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The Biden’s White House Clown Show

The Biden’s White House Clown Show

The clown show called Jill and Joe continued at the White House this week as an event was held in the honor of two special moppets who wanted an audience for their portraits – the Obamas.

While the portraits themselves appear good stuff for some horror museum, they were placed at the White House on Wednesday before a handful of sycophants who were there for free lunch and drinks. Come on man! Who wouldn’t like some free food in Biden’s economy when all you have to do is clap and cheer? And the White House itself since January 2021 has been on par with horror museums anyways.

Now the portraits did a good job in making a little improvement on the looks of the Obamas, one of them is not showing them in full, but also slimming down Michelle’s arms, which otherwise are second only to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s.

With the Obamas attending in person, the portraits served the eyes to escape the live scary moppets hopping around and instead focus on the inanimate depictions. Obama – the smaller one – then gave a speech that was as irrelevant as he himself.

As for the bozos hosting the event, Jill had a hard time, as always, covering up for Joe’s dementia and making sure he is not lost in the space and among the crowd.

By now Jill and Joe know that they have to make it all a joke to avoid embarrassment. So when Joe didn’t stand up clapping while the rest did, Jill acted as if it was funny and laughingly mentioned how Joe was the only one that didn’t stand up. 

Joe got his cue and stood up while everyone sat, acting funny (ridiculous is a hateful word so funny works). The sycophants cheered and clapped, their desperation for free food and drinks ringing supreme in their applause.

It’s not clear what happened later in the clown show at the White House of Horror Museum on Wednesday. Likely the sycophants were not charged for food and drinks. For that, the system has the American taxpayers, who were not invited to the event.

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  1. James

    America Vote out the Nazis AKA the democratic party and Rino’s and progressives Next election We The People Demand our country back from the Evil Politicians in Washington DC swamp when the obamas are at the white house it was a Liberal Clown Show nothing more than that.

    • Mike

      America did vote the nazi’s out in 2020 in case you haven’t noticed. This is probably the most disgusting, juvenile post I have seen on Windbag Post. You did the idiot in chief (#45) proud with this ridiculous post….

      • Ted

        Look out Mikey. He’s coming back. You nazis asshole

        • frank stetson

          Wow, the best and the brightest meet on PBP where Joe G. garners inciteful wisdoms from both sides of the aisle and the libertarians too. Ted is not an example of that, but Joe G. has no governor for trash talk, ad hominem attacks and worse. Joe loves a good pissing match. He’s into it. Great way to make a living, trash talk Kingdom with Joe G. as the King of it all.

          I wonder if Ted had to stay up late for this one. Might have needed an advanced degree to be able to create this gem, like HS equivalency for Ted at least. I mean it’s one thing to call someone an asshole, another thing altogether to call him a Nazi, but to link both together —- well, that’s the kind of brilliant ad hominem attack Joe strives for – sheer fucking stupid and puerile.

          Keep up the great work Ted, thank Joe G. for the accepting platform, this is what your readers strive for, the musings of really sick fucks and the sanctimonious site owners supporting them.