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The Biden Administration Wants to Know Your Bathing Habits and Fertility

The Biden Administration Wants to Know Your Bathing Habits and Fertility

Since the public has increasingly become aware of the government’s boundless corruption, thanks to investigative journalism and online free speech platforms, the Biden administration has launched an effort to learn everything about people, including their most private information like bathing habits.

The Rutherford Institute, a Virginia-based nonprofit that stands for constitutional rights, rang alarm bells last week over a mandatory American Community Survey (ACS) launched by the Census Bureau to collect private information about citizens. Expressing opposition to the Bureau’s survey, the institute posted a 10-page Q&A document with its announcement that helps people better understand the survey in the context of their constitutional rights. The document lists what kind of information the Biden administration’s Census Bureau wants to gather from Americans:

These concern matters that the government simply has no business knowing, including questions relating to respondents’ bathing habits, home utility costs, fertility, marital history, work commute, mortgage, and health insurance, among others. For instance, the ACS asks how many persons live in your home, along with their names and detailed information about them such as their relationship to you, marital status, race and their physical, mental and emotional problems, etc.

The institute wrote that the real danger posed by this survey remains in how this information will be used by the government and with whom will it be shared. It said that hundreds of thousands of people who received the ACS have reached out to the institute and expressed unwillingness to share such private information with the government. Adding to the concerns, the survey recipients are reportedly “unsettled by the aggressive tactics utilized by Census Bureau field representatives seeking to compel responses to ACS questions.”

When people do not respond online or by mail, the Census Bureau repeatedly sends field representatives to their homes at unannounced times to harass and interview them until they answer the survey.

Just last year, the Census Bureau included questions about people’s gender identity and sexual lives in its ongoing survey, prompting the Rutherford Institute to create a form letter of complaint for civilians to lodge objections to the ACS with the Census Bureau.

The Census Bureau made news in 2022 when it was admitted that its 2020 Census of American population was incorrect in at least 14 states. The Bureau called it an error and downplayed it. But conservatives noted that this incorrect counting significantly affected the 2020 election. As analyzed by The Heritage Foundation, the Bureau undercounted the population in major important red states like Florida and Texas while it overcounted people in blue states.

As a result of these errors, Florida did not receive two additional congressional seats and Texas did not receive one more congressional seat. Meanwhile, two other states, Minnesota and Rhode Island, each retained a congressional seat that they should have lost, and Colorado gained a new seat to which it was rightfully not entitled.

The mainstream media did not make the Bureau’s alleged error an issue and the Republicans in the affected red states also ignored the implications of the incorrect population figures.

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  1. JoeyP

    NONE of THEIR %#&@! business! . . . tell those PERVERTS it’s MY life.


    Oh please. Can you really be that stupid?

    I am constantly amused as part of the government-distrusting 60’s protestors that you folks today beat us hands-down in your paranoia.

    You could stop this survey today and everyone would still know all this crap about you for decades.

    You don’t trust any aspect of the government, but you believe a Pakistani flower child who changes himself into a hard right advocate with a new Irish name to get you to follow his truths. He probably still has a green card.

  3. Darren

    Well, I feel it is no ones business as well.
    Not sure frank if you are upset at the topic, or upset that
    Ernest found something to write about and your pissed at him?
    This reply probably puts us all in a category.
    There is no escape!

  4. Americafirst

    So, the giant Penis (pResident) wants to know our business? Like Hell! I can’t wait for the great disclosure to get that ass out of the fake White House for good because this actor is worse than the now deceased and buried Biden at Arlington Cemetary! Oh, I just cannot wait for Frank Stetson’s reply to my comment which is my right according to the first amendment. Frank cannot stop any of us from posting, although he is trying hard to get rid of all of us!


    FYI: in the 40’s and 50’s, ALL AMERICANS taking the census answered yes or no to having a radio. Would that be intrusive?

    Fools follow fools.
    “Since the public has increasingly become aware of the government’s boundless corruption, thanks to investigative journalism and online free speech platforms,” as the Dumpster begins his day with a bald-faced lie that he cannot support. He lies, he knows it, and he has no evidence for his feckless allegations. He is a master of misinformation and manipulation. You all are being played by a Pakistani pretending to be a patriot.

    Boundless corruption? Was that under Trump too? Because the same survey was conducted throughout the Trump administration as our hot, accurate, investigative, reporting (aka hot a.i.r.) Dumpadoodoo notes. Investigative reporting? Surely not the Dumpster… Online free speech — yeah, nothing bad, no corruption online…… Dumpster is a liar and a fool.

    “the Biden administration has launched an effort to learn everything about people, including their most private information like bathing habits” which is another Dumplicker lie for a survey that’s Constitutional, approved by Congress, the same exact fucking survey that was done not only under Trump, but under every freakin president since 1940 you twit. How could Dumpler miss that?

