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The Beginning of the End of the Russian Invasion – The Script Complete

The Beginning of the End of the Russian Invasion – The Script Complete

The rest of the invasion sequence is pretty straightforward.  Unlike the rest of mainstream media, we are telling you the truth.

Russia has won.  Ukraine wants to save face, stop getting beat up, and to still exist as a nation. We have been correct in our predictions and descriptions so far. The Russian strategy and goals have been laid out here:

Putin’s Military Strategy in Ukraine? Judo Rules

Putin Reveals His End Game – We Were Correct

We know that Putin cannot stop, Ukraine realizes this as well:

No Options: Literally Life or Death for Putin

Putin won’t – can’t back down now. Only two scenarios left

And we are seeing Ukraine capitulate, giving Russia exactly what it wants:

Biden’s Worst Failure: Zelenskyy is Starting to Cave to Russia

This is all working out according to Putin’s original script. This is not to say it is complete or that alternative may not present themselves. Putin is, in fact, on a fine edge between success or failure. He is all in, he cannot turn back.

Current Moves:

This is a posturing phase, Zelenskyy is attempting  to show some pluck by attempting to set conditions and challenging Putin to a face to face.  But his country is getting pounded so he can’t waste time.

Putin is doing exactly the same thing as he has for several weeks, ratcheting up his attacks and waiting for capitulation to be complete. Putin doesn’t have a lot of time, but he has more than Zelenskyy.

Russia has indicated that it would ratchet down its attacks as peace talks progressed. But guess what? He can ratchet them back up, if Zelenskyy’s pluckiness gets out of hand.

This is EXACTLY the script we interpreted for Russia a month ago.

What Putin needs to happen:

Putin is within reach of his primary goals, Zelenskyy has already said that he would grant them. Putin will be a hero, but he has one more task.

Putin must prevail upon Zelenskyy to say “It’s over guys, we can all be friends again.”  Putin needs his side to be presented to the world (and he does have a side), and for the two countries to jointly ask for a relief in sanctions.

Once this occurs, Putin believes the U.S. and NATO will cave and the sanctions will be lifted.

Will the U.S. and Europe cave? Putin will still have some levers to pull in this respect. He still controls a large portion of Europe’s energy and can shut it off at any time. He can’t be attacked directly militarily because he still has nuclear weapons. He has China and a large selection of neutral nations, including Israel, who have succumbed to the propaganda that Ukraine is a neo-Nazi state (see Neo-Nazis in Ukraine? Or Putin Propaganda BS), who will be clamoring to get past all of this.

Our Options:

Should we let Putin off the hook? Hell no.

We should maintain the sanctions, help destabilize that entire region and try to turn this into a failure for Putin in the medium term. We need to turn the “new countries” and the surrounding areas in both Ukraine and Russia into Afghanistan-like quagmires that will drain resources forever.

What is at stake? Basically the stability of the rest of the world.

The rest of the world depends on us having the balls to prevent Russia’s ambitions of conquering its way to empire, because it will continue forever if they get away with it. Remember, China’s has this same ambition. They are watching this closely, and are more dangerous than Russia.

This is a horrific strategy, certainly unfair to Ukraine, but given that we missed opportunities to prevent or mitigate this all along, there is not much left.

But Biden has not dealt with this competently, and that is not likely to change.

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  1. John J

    God Bless Ukraine

    • Micala

      None of Russia’s aggression on the Ukraine would have EVER happened if President Donald Trump were in our Presidency where HE BELONGS!! Putin would NEVER HAVE PUSHED DJT BECAUSE PUTIN KNOWS THAT DJT WOULD STOMP HIS UGLY SNOUT INTO THE GROUND!

      THERE IS WAY MORE TO THIS INVASION AND THE “REAL PEOPLE” BEHIND IT THAN JUST VLAD PUTIN! There is a reason the “Powers that Be” did NOT want DJT in our Presidency in 2020 because Putin would not be able to invade the Ukraine with DJT in the White House! Putin may have been working on his invasion plans for ten years, but the “POWERS THAT BE” HAVE BEEN WORKING ON THEIR WORLD DOMINATION SINCE BEFORE 2000!!

      Do a deep dive into George Soros and the One World Order and their plans for our World! It begins with all SUPER POWERS having their infrastructures destroyed or fragmented so the OWO can walk right in and take over!


      IF YOU THINK THESE THINGS JUST HAPPENED OUT OF THE BLUE, YOU ARE VERY WRONG!! SMARTEN UP, RESEARCH AND SEE THAT NONE OF THIS IS BY ACCIDENT —. It’s been planned!! It’s time we find out who the players are, arrest them and find out their diabolical agenda!!

      They are there hiding in the shadows like most cowards do! Find them and bring P E A C E. back to our World!!

    • Ben

      God bless the children.

  2. Ben

    No war with Turnip.

    Soros and OWO with Putin will destroy the world.

    Virus is man made by Fauci to kill millions. Vaccine kills more because mandates force Republicans not to take it and they die.

    It’s no accident, you must find them, arrest them, and find out their diabolical agenda. (Isn’t OWO an agenda in itself).

    And then, orange haired pigs will fly and the world will cure poverty.


    Donald J Trump conspired with Vladimir Putin to pay back Solinski for dissing Trump when he asked a favor. I planned on tack or Ukraine is also seeing is the best political tool so that Trump can take the presidency from Biden who will be seen as a wartime failure as well as democratic policies the same. It’s a perfect Putin play and Trump is the perfect stooge to play with him. This is what really happened, the Trum Putin world order, the TP is gonna wipe your ass right off the earth. I know this is true because MSM is not covering it. Joe is gonna on for days that TP paid Zelenskyy off and soon TP will make Zelenskyy kill the entire Ukrainian army. It’s all part of TP getting rid of shit.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      New rule. No drinking and posting…

  3. Ben

    As long as same holds true for writers.