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The Biden/Putin Inflation

The Biden/Putin Inflation

President Biden first told us that there would not be any significant inflation as we came out of the Covid Pandemic shutdown.  We were told that his big spending – and all those $1400 checks he sent to virtually everyone would not have an inflationary impact.  But … we got inflation.  And even the Boston Marathon bomber got his $1400 check.

Biden then said – without regard to his original statements – that of course there would be a bit of inflation as the economy improved.  It would not be too bad, he said.  But … we got record inflation.

Biden assured us that it would not last very long.  Should be ebbing any day now.  But … it not only continued to worsen, there is no end in sight.

Biden said that even if we stopped purchasing oil from Russia, It would not have a major impact on prices since we do not purchase a lot from Putin.  But … now that he has had to stop purchasing oil from Russia, he claims that is the reason for the soaring inflation.  Now Biden blames it all on Russian despot Vladimir Putin and his dirty little war in Ukraine.

In cutting off Russian oil, America did not reduce its foreign purchases.  The country still needs foreign oil to produce gasoline – and that is because as soon as Biden took office, he undertook a number of policy changes that reduced the level of domestic production.

He shut down construction of the Keystone pipeline … banned drilling on public lands … limited licenses for drilling … and set in place policies to punish financial institutions that loan money to oil companies for exploration and drilling.  That is why we shifted from an oil-exporting nation in 2020 to an importing nation under Biden.

In his zeal to FORCE people into electric automobiles before the market was ready, Biden was more than happy to see those pump prices rise.  In fact, pushing up the cost at the pump was an overt and stated strategy of the proponents of the green agenda.

Of course, oil prices impact on EVERYTHING.  Any increase in the price of gas at the service station is going to be reflected on everything we purchase – inflating prices across the board.  

Unfortunately, the impact on oil prices due to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine came at the worst possible time for inflation. It came when inflation was already soaring – the Biden inflation.

The chart at the top of this commentary tells all one needs to know.  It shows the epidemiology of the current economic disease of inflation – where it started and what (who) caused it.  In terms of the medical analogy, the White House was the Wuhan Lab of inflation. 

At the time of the Biden Inauguration, the average national gas price was $2.09 per gallon.    Prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine – but after Biden’s anti-oil policies — it had already risen to $3.54 per gallon – a 60 percent increase.  As of this writing, the national average is $4.25 – and that is partly due to Putin’s war and partly the continuing impact of the Biden inflation.

There are two men who are uniquely responsible for the high price of gasoline in America today – and the consequential soaring inflation.  They are Biden and Putin … period.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

So,there‘tis… The opinions, perspectives and analyses of Larry Horist Larry Horist is a businessman, conservative writer and political strategist with an extensive background in economics and public policy. Clients of his consulting firm have included such conservative icons as Steve Forbes and Milton Friedman. He has served as a consultant to the Nixon White House and travelled the country as a spokesman for President Reagan’s economic reforms. He has testified as an expert witness before numerous legislative bodies, including the U. S. Congress. Horist has lectured and taught courses at numerous colleges and universities, including Harvard, Northwestern, DePaul universities, Hope College and his alma mater, Knox College. He has been a guest on hundreds of public affairs talk shows, and hosted his own program, “Chicago In Sight,” on WIND radio. Horist was a one-time candidate for mayor of Chicago and served as Executive Director of the City Club of Chicago, where he led a successful two-year campaign to save the historic Chicago Theatre from the wrecking ball. An award-winning debater, his insightful and sometimes controversial commentaries appear frequently on the editorial pages of newspapers across the nation. He is praised by readers for his style, substance and sense of humor. According to one reader, Horist is the “new Charles Krauthammer.” He is actively semi-retired in Boca Raton, Florida where he devotes his time to writing. So, there ‘tis is Horist’s signature sign off.


  1. Frank stetson

    I agree that the current inflation is on the watch of Joe Biden and the Vladimir Putin. However, the seeds for this were sown by the policies of Donald J Trump. More importantly, and as a conservative you usually expose that concept, the president does not control the economy. They can play a part, but they do not control it.

    We are inflationary times. Simply stated, inflation is the fact of having too much money. Where did the money come from?