    It’s a reader’s digest version of the census long-form that has been conducted forever. It is used by the government to assign funds from a number of programs that would be unassignable without it, or at least fairly according to statistical demographics as the founders seemed to anticipate when they wrote the Constitution. And it is open, transparent, and available to anyone online. Or as Dumpster desires, we could just guess or do without. Fuck the Constitution, viva your fake privacy; fake because your privacy has never been lowered because of this survey. At least not proven by idiots like the Dumpster. And it was requested by State and Local governments you idiot, amongst others. Fuck, the money distributed from survey results mostly goes to poor red states, so let’s just stop. Mission accomplished Dumpy. And the fools that follow the foolish are fools themselves if they don’t even question the shit you get from the dumpster.

    Dump’s source, The Rutherford Institute is a extreme far-right organization with questionable fact checking. Proven numerous times. According to one reviewer: “The Rutherford Institute seems to be more interested in the Ten Commandments than the first ten amendments to the U.S. Constitution, a.k.a. The Bill of Rights. The cases surveyed almost all centered on Religious Expression, and the Christian values of parenting, and children. Except for the Paula Jones case, one token freedom of speech case, and a token racism case, the few other cases focused on protecting borderline or outright hate speech.” Sweet, unbiased source dumpy doo.

    While once concerned mostly with the religious liberties, the RI expanded and exploded its mission to encompass other constitutional issues such as search and seizure, free speech, and zero tolerance policy. Follow the money.

    But the truth that Dumpschmuck refuses to tell you lest his learnings let you down from your hate is that the Constitution (Article I, Section II) requires an enumeration of the population every ten years “in such Manner as they (Congress) shall by Law direct”. At the first census in 1790, legislators immediately knew the census should collect basic demographic information beyond the number of people in the house. James Madison himself proposed including questions in the census to “enable them to adapt the public measures to the particular circumstances of the community”. Such knowledge collected with each census, Madison argued, “would give them an opportunity of marking the progress of the society”. The questions included in censuses since 1790 have reflected American understandings of and concerns about societal trends and the growing nation’s expanded data needs. I can see where some folks can’t have none of that shit.

    Dumpman says “The institute wrote that the real danger posed by this survey remains in how this information will be used by the government and with whom will it be shared” to wit, you twit, one merely goes online and requests it. Stupid douche.

    As to individual factoids, there is no known “leak” of any individual’s data, not that you could do much with it anyways.

    Paranoia runs rampant in the religious rabid right like Douchebag Dumpdude who makes his money prompting your paranoia instead of dealing in simple truths, real facts, and true investigative reporting. This time the was right in front of his stupid face and he chose to ignore the truth in favor of the fiction from the religious right with a history of mistaking the truth, One would think a professional journalist might second source or double check that line of bullshit before printing this crap.

    Or think of it this way, this ace investigative reporter (hot air), has uncovered these amazing facts that have existed since 1940. Not that’s an ace reporter for you. Except Dempsey didn;t uncover anything anyway. It’s just hot air and over 80-years of precedent, approved by Congress, the Constitution, and even Madison, is unlikely to be overturned. As it should be.

    • Americafirst

      Frank, what position do you hold in the Deep State and the Democratic Party? You always have to have the last word. Always. You put EVERYONE down and I mean everyone. You are obsessive-compulsive. Go see a psychiatrist. Except I really do think you are an AI bot. No way you can write all the stuff you do going so far back in years to say the idiocy you say. Yes – idiocy. Idiocy because of how you present yourself. I guess all other humans are stupid and know nothing. Can you ever say something nice? Does your rhetoric always have to be so negative? It is because of you that more people do not reply to any of the stories or comments. You scare most everyone away. Why? Why is it you have to be that way? I’m keeping good track of your replies for a special reason. You will find out when the time is right.

      • Dan tyree

        Not deep state. Deep throat.


    From WIKI and the ACS website.

    By 1940, advancements in statistical methods enabled the U.S. Census Bureau to begin asking a sample of the population a subset of additional detailed questions without unduly increasing cost or respondent burden. In the decades that followed, new questions were added to those that had previously been asked of all respondents, and all the questions were moved to the sample questionnaire form. As the sample form grew longer than the census form itself, it became known as the census “long form”.

    Following the 1960 Census, federal, state, and local government officials, and some in the private sector began demanding more timely long-form-type data. Lawmakers representing rural districts claimed they were at a data disadvantage, unable to self-fund additional surveys of their populations. Congress explored the creation of a mid-decade census, holding hearings and even authorizing a mid-decade census in 1976, but not funding it.

    Efforts to obtain data on a more frequent basis began again after the 1990 census, when it became clear that the more burdensome long form was depressing overall census response rates and jeopardizing the accuracy of the count. At Congress’s request, the Census Bureau developed and tested a new design to obtain long-form data. U.S. statistician Leslie Kish had introduced the concept of a rolling sample (or continuous measurement) design in 1981. This design featured ongoing, monthly data collection aggregated on a yearly basis, enabling annual data releases. By combining multiple years of this data, the Census Bureau could release “period” estimates to produce estimates for smaller areas. After a decade of testing, it launched as the American Community Survey in 2005, replacing the once-a-decade census long form

    I guess, all things considered, it still could have been a younger Biden 80 years ago that caused all this. Very professional Dempsey.