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The Truth About Election Audits

The Truth About Election Audits

Regardless if there was fraud or not in the 2020 Presidential election, everyone on all sides should want to know if the results of any given election are certain and correct. It should raise red flags in your mind if anyone during any election becomes outwardly defiant against election audits or asking questions or doing research on the matter to make sure that the results are in fact true.

In the 2020 election itself, both Republicans and Democrats alike should feel no concern about election audits or anyone diving in to officially check the results. The desire to prove the numbers to the people on both sides should bring additional comfort to the people by making certain a victory is true.

If there was fraud and Trump actually won, everyone should want to know that. If there wasn’t fraud and Biden actually won, everyone should want to know that.

Whether there was mass fraud, some fraud, or no fraud, all fraud in any election should be discovered and corrected. Voters should know that their vote still matters and that this hasn’t just become a game of secret manipulation and hidden power grabs. All people on all sides should want an election to be properly certified. No matter where any single voter may stand in opinion.

Today, in an interview with Newsmax, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton spoke some much needed common sense on election audits. Cutting through the drama and emotional triggers, Paxton said, “Nobody should be afraid of election audits such as the ones in Arizona or Georgia, because what really matters is the truth and finding out what really happened… All it’s going to do is either show that the election turned out the right way or it turned out the wrong way, and either way, it seems like the American people, people in Georgia, the people of my state benefit from knowing the truth.”

Exactly. We all benefit when the truth is shown. Except to those who are unwilling to accept any given truth on frankly any given matter. 

As the audits continue, and yes, a real audit takes real time to happen, so the fact that it is still happening is a good thing, the Biden administration and Democrats continue to holler about election reform being a national security issue. But their own election is already over and if the results are true, why does it even matter right now? Still, H.R. 1 on election reform is at the top of the agenda of the current administration.

Let us remember, H.R. 1, or the For the People Act, is an 800 page lawbook designed to make sweeping changes to the original framework of what it is to run an election. Most of what the bill is designed to do is to maintain changes to election law during the Covid-19 pandemic into the new normal and recreate how election processes are maintained across the United States. From no-excuse absentee voting, same-day voter registration, automatic voter enrollment, ballot harvesting acceptance and mail-in voting across the nation. Even requirements for a simple ID to prove that you are in fact the voter voting are potentially being thrown out with this new set of laws. 

The Honest Elections Project, a nonpartisan group devoted to ensuring the rights of every living voter, said about the bill that H.R. 1, “has the potential to create confusion, chaos, fraud and litigation.”

So why is this being pushed right now when Biden already won the election?

If there was or was not fraud in the 2020 election, why make such an effort to change the laws and push back against election audits? Especially when the pandemic here in the United States seems to have passed? Do they expect or wish the pandemic to continue on into the future? Or was the pandemic just an excuse to change the laws to negate the old-fashioned way of running and keeping track of an election? Biden says he thinks it is a national security issue if H.R. 1 isn’t passed. So what exactly is he afraid of that is motivating him and his party to pursue this?

Regardless, the audits of the 2020 election continue as well as Democratic efforts to change election laws for the future. 

Ken Paxton continued to speak common sense on the matter to Newsmax, saying, “People want to know what actually happened in the election. They want more secure elections and they want to be confident that their vote really matters. That to me is a national security issue. Not trying to stop people from finding the truth, which is exactly what they are trying to do in these states.”

The truth will always conquer, as it rightfully should. And no matter if Biden or Trump actually won, let us all hope the truth continues to be sought after. Without truth, order is meaningless.

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  1. Ben


    I certainly don’t think Democrats are afraid of auditing election results. What we are concerned about is having an audit done for the third time, after the first two showed no sign of improprieties, this time by partisan Republican donors while being live streamed by a partisan Republican propaganda machine 6 months after the election.

    Now I have a question for you, why are republicans so afraid of making it as easy as possible for every ELIGIBLE citizen to vote?