    It started with Trump, his massive stimulus, his massive tax cuts for the rich. He even passed one giant stimulus to take effect at the very end of 2020, almost an economic WMD waiting for the next president. Trump did not intend it as that, he intended it to get elected, he was being a shameless whore with taxpayer dollars.

    Biden stupidly doubles down on that mistake and provided most certainly one stimulus too many. I believe his intent was to use a 10 pound hammer to hit a 2 inch nail Since by that time American said more money in the bank and they have had in the bank for years. You should have that are targeted his stimulus to people who actually needed it and not to people who have plenty of money in the bank.

    At the end of Trump, consumers held almost an additional $2 trillion in savings. They just weren’t spending. Worse yet, the banks have almost 4 trillion in excess reserves. If the loan market becomes hotter due to demand, less regulation, or both, than the excess reserve interest rate us taxpayers pay for banks to park their money, then potentially we could see the money supply exponentially grow. Causing even more inflation.

    At the same time, Trump raised our GDP/debt rates to the highest level they’ve ever been, higher than World War II. It took 35 years to pay off the debt from World War II, we aren’t even trying. If foreign investors decide we are not worth investing in anymore, our economy will crash like we have never seen a crash before. Literally, it will be game over.

    This is the precipice we are on, and when the inflation kicked in, the second largest producer of oil in the world decided to go to war.

    Larry, I have consistently provide you information to clarify the oil situation. First, you continue the fixed idea that it is Biden policies that moved us from a net exporter to a net importer. That is certainly not true. I provided you the EIA report where they clearly state it was a pandemic affect due to shifting demands.

    Further, if you look at oil production Larry, the US had its peak in 2019, and the next year oil production dropped from about 10%. It dropped even a bit more in 2020. In other words Larry US oil producers are not even producing what they could in 2019 and I have not ramped back up to those levels. They need no new fields to do this Larry, they just need to increase production . The only good news in this is that given the high price of oil, the western shale fields will become very profitable again. Good time to move in Montana, I suggest Yellowstone…

    Bottom line Larry, the oil is there today, they just aren’t producing a 2019 levels yet. It takes time.

    Again Larry you bring up the Keystone XL pipeline project. This was never for US oul, this was to transport Canadian oil to US refineries to be then sold to the world. Most of the oul is not gonna reach the US ever. You and I cannot say that the lack of the keystone pipeline cost the world any of the Canadian oil and then it just will be refined and shipped out in another manner. Perhaps more expensive, but that really doesn’t matter today does it. But this was Canadian oil, bound for world market, and most of it was not down for the US. Another clip which I posted and you chose to ignore

    Russian oil which account 7% of US imports at some point making them I believe the fourth largest supplier to the US however in a field of close to 40 suppliers. The US could just return to 2019 levels of production and easily replace the soil. Or we have 39 other countries including Canada and Mexico we could buy from. Banning Russian oil imports to the US will not have that much affect. I provided you the article the true this. Again, he chose to ignore.

    Russian oil production and prices will have a great effect on world inflation. That will happen with or without our ban.

    Lastly, there is no federal land grant that Biden canceled that would have provided any additional oil in 2021. Nor did we needed to be able to return to 2019 oil production levels, which is over 10% higher than we are producing today. I, for one, would like to keep our national lands pristine. I don’t think you and I have any idea of what were canceled and whether said cancellations are valid or her overreach.

    Bottom line, we have inflation. On top of that we have the number two oil supplier in the world aggressively attacking another country war. We have Americans with way too much money in their pockets, in the bank, waiting to be spent and probably willing to spend more to get what they want. Inflation will be with us for a while at least..

    But I think you’re blaming it solely on Biden and on Putin, negates the fact that Trump had some hand in this, but more importantly, economics lives outside of the beltway and no federal policies dictate where said economy is going. Lashley, America became a net exporter due to a demand shift due to the pandemic. Period. Americas oil production begin to decrease on trumps watch.The keystone pipeline carries Canadian oil bound not only for the US, but mostly for the world. It is a red herring. And Trump infused more money into the system than Biden ever did. Trump increased our debt and deficit more than Biden ever will.

