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The Biden Administration is Flying Illegal Migrants to New York 

The Biden Administration is Flying Illegal Migrants to New York 

Video footage obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request proves the Biden Administration is funding the movement of illegal immigrants from southern border states to New York. 

“Our government is completely out of control right now. They have lied to us,” laments Rob Astorino, a former County Executive for Westchester and a gubernatorial candidate for the state of New York.

It was Astorino who submitted the FOIA request after observing migrants arrive en masse at a local Costco before being released into the community. “When we first found out about these flights, we were attacked for demanding simple answers,” says Astorino. “They kept lying and deflecting, but this is a matter of public safety, public health, and the people’s right to know.”

Rumors of the Biden Administration’s disgusting scheme emerged last October when the New York Post reported footage of secret charter flights arriving after curfew at airports. 

According to Westchester Police Sergeant Michael Hamborsky, both local police and airport security were unaware of the after-hours flights: “I’m just trying to figure out what’s what, who’s who, and how I’m supposed to keep this secure.”

The migrants appear to be under the care of MVM Inc., a private security firm that worked with the CIA and the NSA in Iraq. The firm signed a $136 million contract with the Biden Administration last year to transport migrants throughout the country. 

According to one MVM employee who asked to remain anonymous, the contractors are not allowed to have their picture taken at the airport and are not told the destination when boarding a bus or plane. “My thing is, I like to comply but technically we’re not supposed to show IDs or anything…A lot of this is just down-low stuff that we don’t tell people because what we don’t want to do is attract attention. We don’t want the media.”

The contractor confirmed that the secret operation is being conducted with help from the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the United States Army. Migrants are also being transported to Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, and Florida; many have already been enrolled in public school. 

“The resettlement of illegal aliens in the state of Florida does not solve any of the consequences of your administration’s open border policy,” wrote a group of Florida state lawmakers to the Biden Administration. “Purposely keeping Americans in the dark regarding the travels of illegal immigrants risks public safety, wastes taxpayer dollars, and is a grave misstep in the name of justice.”


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  1. bozo mctavish

    why doesnt they to fly to deleware or washington d.c. ?

  2. frank stetson

    I can tell whether it’s Alice, Joe, Larry, from the headlines alone :>) Alice’s always scream “cut n paster” coming your way.

    I agree, seems like something is wrong here although I am sure Alice is wrong too.

    This is part of a process. The process says that most caught are immediately deported. But a good percentage can stay until court cased resolved. Some are released awaiting said court hearing. Many are children, many unaccompanied. While that is true, it is not good enough detail, especially given the much larger numbers right now.

    The Biden process, IMO, does not have enough transparency leading to the notion that something wrong is going on here. It even may be right, but the numbers are so high it sure might seem wrong. But we don’t know and that is totally wrong. Some of it is no doubt due to the government not wanting to add danger to these folks by publishing whereabouts. Given today’s climate, I can understand. But they need to be transparent about who they are moving about and why. They can do that and protect these people at the same time. It’s worse to be covert about the whole thing.

    OK post Alice, and I hope we start seeing some transparency soon.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Alice is wrong? Duded, she puts her references right there underneath.

      • Frank stetson

        Wow, references. Now if I put MSM as reference, would you say “but he’s got references right there… “

        Let me clarify my statement; the report that Alice notes above is probably wrong in one or more instances of the conclusions it is draws. Does that help Joe?

        Just saying it’s foggy, need more information to clarify. Not even a new problem, been happening for some time, just don’t see even near perfect information yet.

    • Joseph

      They shouldn’t be protected. Just sent back home with boot prints on their asses

    • Tony

      Your demented president is calling to fund free crack pipes. He should donate the one that he uses. Nobody could get that stupid without help. Not even Frank and Ben

  3. bob

    This has been the game plan of the GESTOPO of the democratic party for a long time . Bring in millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS , spread them throughout OUR country ,,,, then the NAZI democrats wanted to eventually give them the right to vote . After the ILLEGAL ALIENS have been receiving FREE food , housing , money , medical , housing , schooling ,,,,,,, they will definitely be a SOCIALIST democrat vote .

  4. Lyudmila

    Impeachment. and nothing but impeachment for a White House patient to America’s traitor Biden!

    • Harold blankenship

      The democrats would welcome the help for their lawless party. They are looking for the day when America is reduced to nothing.

  5. Frank stetson

    How do they get all this free stuff? How and when do they vote? How is this impeachable? When did Nazi’s import people from Latin America or anywhere into Germany for free stuff and to vote? You folks really seem confused about the process.