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Texas Principal Tells Parents to Stay Away From Their Children

Texas Principal Tells Parents to Stay Away From Their Children

A principal of a Texas elementary school is being heavily criticized (and rightfully so) for not allowing parents to walk their children to and from school. The principal has also threatened to have parents who fail to comply with his rules arrested.

The principal of Bear Branch Elementary School in Magnolia, Texas first implemented the new rules back in September. Not only are parents not allowed to walk their children to and from school, they also are not allowed to walk inside the school to retrieve their children after school hours. Instead, parents were expected to wait in the incredibly long line of cars also waiting to grab their kids and go home.

Although implementing these ludicrous rules is enough to warrant a firing of this principal, she is even threatening to have parents who do not comply arrested for trespassing!

The Magnolia Independent School District issued a statement stating that the policy is designed to ensure a “safe dismissal process” although it seems to be designed to illegally keep children away from their parents.

Parents are outraged that the school district refuses to negotiate or discuss terms of this policy with them, despite the hundreds of complains that have been made. The parents have even called these behaviors “bully tactics” irresponsibly used on concerned parents.

The school district has a responsibility to protect the children from this extremely incompetent principal. Parents should always be able to be near their children, and no principal should have the power to put an end to that right.

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