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The Dems Have Lost the Working Class, and It’s All Obama’s Fault

The Dems Have Lost the Working Class, and It’s All Obama’s Fault

Blue-collar Americans are flocking to support President Donald Trump in droves. The working class – once a staple of the Democratic voting block, has turned their backs on the Dems, and it’s all Barack Obama’s Fault.

After Obama’s historic victory in 2008, Democratic Party strategists fell under the sway of the notion that the future of their party’s dominance was ensured because, as they put it, “demographics are destiny.”

Obama had performed well among a wide range of groups, but what captured the strategists’ attention was that he had won decisively among young voters, black, Latino, and Asian-American voters, and university-educated women. Because these groups were growing in their percentage of the overall electorate, the strategists decided that Democrats would continue to win elections well into the future if they focused on the issues that they determined would most appeal to these voters.

They referred to their winning cohort as “the Obama coalition,” and in the years that followed, the issues they elevated and their extensive voter outreach efforts were directed largely at cultivating and keeping that coalition together by focusing on the issues that appeared to matter to them most – primarily far left “woke” ideology. In the process, they abandon a substantial number of other constituencies, particularly white working-class male voters, leaving them angry, disaffected, and with nowhere to go – but the GOP.

Even before Donald Trump saw the pain of the working class and welcomed their legitimate gripes with open arms, “Obama’s democratic party,” unlike what the strategists predicted, saw major defeats. In the next three elections, Democrats, relying on their new strategy of mobilizing their “Obama coalition” base, lost more than 1,400 state and federal seats, giving Republicans control of both houses of Congress and the majority of governorships and state legislatures.

Now, Donald Trump has a hold on the voters that the Dems have abanded at their own peril. And it even looks as though their “Obama Coalition of Destiny” is breaking apart as more and more blacks, Latinos, and Asian Americans flock to Trump. With a weak, old, and senile candidate for president and bleeding support among their traditional voting blocks, this all adds up to a likely sweeping defeat for the GOP and Donald Trump in November.

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  1. frank stetson

    Good story IMO, Mr. Sheridan. And while I agree with your outcome, and most of your analysis, I chart a different path to the same conclusion. And then some given yesterday’s verdict.

    First, this is my opinion and I really have no supporting sources if just for not looking.

    After the Hillary defeat, I wondered —– why? No, not the fact that she took the popular vote and Trump stole the electoral college via rigging the election to forestall his dalliances with porn stars, playboy models, someone the doorman knew, and gosh knows what other sex industry professionals he was into. But the fact that she lost the working class, the man in the lower middle, those forgotten joe six-packs. We are talking about a lady who walked all of New York State to win her Senatorial seat —- she knew the street and how to beat feet. But somehow she forgot and took the middle of the country for granted thinking they were hers for the asking. Apparently not, so what changed?

    I agree with Sheridan on Obama but go back farther. My father, and many of his generation, blue collar all, went to war and came back to the GI bill and higher education. It worked!! We ushered in the heydays of the 50’s and 60’s and many of their offspring went to college too. A lot of Democrats. Around Obama, the party of the working man was no longer given many had worked their way up and out of the blue collar world. The issue was we took them for granted, left them behind, and even feeling unwanted. We had moved on and we forgot to check up on what we left behind that now felt second class —- ie — much of the working class became elitist. And that’s OK. Leaving folks out was the mistake.

    I mean, think about what America did. We educated our way into a better way of living, a higher gdp, better community programs, etc. etc. while retaining the blue collar world and a United States. Mostly. We became the envy of the world.

    Along come the Koch bro’s who gave up on the nationals and focused on the locals and attracted dem’s or what used to become dem’s to the Republican party which was victorious in many of these local elections. It was a great strategy that Democrats ignored focusing on Congress and the Oval Office. The South had no factories, and attracted many non-Union factories as frustrated workers moved out of the Union and to the South. These factories offered lower pay, but not that much. And the grassroots gained people, power, and persuasion.

    And so the die was cast and Hillary missed it, had no message for it, and it really did seem, statistically, that the party’s differ on education, salary and the other stuff making one group seem elitist. Calling the entire group deplorable was the nail in the coffin. Democrats will have to work very hard to regain this turf at this point. Biden’s everyman fable is a try, but not sure being Union makes a giant dent in the Republican party. We need a reason for the six-pack Joes of the world to like us. Because it’s not that they left, it’s that they feel we left them.

