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The Democratic Debate – the Super Six (plus one) – Who won?

The Democratic Debate – the Super Six (plus one) – Who won?

Tonight’s Democratic debate had only six participants (and one ghost, see below), hosted by CNN, moderated by Wolf Blitzer and Abby Phillip and The Des Moines Register’s Brianne Pfannenstiel.

As per usual, this article does not purport to judge the content of the conversations (If I were, though, I would be thinking Holy Moly these people are clueless!), but rather to attempt to predict how their performance will affect their poll numbers in the Democratic Primary.

Overall this was a rather boring, low energy political forum, it did not lend itself to building enthusiasm, very few spontaneous rounds of applause.  This lack of a spontaneous echo chamber actually made for an interesting result, providing advantages in surprising places.


Pete Buttigieg  – 2 For some reason, his logic was not as impressive, and he seemed less “presidential” than his previous performance —  I’m not sure I can put my finger on it. He got in some good licks on Bernie and Liz but Klobuchar outshined him in every case where they could be compared.

Based on this performance I would expect him to fall a bit, but given the clinical nature of the whole show, I don’t expect much effect.


Elizabeth Warren  -2 Warren actually started on a sour note in the military discussions and less capable, she seemed very hollow. She was blasted on health care by the moderate faction but she still held her own, nothing new.  Later in the debate, she was more passionate, back to her usual standard, but people are used to that now. She made a good speech about how she and Amy had never been defeated in an election, and that the others had lost a number of elections, much impressing the talking heads, but I found this a bit hollow too. The lack of the above-mentioned “echo chamber” hurt her, I think.

Although Warren’s performance was up to her usual standard, she needed a solid win to reverse her current slide, she did not get it. This performance will not get her the forward momentum that she needs.


Amy Klobuchar +5 – Klobuchar started off seeming a bit spastic/nervous but as the debate went on she proved that she was the adult in the room. She was more credible, seemed strong, very intelligent and confident in the face of candidates who are beating her in the polls. She definitely benefitted from the low energy mood and lack of echo chamber in the debate. In stark reality, she outshined the others.

In comparison to the others, she performed quite well. Undecided voters watching the debate will clearly be drawn to her. Given her slightly favorable momentum, this could push her into contention.


Joe Biden -2 Joe seemed out of sorts. He was squinting, talking too fast, stumbling over his words, he just looked old and a bit weak. I noticed that he flip-flopped on China. He had been saying that China was not a worry for us,  but talked this time about how tough he would negotiate with them. I’m not sure anyone will notice.

In general, Biden’s policies and rhetoric have not changed, but his mannerisms were not up to snuff in this performance. People will sense unconsciously his body signals and this will hurt him. Anyone not decided on a candidate will not pick him to vote for, he was just unimpressive. Will it affect his poll numbers? Not a lot, unless Klobuchar starts to convert the moderate Democrats (the odds of which are not zero).


Bernie Sanders +1 – Bernie was the same as always. He was a bit less wild than normal. Got blasted by the moderates on his plans, but defended himself aptly with the usual arguments. When challenged with the CNN article that claimed he said that a woman could not win, he denied it completely and defended himself sufficiently (some of the talking heads blasted him on it, but in my opinion he did fine).

This will not hurt him with his constituency, so this is a net positive for Bernie. But someone undecided and unfamiliar would probably not pick him to support.


Tom Steyer +4  Steyer’s manner of bobbing his head and smiling at the end of his discussion seemed very awkward to me.  However, he spoke intelligently and made his points. If Steyer can work on his style to be a bit more Presidential, he would be a lot more attractive as a candidate.

This performance could help Steyer considerably, he held his own among the professional politicians and performed well, his passion came through and he took no hits. Together with the massive amounts of money he is spending, he could gain even more momentum than he recently has.  Will it be enough to move to the top? The odds are not zero.


Michael Bloomberg +2  Yes, Bloomberg is the ghost.  Bloomberg did not participate in the debate because he does not accept donations and therefore did not qualify. However, he did run commercials during the debate. They were polished, interesting and cogent, a very nice favorable comparison in relation to the six other candidates.  This was surprising to me, and surprises are fantastic when it comes to forming opinions.

Bloombergy has bought some very good publicity people and you can never count out a billionaire.

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  1. Hal Lemoyne

    President TRUMP won another demoncrat debate tonight

    TRUMPenceReTUMPlican Lawmakers 2016-2028 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly
    Amen & Amen

  2. catherine

    Hal Lemoyne UP VOTE!

  3. Kurt Walker

    Although they are putting on a fair front I think every one of them realize they are fighting an up hill battle that gets steeper every day. I think Bernie is in the catbird seat. If he continues to draw crowds he will put the party in a position as he did before and they will buy him out. Bloomberg is in the best position simply because these elections seem to be decided with money these days and he has the most of it. But there’s one thing all of them seem to forget and that is the people. The president has proven himself in this first term and carried out most of his promises in spite of the sabotage of the democrats. People won’t forget that.

  4. Joseph J Austin

    Donald J Trump, President of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA was the winner AGAIN! GOD BLESS AMERICA, The Citizens, OUR FLAG, Those That Died & those that are Protecting us now!! AMEN!

  5. Isir Abelon

    I didn’t watched the debate. It’s Same old sh*t. They want to taxed hard working Americans 70 to 80%, they want to confiscates our legally own guns, they want open borders and they supports terrorist…. duh! I might be crazy but I’m not stupid.

  6. cantlon

    Add all six democrats up , 1+!+!+!+!+!= 0 , PRESIDENT TRUMP WINS !

  7. David Barron

    After the last 3 years of Democratic harassment and accusations which have been false from a supreme court justice applicant to the POTUS, supporting illegal immigration, not defending against the illegal invasion from the south, not recognizing the failed health care system commonly called Obama care, lack of doing their elected jobs in favor of jumping on the Impeachment wagon, crazy to un-American statements and illegal actions of the 4 fresh women in the House, carelessness of both Democratic Representatives and Senators, a House Investigation Committee against the President who had no case other than hate from before the POTUS took office, undercutting the POTUS at unauthorized foreign meetings with foreign dignitaries, and lead by a person who appears to have stripped a few cogs off the old gear much less know what she is doing anymore. I would say that the Democratic Party when looking at the successes of the POTUS, and completion of most his campaign promises, has an insurmountable mountain to climb. The only way they know how to climb out of the hole is to tare down the mountain next to it. This in my mind is not expounding on how good you are but shows your utter disrespect for others by degrading them with destructive and caustic policies which seem to be the Democratic Statement of Policy over the last decade or so. If attacks continue against SCOTUS members or the POTUS you can well bet that the House, Senate, and POTUS will be all Republican controlled after November 22, 2020.

  8. gann

    Just remember that Bloomberg is anti-Amendment 2 (anti-self defense) and very controlling (limiting amounts of soda one can buy/drink. Just a few beliefs that any true American can not tolerate!