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Tennessee Couple Pleads Guilty to Selling Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Tennessee Couple Pleads Guilty to Selling Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Aliens

Liberals are flooding the country with illegal aliens and helping them get around the laws of the land. Conservative states are particularly their target in this political mission. In Tennessee, for instance, a former Department of Safety and Homeland Security official and her husband pleaded guilty to selling driver’s licenses to non-citizens and people without any legal residency in the country or the state.

In a press release dated December 21, 2023, the Department of Justice (DOJ) stated that 49-year-old Cheryl Huff – former District Manager for the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security (TDSHS) – of Knoxville along with her husband Mario Paz-Mejia pleaded guilty to producing hundreds of false Tennessee driver’s licenses and identification cards for individuals that were not legally eligible to get them. The documents illegally provided by Huff and Paz-Mejia to those seeking it in Tennessee include: fraudulent lease agreements as proof of Tennessee residency, false birth certificates, Social Security cards, and driver’s licenses from other states and U.S. territories to establish proof of citizenship or legal residency in the United States.  The PR stated:

Using his association with Huff, Paz-Mejia represented to his customers that, in return for $2,500, Paz-Mejia could obtain for them a Tennessee driver’s license or identification card.

Huff and Paz-Mejia face up to 15 years in a federal prison and $250,000 in fines. Their sentencing is scheduled for May 24, 2024. The DOJ press release makes no mention of any arrests or investigation of the couple’s customers who obtained the driving licenses and other documents illegally.

The DOJ also avoided using the terms “illegal aliens” or “illegal immigrants” in their press release. Accordingly leftist media reported the story with politically correct phrasing by excluding any such terms. NBC affiliate WBIR-TV wrote that the driver’s licenses and identification cards would have gone to “people not qualified to have them” and added:

Authorities said Paz-Meija recruited people who were not citizens of the U.S. and were not residents of Tennessee.

In December 2022, Tennessee’s Governor Bill Lee, a Republican, issued a statement that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) told him that they would be releasing single adult illegal immigrants into the state as they await their court proceedings. In a statement to Fox News, Governor Lee called the plan “irresponsible and a threat to the safety of Tennesseans.”

Conservatives have long observed the political weaponization of immigration against the local population, particularly against white conservatives. In one of his recent videos, Tucker Carlson commented on the ongoing immigration crisis in the country, saying that the Biden administration is importing millions of third-world citizens to illegally enter America and are told that white men are the problem here.

Breitbart reported on Tuesday (December 26) that some 2,000 Americans are killed by illegal aliens every year. Many of these criminal illegals are deported multiple times after they are arrested for various crimes, but they easily sneak back into the country.

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  1. Harold blankenship

    Get a rope

  2. John

    I agree isn’t there a law about how to deal with traitors in America? These criminals need to get the full treatment like hot tar and feathers then you all know the rest. Time for America to stand up for what is right we do not have to take this anymore we need to see these tyrants and traitors be held accountable see and hold the DOJ accountable as well if we ever want to see this all come to an end.
    It is also time to make sure we vote all tyrants and marxist communist out of our government once and for all. And hold them accountable. No more playing games with the Deep State. Game over

  3. Darren

    Monkey see, Monkey Do!
    If Biden can bring them in, then why should these people be in
    any trouble for documentation?
    Hell, they should be given a job in the Democratic


    My goodness you folks don’t seem to need any facts at all before you yell traitor, tar and feather, you know the rest, it’s the democratic government, it’s the doj, it’s the deep state, get a rope……..

    A fucking few hundred fake licenses….. Crikey, there’s been 10M illegals here since well before, and after, Trump…….

    Get your heads out of your asses, and write your Congress People and scream MAKE E-VERIFY THE LAW OF THE LAND and we can diminish illegals working, overnight not to mention ruining the main reason millions come in the first place. But NOOO, rather bitch and moan about your fantasy hatreds. Get upset about a couple of hundred like here, but hey, who cares about MILLIONS employed by Democrats, Republicans, EVOLVED Independents and everything in between with thousands more coming every day. Nope, it’s a few hundred in Tennessee that will fix it all……

    Meanwhile —- the culprits are probably Democrats, but statistics would say NO, but not one story notes political affiliation; you all are knee-jerk-offs venting your collective spleens while barking like dogs at the moon.

    Why do you let these looser wanna be unprofessional journalist twist your knickers????

    FACT: Trump won Tennessee TWICE with over 60% of the vote in both elections.
    FACT: Tennessee politics is dominated by Republicans you silly toads.
    Tar, feather and string those bastards up for sure. You said it brother.

    FACT: From the DOJ: “This prosecution is the result of an ongoing investigation by the Tennessee Highway Patrol’s Criminal Investigation Division, the United States Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Security Investigations, the United States Postal Inspection Service, and the United States Secret Service.” So, yeah, let’s beat up the DOJ and Deep State for catching these folks…… Find another scapegoat people.

    I suggest you might want to hold the tar and feathers, and I will let you guess where I think you should hold it.

    Perhaps if you broaden your hatred to include others, it could at least pretend to be fair and balanced…….