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The Best Case Scenario – European Farmers, Taiwan, Ukraine, Everything

The Best Case Scenario – European Farmers, Taiwan, Ukraine, Everything

There is so much happening right now that it feels almost impossible to keep up with everything. With expanding chaos and falling order, war, corruption, poverty and lies, the problems the world faces today are so numerous that I am uncertain that we can find a proper solution to get common sense back on track towards a future worth living in. Is it still possible for us to serve a “best case scenario” for the people of America and to those who want independence around the world?

I’ve been thinking over all of the stories that have been recently coming out that I have come across and imagining what would be the best case scenario for the world to get back on track and back to business. I’ve spent the past week coming back to this article and writing a little bit more as the news unfolds over days. After mapping out ways that I believe we could achieve the best case scenario, I found myself watching an interview with Colonel Douglas McGregor where, when speaking about conflicts in the middle east and around the world, he said, “I would bet on the worst case”. The opposite of everything I’ve been writing here. Do I believe that good can still come out of these messes that we see today? Yes. Am I also aware that the potential for worst case scenarios across the board of modern life is honestly more probable? Yes. Do I still believe it is worthwhile, as a writer, to think, write and speak hope into the world? Yes. Many believe the world is on the brink of falling apart. Maybe it will. Or maybe these are the turning points in a new age for freedom and prosperity on Earth.

From the farmers protests in France and Germany, to Javier Milei taking the presidency in Argentina and openly speaking out against the World Economic Forum at Davos, back to the open border of the United States where a massive trucker convoy is set to peacefully protest this week, people are turning their backs on the globalism that seeks to dictate how the planet functions. With a looming threat of World War 3, economic uncertainty and a year of important elections well on the way, tensions are rising and no one knows what is going to happen next.

For now, let’s take a look over some of the various issues of the moment to consider how we may create this “best case scenario” to turn all of this chaos back on track towards reestablishing functioning order with common sense freedom.

First, populist protests are breaking out around the world as people are fed up with the objectives of communistic globalism.The mainstream media has completely covered up the fact that these populist protests are breaking out around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people across the European Union from France to Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium and more have been taking their farming machines to the streets for weeks to peacefully protest against taxes, communistic reforms and the attempted control over the food supply. At the US border, a convoy of truckers is said to be well on the way to peacefully protest against the mass illegal immigration that has been allowed and facilitated by the Biden administration. What will become of these mass protest movements? Will governments listen to the people and learn to change their ways? Or will all of these efforts be swept under the rug by government and media control who will barely even acknowledge the fact that any of this is actually happening? Will the people be set up like J6? Or demonized like Donald Trump? Has every movement against communistic globalism become a caricature of “far right extremism”? Do the people who stand against these populist movements in government and modern leadership believe that food is essential, or are their attempts at mass control just merely another effort of steps towards reducing the global population?

Best case scenario here is that the people are allowed to have free elections and are capable of just voting all of these people who want communistic globalism out of power. Is this still possible? So far Taiwan has voted for its own independence and China hasn’t come out and directly attacked them for doing so, so so far so good right?

Good enough. I was happy to see the victory in Taiwan and happy to see China do nothing about it. Best case scenario here would be that Taiwan keeps its independence, China changes its mind and allows Taiwan to be its own country, they both make a trade deal and both just get back to business. I know China’s economy is falling apart in real time, as just this week even their massive company of Evergrande was ruled to be liquidated by a Hong Kong court. Who knows where that will end up, but best case scenario there is that China is just too broke and too much of a paper tiger to actually do anything, so instead chooses to do nothing when it comes to war and instead just gets back to taking care of its own people. Another best case scenario would be the youth in China standing up against their own communist regime. I’d love to see China let go of Hong Kong, free Tibet and forget about Taiwan. It’s possible and it would be the best way for everyone just to get back to business. Getting back to business around the world is the best case scenario for any idea of “world peace”.

Regardless, that still feels nearly impossible. Even now China has sent 200 ships to the Philippines over trade route disputes. China wants control of the waters in the area, which cannot be allowed. Best case scenario is we both continue to allow trade for all nations freely without interruption as this is what is best for the people of all of these nations in the region.