    Now, with the conviction, I expect many a newly disaffected defector to return. And the more Trump talks, the more should come back. Could be wrong, who knows. But the Democrats have a long way to go to win back the “working man.”

    I do know this. It’s still a close race, and the one mistake BS made was to say: ” In the next three elections, Democrats, relying on their new strategy of mobilizing their “Obama coalition” base, lost more than 1,400 state and federal seats, giving Republicans control of both houses of Congress and the majority of governorships and state legislatures.” BS “picked this up from blogsphere regurgitation, not sure it can be supported. IF SO, then BS admits TRUMP SUCKS given you barely have the House-in-disarray, you lost the Senate and the Executive Office.

    To therefore conclude: “this all adds up to a likely sweeping defeat for the GOP and Donald Trump in November” would not be a bet I would place at this time. Seems a tad naive. I did like the story, seemed good IMO.

  2. Rick

    This is only partially true. If a person has been mind numbed into thinking the democrats are for the middle class, that person will vote for the democrat even if the democrat is a monkey. The democrat politicians (con man) know that the liberals are easy and don’t know how to think for themselves, and they take full advantage of that. I’m pretty sure they get together and laugh about it, how they can tell their followers anything no matter how ridiculous, and they will swallow it hook, line and sinker.

  3. frank stetson

    I am sorry Rick, but what you describe is Trump. You voted for a sex abusing, defamer because he’s a great businessman who has to cheat to win at business and now both he and his business having felony convictions.

    He used “catch and kill,” as he is convicted, to rig the 2016 election against Hillary with the cry “lock her up.” Ironic, ain’t it. I am guessing Trump’s conviction is a pretty bitter pill for her.

    He’ cheats at business, he cheats at politics, he cheats on his wives, —— do you see a pattern here?

    • Americafirst

      Sex abusing? Can you prove that? Were you there with Trump and saw it all or was also part of it? Trump said he did not do that. And what if he did? That’s what a lot of the male species do. Many don’t get prosecuted for it, just like Clinton although he did escape conviction that one time. You are about to find out the whole truth. You will be so humiliated to the point of pathetic. I’d love to find out the crimes you may have committed to see what YOU do about it. You can’t be lily white perfect unless you are the Source. Also, the Statute of Limitations ran out years ago on both sex trials, yet the Deep State Democrats and Rino’s convicted Trump illegally. You cannot deny that, can you? There IS something called remote viewing that proves truth no matter what you make up and lie about. Your day is coming and fast. All you had to do with any of your past posts, todays post and future posts is be much kinder than the pure hate you have for mankind, but no, you are so mean spirited and hateful that I think you should be prosecuted for your hate. People are being prosecuted for hate crimes. Being kinder, yet still posting would have been welcomed, gladly. You chose to be anti-American. Yes, you read that right!

      • Frank stetson

        AF: Adjudicated in court of law based on jury review of the evidence provided by Carroll and collaborated by other witnesses abused by Trump. All in the court record and perfectly legal within the statute of limitations for the civil suit.

        Unfair and biased is an opinion.

        NY is Trump’s base, has he no friends there?

        The court records say he got her alone, pinned her up against the wall, lifted her skirt, pulled down her tights, and reached inside her panties to put his fingers inside her vagina. Other witnesses said he did similar. Jury believed them, they don’t believe Trump or you.

        Clinton does not absolve Trump.

        Not having witnesses to the crime is an unfair hurdle to cross for sex abuse crimes. Do you really advocate that? Cuz a lot of pedo’s will go free if that’s your legal bar.

        Sorry, but he’s guilty as a sex abuser of a digital raoe variety. All in the court record. .

        • Americafirst

          I do NOT believe YOU either, Mr. Frankenstein. Just because the courts ruled against Trump and for the two prostitutes, doesn’t make it truth. How many people have been convicted, put in prison for life or executed when they were NOT guilty. Seems you are for crime, pain and hurt. As I have said many times, you HATE anything not in your own vocabulary or mind. And you ARE anti-American when you cannot believe the real truth. You are completely liberal, so far left you are pathetic. I also noticed how much nicer you posted. Could it be because it isn’t Larry? Could it be you are testing the Bill Sheridan waters before you lay into him so cruelly as you did to Larry? My truth is the truth and this time, I will swear on your life that it is true~ You are so damned brainwashed you really are pathetic. Who got to you? Hillary? Obama? Someone did. Hillary? Obama? Let it be known, I am going to be monitoring everything you say and documenting everything. You opened the door and we have the key!