    Bottom line worry is that in my opinion, this is definitely on Biden’s watch. But it is not solely Biden or Putin’s responsibility. And frankly there’s not much any president can do to completely control this. It’s here, it’s going to be here for a while, it’s going to get worse. The real question will be how not to slip from inflation to recession.

    • larry Horist

      Frank Stetson … you simply do not make any sense any more. You seem to think that no one is responsible for what happens. Things just happen. In terms of the rampant institutional racism in our Democrat run cities … it is no one’s fault. Just happens. Now the same with inflation. Presidents have no control over the economy … over inflation. Just happens. And after making that pronouncement, you drag on and on how the inflation is Trump’s fault. Makes no sense … presidents have not influence over economy unless you can blame Trump. In fact, federal economic policies have a LOT to do with economic outcomes — and presidents are key players. I had repeatedly written that I thought the last Trump stimulus check was a mistake … but that was made far worse by Biden’s pouring a lot more money into the economy — stimulus and spending that was not paid for. In doing that, Biden took ownership of the inflation. Just has he has ownership of the negative impacts of his anti-fossil fuel policies. He own Afghanistan and now Ukraine.. These things do not just happen. They are the result of what presidents do … or do not do. A president does not nave to have “complete” control to have enormous influence. The point of this commentary is to point out that unfortunately the Putin contribution to inflations is worsened by the fact that it comes on top of Biden’s surge in inflation. In just a few days, my pump price went up a full dollar. Roughly, I rate that about 75 percent Biden and 25 percent Putin. Maybe even more on Biden since yoiu point out that we do not buy much oil form Russia anyway.

      • Frank stetson

        Come on Larry, get a grip on it. I know I said that I have no doubt the Democrats have passed laws that result in institutional racism. I only asked you to prove it. Which you cannot. I also said that I’m sure Republicans have passed such laws too And that institutional or systemic racism is not the sole province of the democratic party.. You will not accept that and you never proved squat. You just told us that you have a great résumé and therefore we should believe you.

        Thanks for the rehash.

        On this one Larry I clearly said that the president does not control the economy, but they do play a part. I said it twice because I know you have a hard time comprehending. As an economist, you have to know this is true. As a Republican you have to believe it, it’s something you guys have been saying for years.

        I indicated that while this is all on Biden‘s watch, Trump as well as Putin also had something to do with us. If you look at trumps influx into the money supply, his reduction of revenues to the government, and his lackluster GDP growth for all four years, you have to say that his economy was far from perfect.

        Again, I indicated that this is on Biden‘s watch clearly, and that, in my opinion, he has done some stupid things too, including the stimulus, not so much the idea but the way he implemented it.

        In terms of the oil, you’re crazy. Nothing that Biden has done has affected our 2021 production levels. Our production levels were reduced during the reign of Trump. They have not come back yet to the levels of 2019 or 2020. Nothing that Biden has done has affected our net exports or net imports. Clearly, those are pandemic related. I’ve given your links, I’ve given you statistics, I’ve given you expert opinion, you just keep your head in the sand.

        And then you go and give us a personal anecdote about how your price of gas went up. Maybe you’re just a buy your gas at the wrong place. Maybe your price went up. But it’s a miracle. So watt? Your personal experience will never be a statistic

        I clearly indicated that I think inflation is not only with us of course it is but it’s going to get worse. Also, no amount of opening up Federal Lance is going to cure that in the next 12 to 24 months. And I keep telling you the Keystone XL project was fucking Canadian oil bound to be exported to the world, with just a little bit going to the US. Who cares? Canada ships the largest amount of our import of oil to date anyway, Keystone was never going to change that. Again, I provided you the fax, the links, and the scientist tested it to statistics. And then you provide Larry’s voi doo statistics to tell us the ratio between Biden and Putin over the price increase. My take is that it’s 50% Trump and 50% Biden and 0% Putin. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

        Measure though, by the end of your tirade you’re agreeing with me that the president does not control the economy but does exert enormous influence. So, apparently, after all of that, we agree except perhaps to the amount of influence which is gonna be a line that shifts back-and-forth anyway.

