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Terrorist Attacks All Across Paris – Over 140 Dead

Terrorist Attacks All Across Paris – Over 140 Dead

Events are still unfolding but as of this time, but it appears six separate terrorist attacks have taken place in Paris over the last few hours. Terrorists with assault rifles attacked a Paris concert hall taking hostages and shooting randomly, at least 118 concertgoers were killed.  Additionally two restaurants were attacked, results unknown at this time.  Two suicide attacks and a bombing were also reported outside the Stade de France, where the national side were playing Germany in a football match.

It is suspected the attacks were coordinated by either ISIS or Al Qaida, however little is known at this time.

Paris is in a state of emergency at this time, travel is restricted and the military has been activated.

President Hollande has addressed the people of France with the following:

“My dear compatriots,

“As I speak, terrorist attacks of unprecedented proportions are underway in the Paris area. There are dozens killed, there are many injured. It is a horror.

“We have, on my decision, mobilized all forces possible to neutralize the terrorists and make all concerned areas safe. I have also asked for military reinforcements. They are currently in the Paris area, to ensure that no new attack can take place. I have also called a cabinet meeting that will be held in a few minutes.

“Two decisions will be taken: a state of emergency will be declared, which means that some places will be closed, traffic may be banned and there will also be searches which may be decided throughout Ile de France (greater Paris). The state of emergency will be proclaimed throughout the territory (of France).

“The second decision I have made is to close the borders. We must ensure that no one enters to commit any crimes and that those who have committed the crimes that we have unfortunately seen can also be arrested if they should leave the territory.

“This is a terrible ordeal which once again assails us. We know where it comes from, who these criminals are, who these terrorists are.

“In these difficult moments, we must – and I’m thinking of the many victims, their families and the injured – show compassion and solidarity. But we must also show unity and calm.

“Faced with terror, France must be strong, it must be great and the state authorities must be firm. We will be.

“We must also call on everyone to be responsible.

“What the terrorists want is to scare us and fill us with dread. There is indeed reason to be afraid. There is dread, but in the face of this dread, there is a nation that knows how to defend itself, that knows how to mobilize its forces and, once again, will defeat the terrorists.

“French citizens, we have not completed the operations. There are still some that are extremely difficult. It’s at this moment that the security forces are staging an assault, especially in a place in Paris.

“I ask you to keep all your trust in what we can do with the security forces to protect our nation from terrorist acts.

“Long live the Republic and long live France.”

Author’s Note: This all out attack on Paris is designed to frighten the world and cause a backlash against Muslims in Europe. Make no mistake this is the start of a new phase of Muslim aggression.

I don’t believe France is ready for this. On one hand, the pacifists will try to prevent any backlash against the Muslim culture. The hawks will execute some kind of backlash against the Muslims. Both acts will contribute to a polarization that fits exactly the intentions of the terrorists.

An extra point, if it is found that the terrorists came in with the Syrian refugees, all support for the refugees will stop. Riots and deportations will likely kill thousands.

Update:  List of attacks

– Bataclan concert venue, 50 boulevard Voltaire, 11th district – hostages held

– Le Carillon, 18 rue Alibert, 10th district – gun attack

– Le Petit Cambodge, 20 rue Alibert, 10th district – gun attack

– La Belle Equipe, 92 rue de Charonne, 11th district – gun attack

– Near Stade de France, St Denis, just north of Paris – reported suicide attack near venue as France v Germany football match played



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