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Texas Moves to Ban Critical Race Theory From Schools

Texas Moves to Ban Critical Race Theory From Schools

Republicans in the Texas Senate this week voted in favor of a proposal to ban the teaching of Critical Race Theory in the state’s public schools. The bill was approved Saturday with no support from Democrats. It is expected to clear the House and win approval from Governor Greg Abbott (R) soon.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) is a school of thought based on the misconception that the United States is inherently racist and sexist. CRT defines race as a social construct (not a biological trait) perpetuated by institutions and weaponized by whites to oppress others. 

Supporters believe CRT provides the “oppressors” a better look at the everyday lives of the “oppressed.”

Opponents argue that it assigns racial significance where it does not belong. They also fear it will create widespread guilt, exacerbate racial and ethnic divisions, and cause discrimination. 

“There’s no room in our classrooms for things like critical race theory,” argues Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R). “Teaching our kids to hate their country and to hate each other is not worth one red cent of taxpayer money.”

The Texas proposal is part of a larger attempt by Republicans to address CRT, the 1619 Project, and other methodologies Democrats are trying to incorporate into public education. Such efforts have penetrated to the highest levels of education. Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has called on teachers to support a new curriculum that is more “woke.” 

Real-life examples of educational “wokeism” include:

  • In Brooklyn, a middle school principal calling on his colleagues to take a public stance against Israel. 
  • In Massachusetts, a so-called “Healing Space” event open only to non-white faculty and staff. 
  • At Pennsylvania State University, a vote to eliminate “male-centric” and binary terms including: “freshman,” “sophomore,” “junior,” “senior,” and “upperclassmen.”
  • As a whole, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) backing single-payer healthcare and claiming “white supremacy is systemic and institutionalized and influences the lives of everyone living in the US.”

It is not difficult to understand how these policies threaten to damage young minds.

“Critical race theory…is a deliberate means to sow division and cripple our nation from within – one brainwashed and resentful student at a time,” argues South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R).

Proposals to ban CRT have been signed into law in Idaho, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. At least 20 attorneys general have urged President Biden against plans to award federal grants to schools that incorporate CRT. House Republicans are also desperately trying to prevent the US military from incorporating CRT into its training programs. 

Author’s Note: Education shapes the future and is thus the most important war between the parties. What we are seeing here is a clear effort by progressives to brainwash the next generation of students.


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  1. Paul

    It should be banned nationwide . Also our schools need to be released from the federal government to be allowed a return to excellence.

  2. BIGJIM613

    Schools should be banned from teaching this racist crt and any governor who allows it should be voted out.

  3. Ben

    Opponents fear that it will create “wide spread guilt”.

    What a bunch of snowflakes. There is NO basis in fact to argue that America is not based on racism. The idea that we can’t teach REAL history because some poor white children will get their feelings hurt is absurd !

    As Larry likes to point out, Democrats were slave holders. Do I feel guilt for that? Heck no, it’s a fact of life. Let’s educate our children to the atrocities that occurred and make them aware of our history, tear down statues of democratic slave owners and erect statues of Republican emancipators so that our well educated students can make a better future for our country !!

  4. Ben

    Seems like just yesterday that republicans were rallying about “home rule” allowing school districts to opt out of teaching Common Core and teach as they saw fit. Now republicans want to dictate what can be taught?
    Y’all need to pick a lane.