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Ted Cruz: Obama's last year will be like 'Lord of the Flies'

Glenn Beck interviewed Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz on Wednesday night. The Texas Senator predicts America’s last 15 months under Obama will be like Lord of the Flies.

“The only limit on bad actors is the limit of their own strength,” said Cruz. “But here’s the silver lining of all the things that can change,” he said, telling Beck that the next president should focus on foreign policy as his (or her) first change. 

Cruz then reminded his host and audience that when Ronald Reagan was elected in 1981, “Iran released our hostages the day Reagan was sworn in – that’s the different a strong commander-in-chief can make.” 

It’s important to note that Mitt Romney made reference to the same instance during his campaign in 2012. His claim was met with controversy, however, as according to a PolitiFact report it was Jimmy Carter’s negotiations that resulted in the hostage release, not Reagan’s plans for foreign policy. 

Click below to see the video clip. 


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