New threats are again rising in the Balkan region as well. The old Yugoslavian nations are turning against each other again. Serbia wants mandatory military service to prepare for potential conflict. Kosovo, seeking separation from Serbia by disconnecting from a shared currency is becoming yet another unnecessary flash point on the world stage. Again, best case scenario I can see is that these countries focus on business instead of war talk.

The war between Russia and Ukraine pointlessly rages on with no end in sight. Ukraine is in desperate need for more money, more weapons and more troops. Zelensky and his army are currently going through a power struggle as both are not in agreement with how their operations have been moving forward. Millions of dollars have just come out to have been stolen from aid that was already given to Ukraine, but that is no surprise. There’s still a running joke I see online where our government takes our tax dollars, to send to Ukraine, to be taken by Zelensky, to pay Biden through Hunter. Money laundering by war. That’s a joke, but it’s almost too close too modern reality for comfort. It’s all just so silly at this point. The harsh reality is so many have already died in this war that hardly ever gets spoken about, and there may not be resources enough for this to reasonably continue without other countries deepening their involvement. Best case scenario is some kind of ceasefire land deal is worked out between the two nations and we can all, yet again, just get back to business for our people.

Looking back to the middle east, as China and Russia are far from the only problem we currently face on the world stage, there is so much uncertainty, division and chaos there that, again, I find it difficult to completely wrap my mind around. Just this week we found out that 3 US soldiers were killed in a suicide drone strike in Jordan, injuring dozens of other soldiers and opening the US for calls to attack Iran in response. Now reports are coming out that we may actually even have boots on the ground in Yemen, but the double speak and back and forward between the White House and Pentagon leave that uncertain. Best case scenario here is for the attacks to stop, everyone get back to business, remove Hamas leadership and party rule in Palestine, go with the two state solution or work out some sort of deal to help move the Palestinians to another country peacefully. Hezbollah stands down. War doesn’t spread to Lebanon. The US only strikes in response to direct attacks on trade flow and we all get back to business and back to a peace through strength mentality. No massive war with Iran.

The US and allied nations have pulled funding from the UNRWA after learning that some of its members helped Hamas with the attacks on Israel from October 7th. Trump had stopped funding the organization branch back in 2019, but Biden immediately resumed mass funding for them when he came back into office and has given nearly a billion dollars to them since that time. Best case scenario here is to just  stop funding any branch of the UN, NATO or any of these other hidden compartments of collective government that aren’t serving the well being of ally nations. Best case scenario is that we do not fund terrorism anywhere, whether through the UN or the Biden administration or the military or our allies.

Ben Shapiro and Elon Musk recently visited Israel and shared what I thought to be a great conversation between the two. Right after that Ben Shapiro randomly became the #1 rapper on Earth and Elon Musk revealed that the first Neuralink was installed into a human. Best case scenario is that we continue to see more creative conservative media and art and that Neuralink works well and the person is better for it. Step by step, but I have a great hope for seeing both happen. 

Kari Lake leaked a phone call where the GOP chair of Arizona tried to bribe her out of running. Best case scenario would be he stepped down and was replaced with a better person for the job. On a better note than most of the recent news, that is exactly what happened. Corruption quit while Trump and Kari Lake backed Gina Swoboda stepped up to take over the job. Great to see and a nice step forward in one aspect of all of this.

Ron DeSantis stepped out of the presidential run, which seems like ages ago but was only last week, as Nikki Haley continues to run with democratic funding against the party choice. Best case scenario is Nikki Haley just decides to drop out too so we can focus our time and resources on the candidate that the people of the current Republican Party want to see become President.

E Jean Carroll somehow won over 80 million dollars in court against Trump merely for him talking against her. This is ridiculous. Best case scenario is the case goes to appeal. Fanni Willis in Georgia is caught up in a tax mess payoff love affair scandal. Best case scenario is the case gets dropped and we can get back to a fair election. Same goes for all of the other indictments, in my opinion, as I have even seen some reports saying that NY AG Letitia James met several times with the White House before their case against Trump. Isn’t that an unfair conflict of interest in itself? It’s all silly and I would just like to see a fair election, still. Best case scenario and it is still entirely possible that is exactly what we see.

