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The battle of the masks

The battle of the masks

Is seems that lately the donning or not donning of a face mask has the equivalency of wearing a political campaign button.  At least that is how the media want to convince us.  According to the east coast elitist press, if you go out in public without a mask, you are not only a threat to humanity, but you are some sort of Trump cultist.

The high point in the mask-or-not-to-mask controversy came on Memorial Day – when we should have been myopically focused on those who gave their lives in the defense of America (such as my own grandson).  Instead, the political heathens of the Fourth Estate decided that the most important news was the fact President Trump – laying a wreath at Arlington Cemetery – did not wear a mask, and former Vice President Joe Biden – laying a wreath in his home state of Delaware – was masked.

The elitist press saw this as yet another opportunity to spin events against Trump.  In their judgment, the President was reckless and serving as a bad example.  So extreme were their biased interpretations that they claimed Trump’s decision to not wear a mask would actually kill a lot of people.

Conversely, they warmly described Biden as adhering to the advice of the doctors and the restrictions laid down by governors.  They said that Trump was engaging in dangerous symbolism while Biden was exhibiting an appropriate health response.

In fact, Trump was not violating any of the advice of the medical professionals or the political leaders.  The doctors’ messages have been clear.  You should go out into the world – to the parks and the beaches.  But you should maintain social distancing between crowds of 10.  If you do that, YOU DO NOT NEED TO WEAR A MASK.  President Trump was maintaining social distancing – ergo, no need for a mask.

Biden was also maintaining social distancing from what could be seen in the videos.  Therefore, he did not need to wear a mask.  So why did he?  Was it for an abundance of caution – after all his is in a high-risk category with underlying conditions?  Or was it a symbolic political gesture – know the friendly press corps would spin the juxtaposed images against Trump.

Ironically, many of the newsies who were reporting on the split screen were out in the open air WITHOUT MASKS.  In fact, later in the week, Biden sat for an interview in the great outdoors with CNN’s Dana Bash without a mask.  They remained 12 feet apart – which Biden erroneously said was the recommended distance.

The left – Democrats and the media – are weaponizing the mask issue by misrepresenting the advice of the leading medical authorities.  They are demonizing people like me – and so many others – who follow the medical professional by wearing a mask when advised to do so, and not when we are not likely to get infected.

If these New York reporters were not isolated further in the traditional bubble, they might discover that America is opening a lot more and a lot faster than they might believe.  I almost never see a mask on a person in Palm Beach outside of stores that require masks.  They are maskless when jogging, bicycling, walking, playing tennis, golfing, hanging around the beaches.  A friend and I when to a restaurant recently and no one – not even the wait staff – were wearing masks. Tables and booths were separated.  There was a table of eight next to me – maybe between five and six feet.  Many in the restaurant were very senior senior-citizens.  It was about the most back to normal that I have seen since the shutdown began.

Because I have studied the statistics and sought the facts from the medical authorities – instead of reporters playing doctors or doctors with political agenda – I am not overly concerned about the virus.  It is a bad one – but not as bad as the politicians on one side want us to believe.  The fear of the virus is being magnified by politicizing and weaponizing the information.  And that is a disservice to everyone.

BTW …  if you want a good laugh, check out the crowd in the background in the photo atop this commentary.  Lots of onlookers – including some reporters? — standing together without masks.  Maybe Biden should be condemned for bringing out such a crowd – or at least order them to social distance.  But then again, they were not a planned part of the photo op.  It does reveal, however, just how ineffective Biden’s symbolic example is among real people.

So, there ‘tis.

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Larry Horist

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  1. Bill

    It’s real simple. Mandatory masks are for idiots.

  2. TCT

    Is that Biden’s wife, sister or current squeeze.
    Great help is staying safe Joe. Not even wearing the mask correctly.
    Think you should have looked in the background before photo op.


    I have a question for the democrats especially CROOKED BIDEN, why didn’t the Democrats ask why many people did not have a mask on while destroying our cities & hurting so many people why don’t they invite all the rioters to their homes since they think it was ok what was happening, I am so sick of all the lies the media & Democrats are telling the American People. Every one of them needs to be impeached, fired, or whatever it takes. They need to do something soon. Our country is being overrun by thugs & bad bad Democrats