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Texas Teacher in Trouble After Getting Kids Sick on THC Gummies!

Texas Teacher in Trouble After Getting Kids Sick on THC Gummies!

It was much more of a “trick” than a “treat” when a Texas preschool teacher was arrested after children got sick from eating THC gummy candy she had given them on Halloween!

THC is the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Police were called to the Primrose School of Prosper preschool in the city of Prosper after four children “were observed displaying unusual symptoms of illness” in the toddler’s classroom, according to a statement from the school.

The school said it evacuated the building.

“These four children were hospitalized for treatment and were found to have been exposed to THC, an illegal substance,” the statement continued. “Local authorities have alleged the source of the exposure was linked to a teacher in the room, and the individual was terminated immediately. With our assistance, law enforcement moved swiftly to make an arrest.”

Police said the teacher, who eventually was arrested and charged, ran away as other employees called 911 but that they found the THC gummy candy in a Ziploc bag in a black hoodie that she had left behind.

Police charged Anisah Burks, 35, with felony possession of a controlled substance and four counts of injury to a child.

Burks admitted to bringing the candy to the classroom, according to an arrest affidavit disclosed by local TV station KDFW.

Four 1-year-old children were treated at Children’s Medical Center Plano and later released. Investigators and doctors determined that their illness was caused by ingesting THC.

“This news has been shocking, upsetting and shakes us to the very core of every principle we stand for,” the school statement said. “There is no greater priority to us every day than the health and safety of the children entrusted to our care.”

The school also said that it had conducted a strict background check on all of its employees, including Burks.

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  1. LMS

    Why do we not hang people like this? Get them behind bars, enough with the gutter trash and criminals running the streets free!

  2. Alice

    This so-called teacher should lose her teaching license. People like her/him are unfit, and they aren’t funny by giving junk to children or adults.

  3. frank stetson

    Yes, convict to full extent of law. But hanging? Gutter trash, street criminal? Giving junk to kids and adults. First, adults? Why not? Still wrong but chances are she brought them with her with no intent to give them to anyone. Still very wrong, but on the level of having a flask in your coat. Not exactly street criminal gutter trash junk dealing criminal to little kids. Still very bad and message to be sent, based on punishment, don’t bring drugs, alcohol, or anything harmful to kids to school.

    But we’re a long way from proving she’s the devil, she must just be really stupid. Chillax on the knee jerk and wait for the evidence to unfold.

  1. Joseph S Bruder..... LMAO. Your list has the two most racist presidents of the 20th Century ahead of Reagan. FDR…

  2. "...arguably the most popular President of the 20th Century" - Yeah, right. Not even in the top half of the…