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The Baby Hitler Conundrum

If you were capable of travelling through time, would you kill baby Adolf Hitler before he grew into the genocidal leader of Germany? While the question seems like something Cheech and Chong might debate, the media has taken it upon itself to query Republican candidates with this vital question.

For Jeb Bush, despite accusations that he is the softest candidate, the answer is simple.  “Hell yeah I would!” Jeb said enthusiastically. “I’d do it. I mean: Hitler.” Jeb’s tough stance on 20th century fascism has resonated with the general public.  According to New York Times Magazine 42 percent said they would, compared with 30 percent who said they would not.
The Washington outsider Ben Carson, known for his strong religious convictions, has drawn a clear distinction to Jeb Bush on the hypothetical killing of baby Hitler.

“You are perhaps the most anti-Hitler but also the most anti-abortion candidate,” the CBnation reporter said. “Would you be in favor of aborting baby Hitler?”

“I’m not in favor of aborting anybody,” the retired neurosurgeon said. The response has caused his base to question whether Carson can still be considered the “most anti-Hitler” candidate in the field.

Carson has displayed a moral consistency by being opposed to abortion in all situations. Even in the hypothetical of a father impregnating his teen daughter, Carson has remained clear that the child simply must be born. The Hitler hypothetical not surprisingly yielded similar results.

If time travel did exists, maybe someone could create an alternate reality where Republicans weren’t asked absurd questions.  

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