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The Communist Upbringing of an American President

In his 1995 book, Dreams from My Father, Barack Obama made numerous references to a man named “Frank,” a fatherly figure who would advise the future president about “growing up black in a white world.” In 2008, during the presidential campaign, the unknown “Frank” was revealed to be Frank Marshall Davis, a member of the Communist Party – and the subject of a 600-page FBI file. President Obama is yet to comment on his past relationship with the deceased Communist. 
Although the identity of Frank had been correctly guessed by some in the media, video of Obama explicitly identifying “Frank” as Frank Marshall Davis was leaked on the Internet. Originally aired in 1995, the footage was shot  for a Cambridge Municipal Television show, ” The Author Series.” The video can be found on Youtube. 
Obama, who wrote two auto-biographies before the age of 45, previously had been criticized for his self-documented relationship with controversial Pastor Jeremiah Wright, a man who said that the 9/11 attacks were “America’s chickens coming home to roost.” 
Many Americans, especially those who have family who died fighting the spread of communism in Vietnam and Korea, have been outraged by their President’s glowing depiction of the communist who acted as a surrogate father to him.  

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