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Texas Civilians Defeat Shooter at Church

Texas Civilians Defeat Shooter at Church

A potential mass slaying was preventing this Sunday when two volunteer security guards responded to a gunman who opened fire during a service at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, Texas.

The perpetrator was shot and killed within six seconds of shooting his gun.

Two others were killed, including one of the guards, among a congregation of nearly 250 people.

“He was trying to do what he needed to do to protect the rest of us,” said Mike Tinius, a witness. “It’s extremely upsetting to see anyone committing violence.”

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick on Sunday night praised a recently enacted gun law allowing licensed firearms in places of worship. “Two of the parishioners who were volunteers of the security force drew their weapons and took out the killer immediately, saving untold number of lives,” said Patrick. 

Earlier this year, presidential hopeful Joe Biden described the Texas law as “irrational.”

FBI investigators confirmed the perpetrator had been arrested several times in the past. According to witnesses, the gunman entered the church wearing a fake beard and wig, making several people ‘uncomfortable.’ Authorities are still searching for a motive.

“I should have listened to my gut,” said Isabel Arreola, who shared a pew with the suspect. “While he was there, I couldn’t sing. I couldn’t pray. There was just something not right about him. But at the same time, I thought that maybe I was being too hard.”

In a statement issued Sunday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott asked the state to pray for the victims, families, and town of White Settlement, which is located just a few miles west of Fort Worth.

“Places of worship are meant to be sacred, and I am grateful for the church members who acted quickly to take down the shooter and help prevent further loss of life,” said Abbott. “Cecilia and I ask all Texans to join us in praying for the White Settlement community and for all those affected by this horrible tragedy.”

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  1. Kurt Walker

    This is why it has become necessary to be prepared. You never know from where the bad guys are coming. If they will go into a place of worship with intention of killing people no where is safe for law abiding people. Thank goodness the “protectors” were there, were prepared, and were efficient.

  2. Derek Blurb

    Only cops and criminals have guns, according to some politicos. Well, under some gun control laws, the guards in that church would have had slingshots.

    • David Barron

      The only good sling shot is a slingshot bikini on a woman who has the body to wear it!

  3. Rawhide

    According to the video, the shooter came in and was approached by someone on the back pew. The shooter then pulls out his shotgun and fire 2 rounds, one into the questioner and one into a guard who was pulling his gun. The second guard pulled his gun and fired one shot killing the shooter. The shooter never sat down on any pew, by anybody. He just started shooting and 6 seconds later he was dead from a gunshot wound. When did the police arrive? They arrived 5 minutes later. In that time, if there had been no armed guards or anyone else who was armed, there would have been a lot of dead people.

  4. Bob Mazza

    I think the whole affair sounds too good to be true. The law; just in time. one witness says she sat near the perpetrator and after a few minutes felt very uncomfortable. Another witness says the started guy started shooting immediately and was killed on the spot after he’d killed a guard. Sounds like another staged shooting to me. It just sounds like a made for TV news article to send a message that carrying guns is a good thing. Which it might be but I’m very skeptical about this story.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      Wow! You really believe that it was staged? Even with the videos? You are a very strange duck…

  5. sandy davis

    3 people dying by bullets is not a staged scene, my friend. if it were staged, those dead bodies would have risen up and taken a bow for a good performance. The gun man, the killings are all too real. I thank God those guards were present and armed or else many more church members would have been killed. If those church members in Carolina would have been arms, Mr. Roof would have been taken out before he would have been able to kill 9 church goers.