Had a whole bunch of hollow hearings this week, like a plethora of still worthwhile reruns of shows I had already seen before to various extents. The threat of China. Hackers. How social media affects kids. Mayorkas impeachment. Why does it seem so impossible to get anything worthwhile done? It seems to have been this way for my entire life. Best case scenario is collectivism and corruption get voted out and replaced with a focus on constituents.

34 trillion dollars of debt in the United States. What happens if we ever default? Is this the greatest threat we actually face? Ourselves? Best case scenario is unleashing energy, not to independence, but to dominance, to sell what we produce to cover debt. If not, best case scenario is that modern monetary theory actually works, but frankly, given enough time, I still doubt that.

Just this week 5 more countries have joined BRICS to counter the US dollar. Iran, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia and the UAE. In direct opposition to the dominance of the dollar, best case scenario here is that we stop printing ourselves into debt oblivion and start working to rebuild confidence in our dollar before it is too late. Sometimes I feel like this is being done on purpose to help achieve that end, or the self destruction of America, but then again maybe it is all just incompetence. Or maybe it is just my own ignorance and the dollar is fine. They do say that the dollar is not backed by anything, but I also do see memes making fun of how the dollar is backed by the US military. Maybe true, maybe enough. Even still, best case scenario is that we just get back to real business instead of market manipulation and corruption.

Even with all of this madness, I still see a hope worth having, everywhere around the world every day. My hope in Europe is that the farmers’ protests will prevail. That their actions will cause their governments, the European Union and policies directed by the UN, WHO & WEF to all screech to a halt, forcing them to remember that they only have power because the people allow them to have power. They need to remember who it is that they are set to serve. The same goes for here in the United States, where the border convoy of truckers who will be peacefully protesting this week will hopefully cause the Biden administration to stop and see that we the people will not allow an open border for the sake of increasing votes for the democratic party. All countries are going through the same, financed and orchestrated by globalism, to deconstruct the idea of national borders. Nobody wants this and the people just want to be able to keep their land, their homes, their farms, their food, their culture and their families without some outside force telling them what they can and cannot do. My hope is that these populist protests and the coming elections this year together will be enough to force change across the world and slow the progress, or even entirely stop the progress, of communistic globalism on the world stage in favor of the independence of nations.

The flash points for the coming future remain the same. You have the US border, Israel and Palestine, Taiwan and China, Ukraine and Russia, the farmers and the European Union, Trump and Biden, supply and demand, printing and producing, freedom and censorship. What can be done about all of this together?

If you ask me, once again, the best case scenario for turning all of this madness around would be seeing Donald Trump take over as the President of the United States for four more years. Is that a one man fix all solution? No, and it will never happen to be that way. But looking at the complexity of the chaos we currently face, I still believe Donald Trump is the best case scenario for restoring American order for the people on all of these fronts.

 Instead of seeing war on any front, I’d rather see the man who wrote The Art of the Deal book to step back onto the stage and work out deals between nations to stop all of these wars. Preventing World War 3 should be our top priority, although many in current leadership seem to show that war is their only priority. I believe diplomacy still has a chance of working in all of these places. Israel and Palestine could have a two state solution where Hamas is no longer allowed to have power and free elections are made to happen there. Ukraine and Russia could work out a land deal, granting access to the seas and pulling back our NATO forces to comply with the deal we set out in the 90’s after the fall of the Soviet Union. Taiwan and China could work out trade deals, where both are allowed to function as they independently please, but China has access to the waterways without war and Taiwan is allowed to keep a free population for a cut of the chips. We could do a deal in the European Union to protect farmers from the overreach of globalism. Money makes the world go around and we all need to get back to business in my opinion. Again, the best case scenario is that Trump could step into office as President and attempt to achieve these things. He had peace through strength before, backed by business deals without war. I see no reason why that cannot simply happen again in the days to come. World War 3 is unnecessary, and much of this could be stopped by simply stopping the funding of those who seek communistic globalism.

