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Texas Defiant after SCOTUS Allows Biden the Invasion of Southern Border

Texas Defiant after SCOTUS Allows Biden the Invasion of Southern Border

The conservative government of Texas has entered a legal war of resistance against the Biden administration’s agenda of flooding the country with illegal aliens. With the Supreme Court’s recent ruling in favor of the Biden administration, statements from highest Texas officials suggest an impending stand-off.

On Monday (January 22), the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) granted the Biden administration the permission to let illegal aliens into the country by ordering the federal border patrol to cut the razor-wire placed by Texas officials along part of the Texas border to stop the flow of illegal aliens into American via Texas. The Biden administration sued Texas for the move and the SCOTUS agreed with it.

Conservatives in general and Texan authorities in particular reacted with frustration and defiance to the SCOTUS ruling. Republican Congressman from Louisiana Clay Higgins asked the state of Texas on Twitter/X to stand its ground.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, known for his staunch conservative views and actions, immediately reacted to the SCOTUS ruling by a defiant stance: “This fight is not over, and I look forward to defending our state’s sovereignty.”

On January 24, Governor Abbott of Texas issued a statement calling out the Biden administration for flooding the country with illegals by refusing to enforce the immigration laws. Abbott said, “The federal government has broken the compact between the United States and the States,” and concluded with emphasis:

“I have already declared an invasion under Article I, § 10, Clause 3 to invoke Texas’s constitutional authority to defend and protect itself. That authority is the supreme law of the land and supersedes any federal statutes to the contrary.”

Left disappointed and angry by the SCOTUS ruling, conservatives also called out Justice John Roberts and Amy Coney Barrett for siding with the Biden administration.

According to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO), as reported by Breitbart, over 6 million illegal aliens have been allowed into the United States in the three years since Biden took the White House. The CBO report wrote:

More of those people are also being released into the United States than previously, generally through the use of parole authority or with a notice to appear before an immigration judge.

Video clips of the southern border’s invasion made rounds on Twitter with many conservatives asking whether the federal government is launching a Civil War in America by bringing illegal aliens in against conservative Americans.

Conservative commentator and former Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson called on the people of Texas to stop the border invasion.

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  1. Dan tyree

    Don’t mess with Texas. We should all follow their lead. They talk about getting a deal done on border security. Why not enforce the laws already on the books? Is that too damned hard for a retarded president?

    • rick

      It is not the senile president. It is the New World Order using a senile old man as a front man while they intentionally destroy our country from behind the curtain. No one can stop it. People are hoping Trump will stop it, but he wont be able to stop it either. Look how even the supreme court is under their control.

  2. jerry dean lyell

    impeach the biden and the asshole democrats DC they are the real terrist

  3. Mike f

    What none of you responders (and the always ignorant Urnst) don’t understand is that the US is a nation of laws. The ignorant guy in office prior to Biden didn’t understand that-and thought (still thinks) he could do whatever he wants. Biden had asked Congress to do something about the laws governing the border, and surprisingly, the senate appears on the verge of passing legislation that will provide new laws for the president to use for border control. However, the idiot that many republicans support doesn’t want congress to do their job, instead he wants to be able to claim Biden is allowing open immigration. Not true, but trump lies with impunity and the rubes that support him just lap up his bullshit. Laws are written for a purpose, and when they need to be improved, Congress needs to act. Refusal to act benefits no one-unless you happen to be a failed candidate who accomplished none of his goals when he was president before…

  4. Darren

    Well Mike, that was kind of eloquently said, but every thing happening in our Gov to a large extent
    is setting Precedent. From Hunter to China to the Border.
    Lets see how you feel about it when the precedent Democrat’s Create is in opposition of what they want!
    I hope you can take it as well as you dish it out!

  5. Robert Haggerton

    Mike F…..your are another useful idiot of the radical lunatic left! We don’t need “new laws” you twit! Our present day laws make it very clear about the invasion of our border! What the hell are you going to do when 20 million illegal invaders take over our schools, our hospitals – the welfare state (Cloward-Piven)! Birdbrains like you are WHY our once great nation is in ruination!You’ve been listening to too much CNN! Our laws make it very clear HOW to legally enter our nation! Sleepy Creepy and Obama’s Deep State want to stay in power perpetually and allowing 20 million illegals to vote for the demorats will solidify their goal! Wake up Mike F!!!! People like you are WHY we are in a deep decline!!!


    Robert: I understand your concerns, especially on the schools which is on the local taxpayer, no extra help from the Fed. I really doubt that 6 million have grown our illegal population from 10 to 16M. The story itself is confused when it states; “More of those people are also being released into the United States than previously, generally through the use of parole authority or with a notice to appear before an immigration judge.” By definition, those cannot be illegal. Illegals would be got-aways, or asylee’s who are ducking court. Those with a court appearance are legal.

    The folks going for asylum are not illegal. They are not breaking the law and Biden is following our international agreements and our laws.

    Federal benefits are not usual provided until asylum is granted. State funds are up to the States and pretty sure Texas ain’t handing out checks and boxes of food. You can’t have a green card until a year after asylum is granted. in general, immigrants are less prone to crime than citizens. Asylum seekers are asked to pay at the hospital unless charity care is available, state by state, hospital by hospital. If they work adn SSecurity is taken out, they will never get it back.

    I think the place where your fears are realized are for kids for schooling, food stamps, etc. I am not big on the school part without federal funding, but the rest —– hey, they’re kids, I’ll give my share.

    Republicans want to parse this as us versus them, a war, an invasion. These are people coming for work, a better life, America. Just like my ancestors. They work hard at low paying jobs Americans don’t want. They are not more criminal than us, probalby less. It’s complex from dreamers, to asylee’s, to illegals, and CONGRESS needs to fix. Biden is enforcing the rules on the books but has indeed modified much. And truly, if we have gone from 10M illegals to 16M illegals that’s terrible, but pretty sure those numbers are funny math.

    Over 50% of all encounters with illegals are expulsed. A quarter of all encounters are repeat offenders. IOW — if there are 1M encounters, that’s 750K individuals trying to get in, not 1M. Most asylum seekers turn up in court; those who don’t often are communication and paper issues.

    Point is the process is complex needing a total overhaul of all aspects of our immigration code. Here’s a good story from PEW, probalby one of the more rational views of this, enjoy: *,Encounters%20refer%20to%20two%20distinct%20kinds%20of%20events%3A%20expulsions%2C%20in,the%20U.S.%2C%20at%20least%20temporarily.*

    Like I said, IMO the school funding issue needs to be addressed ASAP as does the revovling door of repeat offenders. But I don’t think they will bring down the health system, welfare system, etc. They don’t generally get that from the Fed. Then, the entire immigration process needs to be addressed starting with making e-veriify the law of the land. IF illegals can’t work, they won’t come. E-verify makes that a cetain reality very fast. For asylum, we need caps and we need speed. Processing speed. Let’s pick a number we will allow and then process folks ASAP to get er down. Lastly, there’s the dreamer, US born etc. issues which are thorny. I say —- if you hear ten years, working hard, paying taxes, come on —– fine the fucker a little bit and make them a citizen. Let’s move forward.

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