        • Americafirst

          Traitor Stetson – Trump was framed just as YOU are framing him! What are you? Part of the Deep State using coercion to get every person to agree with you? Coercion is 21 code Fed. Res. section 50.23 & 24 = a 100 million $ fine and 99 years in prison! You are as bad a Carroll and Stormy. Liars – ALL. Tell me how Trump could have “raped” Carroll in a department store filled with other customers. Tell me no one could have heard the sex noises. Someone would have reported that. Back then there were more morals than today. You are absolutely nuts!

          • frank stetson

            af: try court transcripts. It was a digital rape as in he forced his fingers into her vagina. NY is a state requiring a penis insertion for rape. The judge, in the record during Trump’s busted appeal, noted that in the common parlance any person (except AF who likens it to a firm handshake) would know it as RAPE. Digital rape as in rape via the digits of the hand. She did not scream, witnesses claimed that not unusual, and the jury believe her and not Trump.

            You can’t claim to be law and order but only accept the trials that benefit you.

            You claim Trump was framed. Was he framed for Trump University? For the Trump foundation? For the felonies of Trump Co? EJ Carroll? And now for paying hush money to rig the 2016 election? I thought he sat on the right hand of God? How does he keep letting himself be framed? Over and over with three more potential framings to go.

            But the big one: how do you explain him sitting on his ass, munching burgers, watching the insurrection on tv, and not picking up the phone and calling out the troops for over THREE HOURS. In the end, someone else made the call, I believe Sund to Bowser to DoD to send in the troops. How do you explain that hotshot? Patriotism or Trumpism?

        • Jim wampler

          That’s ok Frank. We will soon not be bothered by your nonsense anymore. So go finger your daughter

  4. CJ

    I can see that these people have drunk the democrat koolaid! Democrat politicians are in it for themselves, and do not care one bit for this country, or it’s people!
    As long as they can steal America blind, they could care less! They are the ones that turn a blind eye to any democrat demonstration that is violent, which ALL of them seem to be. I wish that people would wake up to the Hell that they are leading this country into. They want COMMUNISM!!!! They can call is socialism all they want, but it is straight up communism! They are destroying our freedoms, and you are too blind to see it.

    • Totally Fed Up

      Thank you CJ .
      I can’t believe that some can’t see what the Left is doing to our Country , I was told a long time ago that our Country would be destroyed from within , not from the outside ! Well the Left is doing a good job of it with Clinton’s , Obama and Soro”s help. Anyone that can’t see that Has to be blind or don’t want to admit it ! OS’Biden is just the Puppet and the ones mentioned above are the puppeteers !

      President Trump Loves our Country . He has proved that many times . He could have had Hillary charged and her group that helped her. But he didn’t want to put the Country in turmoil , so he let it go. Now he knows that was a Big Mistake !

      Democrat Lovers , How many people would go through what Trump has because they love our Country ? NONE !

      I have Never been so disappointed in a group of people , namely the Demonutz ! I’M Happy to see that a lot of people have finally woke up and changed parties ! Hopefully more follow !

      MAGA 2024

  5. frank stetson

    Most Democratic protests are not violent. BUSTED. You cannot prove that. And it takes a lot of strip mall burnings to catch up to an assault on the Capital stopping Congress from working, processing the election, aka —- insurrection. Good luck.

    I am pretty sure both sides steal from America, both have people who are less patriotic and no one wants communism. And I am sure you take advantage of our socialist programs, many of which can be found in almost any democracy.

    I can understand differing with “the other side” in general, but your adherence to generalities without proof, proves little except your opinion.

    • David Atkins

      You Sir are a delusional person who can not look at the facts, all politicians have at one time or another forgotten who they are supposed to work for (US).
      As for Hilary, ask her where those emails are and why she let those Americans die, and talk about sex scandal, she is married to the worst one (Bill) who did God knows what while he was President and no one said anything; what about his and Hilary having a relationship with Jeffrey Epstein, did you forget that, how many trips to the island did the Clintons take?

      Wake up man, smell the roses; our political system as we know it died when they killed JFK.

    • Rick

      The news lady says – the democrat protest is mostly peaceful while the liberals are breaking into buildings and everything is on fire behind her.

  6. Totally Fed Up

    Guess I’m censored on this one also.
    I guess it depends on WHO you are to Post !

    MAGA 2024