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‘Terrorist’ Org NRA Sues City of San Francisco

‘Terrorist’ Org NRA Sues City of San Francisco

The National Rifle Association filed a lawsuit against the City of San Francisco this week after its Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to label the group a “domestic terrorist organization.”

The decision comes after a series of deadly shootings in Texas and Ohio that weren’t linked to the NRA and hours after Walmart announced it would no longer sell short-barrel rifle and handgun ammunition in any of its stores.

In its resolution, San Francisco officials accuse the NRA of using its “wealth and organizational strength” to “incite gun owners to acts of violence” and to “arm those individuals who would and have committed acts of terrorism.”

The document also asks the city and county to “take every reasonable step to assess the financial and contractual relationships our vendors and contractors have with this domestic terrorist organization” and urges other jurisdictions to do the same.

This sounds like the city plans to reject bids for business from persons or groups who support the NRA (and that has to be illegal).

The NRA described San Francisco’s decision as a “ludicrous stunt” that distracts “from the real problems facing San Francisco,” such as “rampant homelessness, drug abuse, and skyrocketing petty crime. “The NRA will continue working to protect the constitutional rights of all freedom-loving Americans,” said the group.

In its lawsuit, the NRA portrays the board’s resolution as a violation of its free speech rights and accuses city officials of trying to blacklist any person or organization associated with the NRA from doing business in San Francisco.

Author’s Note: Cities and states should not be engaged in labeling organizations anything, much less calling them terrorists.

The First Amendment means you can say anything you want, but it doesn’t mean a city can silence or punish a group with which it disagrees. The NRA has every right to defend itself.

Editor’s Note: This is not a simple slander where someone blurts something out to the news. This was a city’s government declaring that an organization is a terrorist group, by vote and by public proclamation, together with the city urging people to not do business with them. There is no way San Francisco will get away with this, the NRA should be able to get massive damages paid to them.

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  1. Charles L. Nickerson

    It also implies that all its members are Terrorists which is libal against law abiding citizens many members are Law enforcement agents or military members.

  2. danrighty

    Not one shooting was committed by a NRA member. But yet these misfits call them a terrorist group. These demorats are a danger to our country.

    • Crystal Snow

      They want to silence the small American by silence of the NRA. Dems want citizens to be helpless against a AK toting criminal. Stop the madness now.

  3. CCblogging

    Democrats are terrorists and America haters.

    • somepeopledidsomething

      Post of the day….This should a bumper-sticker!

      • somepeopledidsomething

        should BE a bumpersticker

  4. carroll j wood

    i expect no less from the queer state with pelosi, waters high taxes etc

  5. Joe

    San Francisco is gigantic a left wing freak show!

  6. Joe M. Jones

    The first step to turning a state or nations citizens into subjects or pawns, is to strip them of their constitutional rights to defend and protect themselves.

  7. Kurt Walker

    NOONE of any logical sense pays any attention to anything coming from the California governments. And I know some good people in California who are being taken for the ride but can’t afford to leave. Shame.

  8. Bill

    Sue San Francisco for all they have because there just going to be giving to the Illegals. I’d much rather see the money going to the all American NRA who takes a strong stand for our 2nd Amendment our Constitutional right.

  9. David Barron

    This is a case where government officials have stepped out of the cover of being protected individually by the blanket of government protection. Each should be attached individually to the pending law suite with a large enough award and punitive damages to impress upon them that violating the constitutional rights of those whom have no connection with the domestic, or mentally ill, acts of others, whom mostly have belonged to the political party that is behind this action in the first place, have done. I am afraid, though that the Judges that will be involved will not uphold the law but try to modify or change the laws and thereby render the Constitutional Amendment null and void.


    I think federal funds should be cut off from California for its position on illegals versus ICE.

  11. Becky Barrow

    I agree with this article except on one point: the First Amendment does not grant an individual the right to ‘say whatever they want’. The First Amendment protects an individual from speaking out against the GOVERNMENT without the fear of persecution, nothing more, nothing less.

  12. John

    These people don’t even know what the NRA is. IF it’s coming from San Francisco you know it’s crap.

  13. Ron Molter

    ANTIFA is a TERRORIST ORGANIZATION which the DNC, or bretter known as the BABY MURDER PARTY, supporting these violent, hate Americans, cowards who cover their faces. President trump needs to go after this group.

  14. Robert Gagliardi

    It’s only going to make the NRA stronger !!!!!



  16. Gene Kent

    Does BETO realize that there are a lot of democrats that own guns I wish he would stop playing Stupid I’m sorry he’s not playing can’t wait to see the FBI crooks start Ratting each other out LAWYER UP BOYS

  17. Frank Barnard

    I think, who doesn’t stand behind our flag which, in turns is a symbol of our nation and what we stand for, our freedoms, kick out all Muslims now regardless of who or what position they hold which they shouldn’t be holding anyways. They are not born Americans. And only born Americans can vote, on anything political. And these ain’t the baby popping women who spit a kid out as they step on to our soul. Nope not at all, after the first generation of shit grows up their offspring can vote. But not hold office. Till the third generation, by then all the Muslims will be evicted out of the United States. Reason not conforming to the United States rules and regulations that Noam Islamic grab of covering face and the shahib culture be non-existent in America. Granted we have all sorts of faith in religion but not one will oppress the other. All Muslims must go! Regardless! Must go or be locked up for terrorist Acts and hate.
    #1 the flag it offends you then get the hell out of MY country I don’t want you here I never said come live here and we will change to make your life easier. HELL NO, speak English (we flipped a coin for that) not some jibber jabber, bullshit noise. That sounds like a chipmunk trying to hump a hippopotamus
    #2 freedom of religion, that we except, that does not infringe on another’s right of worship. (GOT THAT MUSLIMS) you non-mother loving bitch, disrespectful whore, I wish to you 9000 years of unadulterated pure evil hell that you will like and lissen to each sacred hymn the Jews ever sung, prayer they ever blurted out. A thousand times over and over. Till you realized that you were a Jew in real life like Hitler was a Democrat and a Jew to boot I blamed the French for two wars ww2 and Vietnam yes Vietnam Ho chi Minh sent Eisenhower a letter asking him to help Ho to please get the French out of Vietnam but our CIA intercepted the letter and Eisenhower never got it and now we come into the Vietnam war. I blame our CIA and French for this one too in fact as far as Hitler is concern the French said Hitler your no artist and in fact some of Hitler’s paintings were good most of them were and that what set Hitler off damn French.
    We have come a long way. But we as a nation will stand.. and not be taken down. The democraps are to be dismantle for their’s is to undermined what are great nation standing for

  18. Larry Jacobs

    Sounds like the City of San Francisco should focus on their homeless problem and clean all the poop and piss off their streets rather than calling the NRA a “Domestic Terrorist Organization”. Glad to see the NRA taking a page out of the Liberal Democrat’s playbook and suing them for their outrageous statements of slander. I’m proud to be a member of an organization that protects our 2nd Amendment Rights that are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

  19. Gary Brown

    This Process how Socialism turns to Dictatorship. A Group of Politicians decide to make up there own Laws, making AMERICANS, a Terrorist All on there own. This is no different than Communism.