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The 1619 Project – A Virus of the Mind

There is a virus in our system that does more damage to the American spirit than Covid 19 could ever do. This virus is an idea called The 1619 Project. 

Commonly associated with everything woke and a driving narrative of the BLM movement, The 1619 Project claims that the United States is a nation that has been built upon racism and division ever since and before the nation’s founding in 1776 after the American Revolution.

It claims the American Revolution was only fought to maintain slavery, disregarding all actions of individuals to fight and defend liberty and justice for all. Originally a conflict between Britain & the first colonies of the United States, workers wanted to establish their own country and their own land to live by their own laws as a nation under God.

The 1619 Project rejects these notions of why this country began and replaced God and country, as well as individual liberty, with the idea that we only fought to secure slavery and control over black Americans. In the 1619 Project, all of our actions to civil rights over centuries of time was never enough, instead prolonging control over citizens and replacing free critical thought with biased critical race theory.

It believes the United States was actually founded in 1619, when the first slave was said to have been brought into the United States. Its belief is that every aspect of our everyday lives has been instituted as a means to control and retain slavery, even to this day. Freedom and independence from Britain are supposed lies to smokescreen history from the supposed truth of the matter. Many who have supported these ideals also support ideas of Communism and Marxism over Capitalism and freedom. 

These ideas were originally published in the New York Times in 2019, going on to win the pulitzer prize in 2020 and are now accepted widely in academia. After much success and applause, finally some in our societal circles are standing up to reject the notion that America is an inherently racist country. 

Founder of The 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah Jones, faces a great deal of debate between those who support her ideological opinions and those who believe in the factual history of the United States of America. As of this week, she herself has lost an offer for tenure at the University of North Carolina and instead is in consideration for a 5 year contract as a professor of practice.

This decision to drop the offer comes as backlash against her beliefs continues to grow as American citizens come to a realization of what it is that she is promoting. For years, her ideas have crept into our public school system, our military, our media, our big businesses and even into our homes. Now that her work is entering the awareness of the public mind, many are rejecting her claims,  standing up for American culture and the truth of our nation’s foundation. 

Jay Schalin of the James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal wrote an op-ed earlier this month saying that her work is “less journalism than an outpouring of emotions. The crown jewel of her career – leading a rewriting of the nation’s history called The 1619 Project – has been attacked and ridiculed by historians of all stripes and persuasions as unfactual and biased… to teach children that the American Revolution was fought in part to secure slavery would be giving a fundamental misunderstanding not only of what the American Revolution was all about but what America stood for and has stood for since the founding.”

Supporters of the 1619 Project would hope that there would be no such thing as a black conservative or a black Republican, but they would be entirely wrong. With great American minds like Tim Scott and Candace Owens leading the way for a new generation of proud Americans, the project will continue to fail without facts or reason to support its ideals.

Candace Owens herself wrote in an August 2019 article for American Greatness, saying “the argument (of The 1619 Project) is almost too absurd to consider. But then, the project’s goal isn’t really to make an argument at all. The endeavor is just an effort to browbeat Americans into surrendering the national ideals that have sustained us for centuries in favor of a fanciful vision formulated over the past four decades by university grievance studies departments. The contemporary Left is pushing this oppression narrative to shame Americans into supporting the progressive political program of reparations, socialism, and unlimited immigration. They even miss the great irony that the founders, who the Left attacks for having been slave owners, were the ones who created the path for freedom for all people including slaves in the ratified Constitution.”

Today, America is the most successful multi-racial country on the planet through all of human history. We cannot let the selfish desires of a few divide us from the truth of unification that stands as the United States of America. No matter your race, every individual today holds the power to make a good life for themselves and their families and loved ones through hard work and dedication. There isn’t a better place on Earth to build a life of freedom. 

So what is the cure for this virus of an idea called The 1619 Project? 

Common sense. For the people, by the people. All people. 

Common sense and reason with historical fact should inspire every citizen to love this land again. Don’t become sick with relentless nonsense and forced division projected from the modern media. We are one nation, under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. If you believe in that American Dream, you must vaccinate yourself with common sense and stand up against this new virus destroying the people of our great country. 

About The Author

Jacob Machine

A human who works like a machine for the future of nature, technology and the freedom to dream. As a Constitutionalist turned Republican over the years from being a former Democrat, Jacob shares a wide range of viewpoints that is impossible to place into any box of modern thought. With a deep passion for creativity and a love for the foundational values of the United States, Jacob's vision here is to inspire a world of free market capitalism across the globe where humanity can be free to think and produce as they see fit. For the individual, for our families and for God. Jacob Machine currently has 5 albums of self produced music, 3 published books and has directed 2 feature length films. Always working to bring more dreams to reality every single day. His most recent book, Understanding 2020: An American Journal is a day by day analysis and reflection of the events of the year 2020. He started writing the book on January 1st of the year, having no idea or conception of what was to come in the days ahead of the time. An essential read for anyone concerned with the time. His most recent movie, Shirt Happens, is about a suicidal boy who comes home from work to fall asleep. In a dream, different aspects of his personality talk and convince him as to why he shouldn't kill himself and to keep working. The movie is a dark comedy, designed to show how anyone has the capability of learning to laugh at their own pain. Machine music can be found on all streaming platforms as M4CH1N3. Machine movies can be found for free to stream on Youtube. Machine books can be purchased on Amazon as Jacob Machine. His motto: "Don't look up to me. Don't look up to any human. I only desire to inspire all of you to become the best you that you can be. Work to make you true". Discover the future today IG @jacobmachine3


  1. Ben

    Seems like yesterday republicans wanted home rule so that school districts could opt out of teaching Common Core. But now they want to dictate what school districts are not allowed to teach. I can’t keep up with you guys.

  2. Ben

    Cancel Culture?
    Founder of The 1619 Project, Nikole Hannah Jones, faces a great deal of debate between those who support her ideological opinions and those who believe in the factual history of the United States of America. As of this week, she herself has lost an offer for tenure at the University of North Carolina and instead is in consideration for a 5 year contract as a professor of practice.