        Speaking of anecdotes, and speaking of winners and losers, and presidents influencing thanks, in four years of Trump, he basically could only pick losers slamming people, calling them names, and generally not helping. However, in Biden‘s state of the union he mentioned two American companies Intel and Ford that were bringing great new factories to America. On a whim, I bought a pile of both the next morning and had an extra $3000 by that afternoon. Unfortunately, I did get a little greedy and decided I could let it ride so only ended up with $1100 as I sold the next day early in the morning. Pretty funny though. And to our mutual point, in this case the president definitely influenced the price of the stock, but the economy found the rifle price for the stock the next day. Since Trump could only bring a stock down, I really couldn’t play this game with him because I’m just not an “options” sort of guy.

        So, I think we do agree that inflation is a bad thing. That the inflation is totally on Biden‘s watch. And that president can influence the economy but they do not in control the economy. Lately, I’ve also been amazed at their ability to pick winners and losers. Especially Trump who went out of his way to call out people eating like in companies he didn’t like not necessarily in the most presidential of fashions.

        But as to the rest, no I don’t think we agree. The difference is my opinions are backed up by fact and yours are backed up by your résumé.

    • Miles collins

      And I agree that you’re a lying stupid asshole. Do you think that everyone is as stupid as you are? America was becoming great again on Trump’s watch. But now our country is on the brink of failure because of the demented bastard in the White House So go tell that shit to your comrades.

      • Frank stetson

        That’s Mr. stupid fucking asshole to you.

        No, I do not think everyone is as stupid as me. But I do think that you are stupid are based on this posting

        Economically, how is America becoming greater under Trump? He had the largest deficit ever. He raise the debt to the highest level it’s ever been. Biden has already turned in a lower deficit than Trump ever did. His GDP growth was the worst since Herbert Hoover and that’s saying a lot. Sure, he gave us the tax cuts and lots of stimulus to infuse a lot of money into the system. But only stupid people would not realize that most of this cash went to the rich, the large corporations, everyone in trumps clubhouse, and not to the middle class or the poor. They got pennies on the dollar . But, he’s a good showman and he sure fooled you. 30,000 lies and you probably still believe each one.

        But you tell us why do you think trumps economy was so good.

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … you are getting a bit overheated. You have your spin, but you sound more like a lawyer … making your biased brief based on the selective use of facts and then spin. That means constructing selected facts to give the appearance of a conclusive argument. I have pointed you to all the hard evidence about institutional racism in Democrat run cities. You say also true of Republican cities. Not even close. You find one David Duke — who sometimes ran as a Republican and was repudiated — and equate that to all those Democrat mayors who presided …and preside — over cities in which blacks and Hispanics are segregated. You do not know that? Where the school offer black kids terrible educations? Is that something you are not aware of? High crime. High unemployment. That is the evidence you seem to be asking for …. but cannot see or comprehend. And if you recall, as the Pandemic hit, one of the benefits America enjoyed — according tot he economists and analysts — was a very strong economy. Record low unemployment. Record Stock market. Low interest rates. Record wage increases for minorities. High consumer confidence. Virtually no inflation, Lower taxes for every working American. The GNP took a hit with the Pandemic shutdown. Of course, the numbers now are improving over the depth of the shutdown … but despite Biden’s bragging about job growth, we are still have millions fewer workers than at the start of the shutdown. It is not just me that thinks the Trump economy was good… most economists said it was … great, in fact. And by the way, that canard you keep repeating that only the rich benefited from the tax cuts … Biden’s big lie — has gotten Biden three Pinocchios from the Washington Post. I guess that means the Post fact-checkers are among those you call ‘stupid.”

          • Frank stetson

            Still the comedian Larry. The start of this one by accusing me of selective fax in spin, something that I think we all do. I mean if you were an an An broker and not a spinmeister wouldn’t you have corrected yourself on the fact that the net export of oil was caused by the pandemic and not by Trump policies? You did not.

            You then say you have cleaned us to all the hard evidence about Democrats causing systemic racism in the cities, I had asked you to provide evidence not a pointer. I do not remember any evidence being provided nor do I even remember the pointer. As far as I’m concerned Larry, do you have yet to show a shred of evidence of your point. Not that I think your points is wrong, I just don’t know that is correct because you have not shown your work.