    • Scarfoose


    • andrew

      smarten idiot there was widespread fraud and it’s all coming out right now nobody in their right mind would vote and empty head to run and ruin the country

    • Roger Fenton

      Because “easy” makes it likely that that IN-eligible illegals to vote. Ben, can you say FRAUD?

      • Ben

        I can say fraud, but there seems to be no reason that that we can’t have easily accessible AND secure elections.

        Every other first world nation seems to be able to conduct elections where it is either mandatory to vote, or easily done via Internet , mail, or some other mechanism that ensures that every eligible voice is heard. Are you saying America is incapable of offering those secure voting services ?

        • Anonymous

          Yes. They just PROVED that ! By failing to investigate PROPERLY when-:

          A) suitcases of votes were pulled out “OF HIDING” – ONLY when everybody else was asked to go home….

          B) suspicious people were connecting their thumb drives to the ballot counting machines

          C) When MILLIONS of votes turned up SUDDENLY after a certain period of time – NOT ONE for president Trump, all for Biden…at At EACH ballot machine that had the very same people as above…hmm….but… ok, let’s just give them highly suspicious accuracies a pass.

          You know, if that was a democrat losing to Trump,,under those circumstances, you know, as do the free thinking world, that every law industry would have turned America upside down, to find the truth.

          If it was ONE instance of the above, I would have called it highly suspicious. And just shook my head at the CLOWNS actually being in control of the circus, instead of the ringmaster.

          But all 3 ?

          WITHOUT the witness statements, UNDER threat of penalty, you remember, that they actually WITNESSED, MILLIONS of ballots being added, a whole truck full in one instance.

          Yes, mate, we can all say fair, and just, and transparent elections, but… as I alluded to in my other message to you, where you didn’t WANT open and fair elections…You may THINK america is capable of running the whole show, but clearly they are not.

          We watch from the UK, in LAUGHTER, as the truth came out about your “open & fair” elections. Even in Ghana, they were laughing. Australia ? Well they are seen as the upholds now, of democracy. As there is a lot more democracy THERE, than in America, pal.

          I have never, ever, seen such a pathetic, arse-covering as went on in the US elections, as we saw last year.

          I do understand, don’t get me wrong, I do. I totally understand, that the dems are terrified,,of losing to a trump-esque player, in a few years.

          But to claim that you are capable of running open, and FAIR elections, is a fallacy.

          No disrespect to my conservative brothers across the pond.

          But you just don’t.

          And guess what.

          You WONT. Unless, you have this voting system locked up tight, by next state elections.

          Or you might just go down, as the biggest banana Republic, instead ofnbeing only SECOND, to Liberia.

          As it is now.

          This is what the world thinks of the US.

          A joke.

    • Sikov dems

      You’re asking “”Why are republicans so afraid of making it as easy as possible to vote””

      When you KNOWN damn well it WILL allow more illegals to vote, those without the proper ID or indeed ANY ID,. It will allow more voter harvesting. Same day registration- as if that will stop any illegals, or those voting a dozen or so times.
      Basically everything that melts your icy little heart.

      There was a REASON to do so, when a epidemic was running rampant through the world, but now its over you want to return to them ways ?

      I’m thinking – you know, that there was a theft of this election. And you’re afraid. You’re afraid, my friend.
      In fact, I’d say you’re TERRIFIED – that somebody, backed by Trump, would walk all over the democrats, in 3 & half years.

      At least You could change the tune, matey. Admit, that you’re scared of seeing a conservative in the Whitehouse again.

      All we got from every democrat was “we are trying to pass laws to make it EASIER to vote, in a pandemic, & Trump is trying to stop it happening”.

      So now the pandemic is at a close, (or will be in 3.5 years) so what’s the excuse this time, mate?

      Now you want to just make it easier to vote…because of…. what ? You had no problem with this before.

