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The Democrat Hero of the Month is… Jeff Sessions?

The Democrat Hero of the Month is… Jeff Sessions?

From declaring porn stars to be national heroes to the whole ‘Pocahontas’ fiasco, detractors of Donald Trump’s presidency have proven time and time again they’re willing to invest in questionable folks doing questionable things if they believe it can be wielded against ‘the bad orange man.’

That being said, DNC leaders – as well as protests comprising of the less elite – have been rallying to a genuine surprising new hero of the anti-Trump alliance, former (as of recently) attorney general Jeff Sessions.

As the attorney general formally turned in his resignation and turned over his office to current ‘acting commander’ Matthew Whittaker, over 900 protests sprang up across the country as leftist leaders rallied supporters to decry the resignation (by all accounts not exactly ‘voluntary’) as yet another cornerstone of the anti-Trump platform.

DNC leaders in the newly turned blue House of Representatives were quick to use the leverage of their looming majority position to pressure Republicans on the matter. The Atlantic reports,

“Democrats insisted that Republicans hold emergency hearings on Sessions’ firing, and they wrote to the White House demanding that officials there preserve all records having to do with Trump’s decision to replace him on an acting basis with the departed attorney general’s chief of staff, Matthew Whitaker.

Their fear is that the shake-up is a prelude to a move by the president to end or severely curtail Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation—from which Sessions had recused himself—into whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians during the 2016 election and whether the president himself obstructed justice by trying to shut down the FBI’s initial inquiry.”

However, with the majority not actually set to flip to the Democrats until the House changes guard in January with the new session of Congress, the reality is there isn’t much they can do in terms of formal legislation; instead of being forced to turn to vocal opposition across the country and media.

Of course, all this ignores the elephant in the room that is, well, what the hell are Democrats doing supporting Jeff Sessions?

Jeff Sessions is the utter antithesis of progressive ideology. He has a solid record of supporting some of the Republican party’s most archaic (and unpopular) opinions including a notoriously hawkish stance on marijuana and beliefs regarding immigration that have sent opponents reeling, leading to some incredibly harsh criticism.

Even as recent as this past summer progressives were taking to the airwaves and websites to declaim Sessions as essentially segregation incarnate, with one pundit, for example, going so far as to declare an end of civil rights arguing, “Across immigration, policing, criminal justice, and voting rights, the attorney general is pushing an agenda that could erase many of the legal gains of modern America’s defining movement.”

Democrats in fact fought absolutely savagely within the legislative bodies to prevent Jeff Sessions from coming aboard the cabinet in the first place. Even so recently as late August this tone carried through as the Atlantic explained,

“Senate Democrats were aghast when Donald Trump, then the president-elect, named one of his staunchest campaign supporters to lead the Justice Department a few weeks after his surprise election victory. They viewed Sessions as a virulently anti-immigrant legislator with a racist past, and as a Trump loyalist who would do the president’s bidding as attorney general while blocking criminal-justice reform and taking a buzz saw to civil and voting rights. All but one Democrat—Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia—voted against Sessions’ confirmation. And Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts fought so strenuously to defeat him that Senate Republicans used an obscure parliamentary rule to silence her.”

Whatever… or Whoever it takes

If you had told Elizabeth Warren even a year ago she’d be vocally leading the resistance to Jeff Sessions being fired she would have regarded, you as a complete loon; before offering you some of her traditional Cherokee crab cakes…

Yet now we have leftist leaders across the country and spectrum of DNC politics, including Warren, rallying to defend a man they fundamentally radically disagree with. And for what? To spite the ‘bad orange man’ that probably agrees with them to a drastically greater degree.

One has to wonder if this betrays a complete abandonment of fighting for the actual purported progressive agenda in order to quite literally support anything that could possibly hurt Trump; because I guess that’s all that matters any more actual policymaking be damned.

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  1. Kim

    Sessions was either an early plant in the Trump campaign OR the lying FBI found some dirt on him that was too much for him to bear. Irregardless, he was MIA from day 1. The house may be under dimwits now but I would never deal with them, instead, I would dish out a huge amount of resistance & obstruction. Take a page from their playbook. Give them so much grief their heads blow off their shoulders.
    Making deals with dimms is as bad or worse than making deals with the devil.

    • Peter SCHILL

      They are the devil

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