            You can serve my theory that you would find the same sort of thing in republican cities is wrong. Perhaps. But again, you have not shown one shred of evidence.

            You then return to your red herring of David Duke which I did mention but never said what you say I said. So honestly I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

            And then he launch into a tirade of many things that are wrong in the inner cities or even lower income areas. These issues are not you need to blacks or Hispanics, they affect whites also. Yes Larry, there are still poor whites in the world. Well my point all along Larry is that you have not found one Democratic law that makes this happen. You have not proved once that the same things are not happening in Republican in the cities. And I am not sure that you can even use the word segregation unless you believe that any time and areas homogeneous it is segregated. In which case I’m sure we can five segregated areas and beautiful Boca Raton

            And then you list a laundry list of good things that happened during the trump tenure, many of which were on the way during Obama, and most of which, except inflation, are still true marginally worse or better today under Biden.

            Then you go totally off the rail saying “the GNP took a Hit with a pandemic. “. Larry, if you look, all four years of Trump GDP were sub par. And, as I indicated, over his term of four years, Trump GDP growth results were the lowest since Herbert Hoover’s. Given that truck record, you’re signatureng out of the pandemic year seems to be use of a select the factoid to create your spin. Guess we all do it huh Larry.

            Not sure what any of this has to do with the price of oil Larry, especially the part about democratically controlled cities, that was another red herring you threw in. And I will answer the Trump economy and The fact that the attach that benefits of the rich and big business more than it did the middle class in another time.

            For a guy who talks about being fact base in their discussions, you do not provide very many facts when you discuss things. And again, I have no doubt that there are laws passed that have the unintended consequences of creating systematic racism. I have no doubt that some of these laws were passed by Democrats. It’s just that you’re not proving it, you will not proven the democratic policies cost us, and more importantly you have not proved that these things or similar things do not happen in Republican controlled cities

        • Henry

          Your demented so called president has destroyed the best economy that we had in several decades. Your kind could eventually destroy America

          • Frank stetson

            Well, that’s your opinion. Got proof? Got evidence?

        • larry Horist

          Frank Stetson … you writing has a “sound” to it — which i would describe as hysterical rants and repeated claims and accusations that are debunked by common sense and an average knowledge of current events. You are looking for laws past by Decorates to oppress Blacks. That is de jure racism. That mostly ended when the Democrats lost control of the South. Jim Crow is dead. What we have mostly is de facto racism. Look up the terms if you are not aware of them. You must be able to see the segregation of the cities and schools. FACT. Did you know that New York schools are more segregated today than in the 1960s? FACT. Check out the number of protests, demonstrations and riots against racism — overwhelming ling in Democrat cities. FACT. You knowledge is so limited that it would be impossible for me to give you each and every instance. The are millions of them. And while poverty has some similarities among whites and blacks, you are hopelessly ignorant if you do not see the dramatic differences.

          Why did virtually all economist talk about the strength of the American economy just prior to the Pandemic. Your desperate effort to win a point belies your self-induced ignorance on the economic issue also.

          I have neither the time nor the inclination to get down in the weeds of these issues with you because you are to far off reality and apparently uneducable.

  2. Henry

    Hell yes I have proof you dickhead. But you can’t see past your commie nose.

    • Ben

      Look, dickbreath, show us the proof, You fucking fanatical fascist.

      • Ben

        I just love this name calling.

        Are you entertained?

      • Henry

        Go suck a dick you ignorant bastard. You just don’t pay attention to the greatest job market of our lifetime and the energy independents. And the net worth of blacks and women increased. If trump hadn’t been fucked out of a second term by voter fraud our country would have been damned near perfect economic wise. But with communist going on one witch hunt after another I’m surprised that he got anything done. Your brain dead president is a complete failure. And you’re a damned fool

        • Ben

          Are you sure these are not lies told by Trump as one of his 30,000 lies?

          And what happened in the fourth year of Trump‘s rain when the pandemic hit and everything went to hell?

          Want to bet that flex were affected more severely and that Trump left this out of his statements when it happened?

          And you seem to focus on the male genitalia a lot. Does that mean something?

