. These quotes eloquently reveal the eco-radicals’ utter hatred and contempt for the human race, and for human life and progress on this Earth. Are these the kind of sick people that we, and State and Congressional legislators should be listening to?

I knew that the environmental movement values swamps and kangaroo rats over human life, but I didn’t realize how sick this movement really is until I read a shocking article in the New York Times. It seems that in Brazil, “endangered-species” regulations forbid hunting “protected” wildlife. This ban includes the dreaded jacaré, a Brazilian alligator species.

The jacaré is a vicious, prehistoric, man and child-eating monster who inhabits the Amazon River Basin. In the high-water season, alligators infest the riverbanks near where Mrs. Ramos lives. One evening in August, an eighteen-foot jacaré emerged from the lagoon to forage for food in waters flowing around the stilts of her house. The New York Times article described what happened to Mrs. Ramos’s son:

“Gilson (Mrs. Ramos’s 17-year-old son) went down to tie up his canoe,” said Sidecley Conceicão Andrade, a barefoot, 12-year-old neighbor. “In the dark, he thought he grabbed the canoe, but it was the jacaré’s tail. It took him away and ate him up.”

Can you imagine the horror of being eaten alive by an alligator? Can you imagine the nightmares and searing pain Mrs. Ramos must feel when she thinks of her son? Well, Brazil’s environmental regulations killed her son and hundreds of other innocent victims of alligator attacks.

Imagine that you lived in Florida and were the parents of a beautiful little girl. How would you feel if an alligator protected by the Endangered Species Act snatched your daughter and ate her alive? How would you like hearing your little girl crying for her mommy or daddy while the alligator ripped her to pieces? I apologize for describing such a horror in detail, but I want to bring home the real meaning of environmental laws like the Endangered Species Act. If you want to picture the essence of many eco-radicals’ contempt for human life, just remember what the jacaré did to Mrs. Ramos’s son.

Radical environmentalism and its strangling regulations threaten our health and our lives. But environmentalists can hurt us only because most of us have fallen for their propaganda. The problem is that we’re a good-natured, but sometimes naive people. We give everyone the benefit of the doubt, including environmentalists. We think eco-radicals are normal human beings like we are, and couldn’t possibly mean what they say. That’s what the world thought about Hitler–people didn’t believe what he said in his book, “Mein Kampf.”

But we can’t be naive any longer. We have to judge eco-radicals by their words, values, and actions, and recognize that the agenda of too many environmentalists is evil. The only way to stop them is to de-fang them, to take away their power, to repeal most environmental regulations and abolish the Environmental Protection Agency.

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  1. James Andrews

    Great article, much truth here!

    • Dan Tyree

      The commiecrats don’t know anything about economics. Just gimme gimme. Such losers.

  2. teegee

    Reopen the insane asylums and most of these loons will be inside out of our way.

  3. Kurt Walker

    I agree some areas must be protected. And most wild life as well. Each of these things reflect on other things. If you eradicate one species another, that was their food supply, will over run something else. So nature must be protected,UP TO A POINT. The problem is not in protection, in my opinion, but rather in the way these people go about it. So we do not need to shut down the system but but keep it in reasonable check. Don’t cut down ALL the trees, leave some. Don’t completely destroy a species, leave some. Regulations themselves need to be regulated.

  4. Dave from Maine

    Here in Maine I grew up with people who made their living with chain saws. We learned that to be healthy a forest has to be young and growing. That means harvesting trees that are ripe just as we harvest any other crop. Loggers plant new trees to replace those they cut. I have friends who are cutting the same land their grandfathers cut and their grandchildren will cut. Here we have 90 percent forest, more than we had at the time of the revolution. The forests are healthy thanks to frequent harvest. California’s and Australia’s wildfires are the opposite. Let trees grow old and die and you have the fuel for fires. Incidentally, the Spotted Owl has been found nesting in K-Mart signs,

  5. Laura Wagner

    Do not forget the president of the Sierra Club who owned 2000 acres of the Amazon Rain Forest. He held onto that property until the lumber price came up to his required price point, then he sold it to a logging company. This guy was a true environmentalist!

  6. Mark Valdivia

    Don’t forget their ridiculously long delays and unnecessary costs in construction; all part of their global plan for redistribution of wealth and power. And their reduction of the human species is laid out in the Georgia Stone.

  7. TV

    Those environmentalists who believe we are a cancer should start by eradicating themselves first for the example

  8. RedBull

    Hmmm. This story seems pretty hyperbolic and over the top for PBP. I’m sort of ashamed to be a reader right now.

  9. Poorgrandchildren

    Spotted owls taste like chicken.

  10. Big Red

    I agree Red Bull. This sounds like poorly written ramblings of the unibomber. Definitely not up to par for this site.

    • Joe S Bruder

      No, this is exactly what is “par” for this site. The first false assumption is that there are a lot of “Eco-radicals” running around bombing businesses. There are certainly people out there who try to protect nature when someone comes in with a lot of money and gets a special “gift” from the government, but the idea of Eco-radicals is from 1970’s TV.

      Just this year: Over a billion animals have died in wildfires in Australia. That was not simply a matter of not logging enough or poor management. It was hotter and drier than any recorded history. A hot spot in the North Atlantic killed 1 million seabirds. There’s a garbage patch twice the size of Texas in the Pacific, estimated to kill a million birds and 100,000 mammals every year, and we’re adding 9 million tons of plastic to it every year. The number of birds in the US has declined by 3 billion (29%) in the last 50 years.

      These are not isolated incidents. They’re happening with more and more frequency every year, along with record temperatures in all parts of the globe. The last 10 years have been the hottest on record. Yes, there are people who try to use analogies, like “fragile” or “virus” or “plague” or “cancer”, but the fact is, we’re really killing ourselves. All species are interconnected, and if we continue to wipe the other species out, the planet will not be habitable for us either. No food, no clean water, too hot and too polluted to go outside without protection, and at some point, we’ll run out of energy to keep the indoors habitable.

      The real eco-terrorists are the people who cut down forests, not the ones being harvested for timber, but the ones they cut down for condos or parking lots. Idiots like Trump refuse to believe that the planet is warming because of our activities, and do everything they can to promote oil and coal power, even while we have wind and solar as viable alternatives (and oil and coal are both destined to run out, pollute the planet, and are already barely competitive in the energy markets). Of course, they do it for money, but at some point, they’re not going to be able to buy their way out of disaster.

      Articles from this site have a habit of taking insignificant comments or articles out of context, blowing them totally out of proportion, and attributing them to all liberals or progressives, or anyone who they disagree with. It’s standard practice at Fox News, NewsMax, Breitbart, and Punching Bag Post.

      • Tony

        The Australian wildfires are the work of arsonists, not “global warming”

  11. E Greave

    Excellent article, well-written expose.Bravo for speaking the truth

  12. Howard Rourke

    Liked this article, hard-hitting. Someone has to stand up to eco freaks who hate people but love violent animals