My fear is that those currently in power are willing to risk humanity for the sake of keeping power. Look at how Biden has handled the US border. Or the secret partnerships with China and Russia. Or the censorship and the corruption. Look at how US politicians are foaming at the mouth at the idea of war with Iran. Look how the US handled the J6 protestors, no matter if it was an intelligence set up like the Gretchen Witmer case, a false flag event, or a true protest. Then I look back at what is about to happen at our border and I feel concerned there as well. Are we being set up for another J6 like event at the Texas border? Will the truckers here be treated like the truckers that peacefully protested in Canada? You can see it already happening with the farmers protests in Europe, while not being arrested en masse like the J6 people, they are being publicly demonized by the press as “far right” and as a threat to the continuity of the European Union. Can the same thing happen here with our truckers? Some estimates have stated that 700,000 are set to come down to the borders for protesting, which seems like a fairly large number, but no matter the numbers I am both happy that it is happening and concerned that they may be being set up. With backing from 25 other states, governors, national guards and militias, we will see how the tides of time turn over the next week as this specific story progresses.

I go back and forward on my thoughts about any concept of “predictive programming” in our modern media landscape. Congressman Wesley Hunt from Texas shared a post on X recently of potential predictive programming from a made for TV movie made by HBO in 1997 called The Second Civil War. Here, a border dispute erupts into a civil war as everyone on all sides is blindsided by a rapid domino effect of events. From the TV media to the military, everything breaks down into a somewhat comical ending of absurd nonsense. The movie was actually great, especially for an old HBO TV special, but I couldn’t help but feel like it was actually a fairly dark warning of how quickly stupidity can spiral into chaos. If you’re interested, and it is worth a watch if you are bored, but last time I checked you could find the movie for free to experience on Youtube.

Is it possible that we can avoid all this nonsense civil war talk and peacefully protest our way into a secure border? Is it possible that we can just have a fair election in the United States and around the world this year? Can peaceful populist protests across Europe protect the farmers and the food supply from the control of those who want to see the population of Earth decrease? Can China get back to business and save itself from a collapsing economy? Can we here in America do the same? Can Russia and Ukraine work out their differences so the rest of us can get back to business without World War 3? Can Israel stop Hamas without causing  Palestinian genocide? Can Iran stop funding terrorism across the middle east to leave room for economic growth? Can we pull all of our American troops back from around the world and focus back on our home here again? Can we fix our judicial system so we do not see anyone having to pay tens of millions of dollars for speaking their own opinion of wrongful accusers? Can we reduce the power of the UN, WEF, WHO, FBI, CIA, DOJ and all the letter agencies without completely eliminating them as a resource for public good? Are any of them actually a resource for true public good? I’d like to believe so, but I’m just not so sure anymore. Can we make America great again? Yes, for damn sure. Can we stop communistic globalism? Yup, and I believe we will.

Best case scenario for humanity is that the best of us continue to keep enough hope in our hearts to continue having kids, we continue doing our best to create a future worth living in and we continue to spread the ideals of truth and freedom across the western world without war or self destruction.

There will always be crises. There will always be corruption. There will always be conflict. So what is the best case scenario for everything to address all of these crises, corruption and conflict in our current time?

Trump 2024.

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    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair.” Like Dicken’s 450-page plus Tale of Two Cities, the Machine has ponderously prognosticated based on weaving fact, fiction with a bit of fantasy to create an apocalyptic atmosphere of anger and angst. And a lot of words.

    I will focus on some hogwash, there’s plenty of it. And so glad the Machine has taken owenership of my mantle of so many words, so little time.

    “First, populist protests are breaking out around the world as people are fed up with the objectives of communistic globalism.” What the hell is “communistic globalism“ and who are the owners? Sounds scary tough.

    He says the media is hiding it, like the truckers going to Eagle Passin Texas. Wait, how did I know it was EP? Because there are pages and pages of media sources for the topic. JFGI. Hiding it my ass.

    “E Jean Carroll somehow won over 80 million dollars in court against Trump merely for him talking against her.” Really? Machine, merely talk? Playful banter? There’s a court transcript that pretty much spells it out. Matter of fact, the previous case where Trump was liable for sexual abuse of a digital nature as in he got her alone, slammed her against the wall, pinned her, he reaches up under her skirt, pulls down her tights, reaches inside her panties and shoves his dirty, fat fingers into her vagina, and after she called him on it, he used his bully pulpit to ruin her life with lies — that’s the “merely for him talking against her” you mention? Ever been verbally attacked by a President, Mr. Machine? Because this case has a number of witnesses saying, yup, that’s what he does, that’s what he did, and a jury that said: damn straight he did it, he did those things, he said those things, and he must pay. After that 5 million and some pretty clear indications of what he did wrong —- he did it again. He will appeal, perhaps bring the number down, but he is liable.