          • Henry

            What happened in the 4th year? Easy answer. The democrats colluded with China and spread damed lies. And then they stole the election. Biden has been a failure. What has he accomplished other than dancing while his handlers pulled his strings? And kumala embarrassed her self and America Next election we will be watching the cheating commie bastards

      • Henry

        You’re too stupid to see proof you fucking fanatical commie

  3. phxgeo

    You sure do know how to smoke t,he illiterate, skunks out of their den. Why do you expect someone who cannot read can cite facts??? Boy you sure do have some people just like the demented “leader”. Strange how our society is the only one where the weakest amongst are elected under the crooked, one-eyed democrat party label and the weakest among us survive. Keep up your fact-based work! Thank you for educating those recognizing the importance of education and facts, not dreams and wishes. Thank you for not resorting to vile vulgar language that I notice some people post here. It is also a sign of lack of their communication skills and education.

    • Frank stetson

      If you were talking about me, the facts I have sourced, include citations, there are links, there are numbers, there are statistics,. Larry is providing nothing except opinion and his “factual” conclusion supported by his resume, your faith and your belief when it comes to his theory that Democrats in democratic cities through programs, policies and laws, created systemic racism including segregation of minorities.

      In this piece, Larry once again touts that under Trump we became a net exporter if oul, which is true, however he contends that is based on Trump policies. I attached the link, as well as the salient passage, where the EIA says that’s clearly not true and that the net export year for the United States was based on the collapse of demand due to the pandemic. Think of it this way, the US produced x amount of oil, the US imported Y amount of oil; when the demand dropped do you think they dropped imports or stopped production? Of course they dropped imports. Thus we became a net exporter. However, the fact remains that a leading oil organization, the EIA, send it in writing. Larry knew that fact yet still his claim.

      So, I do agree that we should be having these discussions, with opinions, but grounded in facts. Larry likes to say that I use facts in order to spin. My point would be given more facts, one can take away the spin. Larry never wants to do that. So, I hope we can just continue this discussion based on facts, but it seems pretty hard around here

      • larry Horist

        Frank Stetson …. OMG …. you seem to be suggesting that the Democrat run cities are not segregated. Have you spent your life in Mayberry? And yes, I know that is a fictional community … but your statements are fictional. Have you ever been in an inner city minority community? Have you ever even seen reports from them? Honestly Frank, never encounter a person more ignorant of the facts. Most of your comments are you opinions … or the opinion of some other person — which you call evidence. I would love to have you join me at a meeting in one of the segregated communities. You would at least be good comic relief for the residents.

        • Frankbstetson

          Always good for a chuckle Larry. I was wondering when you would pick up on the segregation, a term you’ve been putting out there since the beginning because it’s so incendiary.. But you’re saying and Larry does not make it true, do you need proof, do you need evidence, we need sources, etc.

          Segregation generally means separating things based on an attribute of the thing possesses. Could be all male students must sit on the left-hand side of the room, could be all blonde haired children need to sit in the back. Using this definition, the state of Iowa, or any other predominately white state, might be considered segregated. . Or Chinatown in New York would be a segregated community.

          But Larry, you know in America, with our history, the term segregation uses the other meaning where people of one race live in one place, usually not the nicest place in town. However Larry in America and using the definition we normally associate with the term, given our history, especially in the manner of ysage that you’ve used it, implies force. Either physical, regulatory, policy, or other forms of force. In the past, in some places in America, mostly in the south, blacks were forced, by law, to live in certain places and not be able to live in others.. they had separate schools, separate public washrooms, separate public water. They were physically start from living in other areas, using white bathrooms, drinking white water, etc. Physically forced With physical harm being metered out if they visit disobeyed the rules. In the north, they were forced by unequal housing practices not to be able to buy housing in certain places, therefore forced to live in segregated areas. However, in America, the term segregation generally assumes that force is used. Especially where housing is concerned.

          So, once again, Larry, where is your proof that Democrats have used force to contain blacks to a certain area, the city. Once again, Larry, it’s not that I disagree with you, it’s just that you have not shown the proof of Democrats doing this via some specific law or set of laws, or other means of force. What forces blacks to live in the inner city?