      • Ben

        You’re all over the place.
        I guess I will start with, voting is the cornerstone of our democracy, I will ALWAYS advocate for every eligible citizen to vote. That has ALWAYS been my position, and will ALWAYS be my position.
        Second, I’m a liberal, you know, a bleeding heart, not Icy, get your insults right.
        Second, I can securely renew my drivers license over the internet , why can’t we do the same for voting? I can file my taxes online, why not vote? Instead of saying it can’t be done, let’s figure out how to get the most eligible voters to exercise their constitutionally protected right?

        Honestly I am terrified that a more polished, disciplined trump will eventually be elected. Can you imagine the damage trump could have done to the country if he had an ounce of self control?
        And you should be also! I listen to “patriots” talking about having the military take over our democracy and having trump serve more than two terms. He weakened our country domestically and internationally. The only thing I can say positive for him is that unlike every other Republican President over the last 40 years, he didn’t get us into a new war.
        And finally, We are not friends, if you support trump, you support the destruction of our democracy. I can’t be friends with someone that thinks like you.

  2. Ben

    Interesting article I found for you Jacob;

    Conservative pundit Charlie Sykes on Thursday cautioned against dismissing the Arizona state Senate GOP’s partisan audit of the 2020 election.

    Sykes told MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace that “the beating heart” of the GOP was now to embrace ex-President Donald Trump’s lie that he actually beat President Joe Biden “and to use that then as an excuse to change the laws,” referencing Republican-sponsored voter restrictions that are being introduced nationwide.

    “As we’ve said before, we can roll our eyes and treat the Arizona audit as a joke, but a clown with a flamethrower still has a flamethrower,” said Sykes, founder of the conservative website The Bulwark.

    • Patended Phil

      Mr. Dover: Trump was not and is not a Conservative, so an opinion piece by a Conservative pundit provides no basis for anything of merit. As to your first post, from what I’ve read the first two “audits” hardly qualified as such. Audits involve significant and meticulous inspection, not just recounting ballots.

  3. Robert6391

    This article is about as correct as it gets, there should be audits to prove any election is correct. T he fact is that no Audit should ever be conducted by just one political party, every audit should be bipartisan with law enforcement involved in the audits. The Audits which have been done by bipartisan means have been discredited by Trump supporters.

  4. Ben

    Phony Phil,
    trump IS the Republican Party. You’re part of the cult.
    Arizona Republicans oversaw the first two audits. They determined there were no improprieties.

    I read an exchange on another conservative website that went something like this:
    “ Do we trust the Cyber Ninjas to conduct this third audit?”
    A:” only if they find evidence of fraud, if not, we know they are also part of the swamp”

    Like children, you guys aren’t going to be happy until someone tells you what you want to hear.

  5. Ce

    In my humble opinion, here’s the very sad bottom line: some people in our country have become accustomed to being dishonest. From whispering to a child at a buffet, “Just tell them you’re 8 so we can pay the lower price,” to “I’m vaccinated” to “borrowing” office supplies from work to breaking a law and then lying in court about what happened (usually by spinning the story so they look more favorable in an attempt to pull one over on judges and juries) to “I did not inhale” and blue dress stories to deleted emails, dishonesty has become a societal norm. We want to claim we weren’t really lying…just not telling the whole truth. When we feel uncomfortable and don’t want to be held accountable when we get caught, we employ psychological projection. In certain circumstances, those who are brave enough to speak facts are often villainized if those facts are counter to the majority opinion. How did we get here? Perhaps if we parents spent more time instilling ethics and morals in our children so that they can learn that those little white lies in childhood easily grow into big adult lies with devastating repercussions. I am satisfied with the audit that was conducted in my state, yet disappointed in the result itself – as any honest, intellectually mature human should be. Just like a game, I can accept defeat as long as I know the other players aren’t cheating.

  6. Ben

    Yo! Michigan GOP just finished an election fraud audit of their state’s election. No wide spread fraud was found.

  7. Ben

    Ohio just caught a guy! He forged his dead fathers name in order to vote twice!

  8. Ben

    On voter fraud-
    “It was all bullshit”- William Barr