    Why does Machine let a serial sexual abuser who defames his victims get away with it as if nothing wrong happened? You actually call for all cases to be dropped. What’s wrong with you? Are you against law and order. Or just in your Fuhrer’s case? What’s in it for the Machine?
    “I still believe Donald Trump is the best-case scenario for restoring American order for the people on all of these fronts.” Oh, now I get it.

    Well, based on the past, Trump will bring you chaos, free money, higher debt, more chaos, lies, and a fake economy of fake words and bad numbers. Like the last time. Dude, he took the tax cuts by promising, and needing a 4% GDP growth number and he failed so bad, we went into the debt shitter well before covid. HE claimed it would be 6% — it was around 2%. You’re a smart guy, google “what gdp growth number needed for trump tax cuts” and see the truth. GDP did not grow under Trump. The economy did not grow. Biden is drilling more oil. Trump’s portrayal of the economy is a lie.

    Sidebar: “Had a whole bunch of hollow hearings this week, like a plethora of still worthwhile reruns of shows I had already seen before to various extents.” Hey, I liked this p-graph — what happened, sanity set in? Two thumbs up.

    Next: “Will the people be set up like J6? Or demonized like Donald Trump?”

    Son, if you can’t see with your own eyes that these people needed to be arrested and convicted, you are not a patriot, you do not believe in law and order, you are not a citizen. Set up? The only set up was by Trump and the convicted said so, on the record, over and over, as they cried, begged forgiveness, and blamed Trump in court and on the record. He did not sure for defamation, as is his way usually. It’s on the record, many times, look up the truth.

    Donald Trump demonized? Well son, so far, he has not slipped the noose on any of these multitude of indictments, he has had almost every motion denied, and has been adjudicated as guilty a few times. The only success he has had is in some delays. Where is the demonization in this? Because the outcomes are pointing to a demon amongst us and it’s the guilty guy, as adjudicated in NY, it’s the liable guy, same venue. If you break the law, and the law nabs you, and you are a public figure, the press writes it up big time, where is the demonization?
    Demonization, weaponization, globalization, —–.> where’s the beef, Machine? Or are you just crying in your beer over the political love of your life being a total cad.

    I can go on, many falsehoods in this jaunty journey across the universe of issues woven together with cheap threads.

  2. Darren

    I believe Biden did the same thing to a woman as Trump. Only she is hiding in Europe as she dies not want to be Clintonized!


      I do have a response, but for some reason, probably strangly techical, it is banned by PBP

    • Mike f

      Darren-of course you are entitled to your opinion (as the old saying goes, opinions are just like assholes, everyone has one). There is however a huuge difference between the trump case and the allegations that were leveled against Biden prior to the 2020 election (beyond the obvious-the E Jean Carrol case went to trial, the Biden allegations didn’t). You have a tape that surfaced prior to the 2016 election where trump brags that he can do exactly what Carrol charged him of doing, and do it with impunity because he is ‘rich’. In addition there are many other instances of infidelity by trump-he definitely isn’t (and never was) a choir boy, but people like you decided to vote for him and he won the presidency due to archaic laws we have in the US where some people have votes that are worth a lot more than others-not because he was ever supported by the majority of voters.

      • Jim wampler

        And democrats are assholes. And Biden is a pervert.

  3. Pat

    You are delusional!


    WTF is wrong with this guy that he’s so frustrated, so weak, that he must hate people he has never even met, so frustrated that he must demean them in public. So weak that he does it from behind his keyboard.

    So, the Wampler believes half his countrymen are ASSHOLES. Sweeeeeet!!! Look to the mirror to see the biggest asshole of them all.

    I may not agree with Republicans, but I do not catagorize all Republicans as assholes. Wampler yes, for the others, the jury is out, depends on their words and actions with the extra weighting on the actions.