          If you look the term segregation up, those are the definitions you will find. Again, it’s not that I’m saying you’re wrong Larry, I’m just saying that you haven’t shown your work. Where are the facts Larry? Where is your proof Larry? And calling me stupid from here to Sunday will change that.

          • Crank stetson

            Larry, since I wrote this last passage I did do some research and amazingly I think you’ve become woke. What’s next, do you plan to join Black Lives Matter?

            I still stand by my statement that you have not proved anything. I still also firmly believe that this is not a democratic only issue. And while illegal, I do see where certain policies and practices have provided systemic racism in terms of physical segregation and school segregation. Most of this is done via red lining, redistricting, and other policies and regulations. Again, this is not a democratic issue although in the case of school segregation, I just thought that it is most prevalent in the Northeast. Again, the northeast is not a totally democratic geography. In the case of physical segregation, again this is against the law, however many think that’s such segregation exist beyond the realms of economics only. For example, if one decides to provide low-cost governmental urban housing, one was actually put it somewhere. If that somewhere is the lowest cost possible, it’s probably in urban blight area, and therefore ultimately to be thought of as forcing segregation. If one decides to build an expressway, generally said expressway will be in a more urban area, and might actually create a “barrier” that looks like force segregation. Both of these may be unintended consequences, but there they are. And in both of these cases, the concept of “force” is a soft description. But in the woke environment, this is considered to be the law of the land when it comes to segregation. And I guess, that is what you were talking about. But again, I do not see this as a solely democratic issue and you have not proven it to be so.

            I am glad that I could do this work for you, if you need the link so I can provide them, but basically if you just Google segregation of schools, or segregation of housing, and had wiki to the search, the passages will come up. It’s pretty obvious that they have been well attended to by the woke.

            Congratulations on moving away from the dark side. Ha ha.

            And while I certainly don’t agree with your totally partisan view which again, you have not provided any proof of whatsoever, I do understand what you mean by segregation, I have actually planned to look up a little bit more about it, and I wonder when you will join me in my crusade to get Joe to actually moderate at hominem off this site. Are you that woke?

  4. larry Horist

    Frankbstetson … Why do you keep changing your screen name. Just curios. With regard to your latest inexplicably and outrageously ignorant response. Now … You are telling me — and other readers — that you do not know that the blacks are segregated in the Democrat run cities — and have been since the great migration north more than 100 years ago. And that they have been subjected to institutional de facto racism to this day. You cannot possibly be that stupid. So, why do you keep repeating those nutty claims. You are starting to sound like the flat earth folks … the moon landing never happened … there are alien bodies a Roswell … and Elvis is a live and living in Michigan. You might as well throw in the Russia did not invade Ukraine coming from the Kremlin. You are hopeless. While I am not calling you stupid, your ignorance on commonly known facts suggest something more than lack of experience or education. Maybe you just do not like to admit the inner cities are segregations zones. Would you prefer some euphuism like “black only communities” or call the schools “separate but equal.” Why do you keep exposing yourself as being so abysmally factually ignorant of what most folks call “common knowledge?” As a closer … here are just two of the endless information attesting to the segregation in our major Democrat cities. If you took the time, you could spend the next year reading the information. How did you missed ALL of it in the news…on line .. in history books … is amazing to me.

    if you cannot educate yourself, go hire a tutor. You may be one of the reasons we still have segregation and institutional racism because you are such a denier.

  5. frank stetson

    I’m trying to perfect speech to text. And apparently having problems. However, the name thing seems to be a punching bag post issue. Especially when using a smartphone.

    Before I reply to your last overly snarky post, did you see my second post above? Where I essentially agree with you. It appears you’re using a bit of a woke definition, but I do agree. I do not agree that it’s germane to democratically controlled cities only.

    Finally, you provide some actual facts. However, your first link proves my point. He claims the federal government is responsible for the some of the segregation. And therefore there can obviously not be a democratically controlled cities only. The second one refers to New York. Which is generally democratically controlled, but not always. So I’m not sure. Who’s watch on this result?. And if it was the Democrats, why didn’t the Republicans change it on the next watch?.

    • Ben

      Your phone is smarter than you

  6. b

    Larry, you inexplicably outrageously ignorant stupid hopeless stupid ignorant denier.