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Target Closing 9 Stores due to Crime in Deep Blue Cities

Businesses continue to suffer by rampant crime in blue cities within blue states with many stores either closing down or relocating to safer areas. The latest in this series happens to be Target, which is set to close nine stores in Democrat-run cities across four Democrat-run states.

Target announced on Tuesday (September 26) that it is closing nine of its stores next month in response to unchecked retail theft. The stores thus set to close include three in Portland (Oregon), three in Oakland-San Francisco area (California), two in Seattle (Washington), and one in Harlem (New York). The reasons for closing all these stores, as Target explained in its announcement, are “organized retail crime” and threats to the business.

“We cannot continue operating these stores because theft and organized retail crime are threatening the safety of our team and guests, and contributing to unsustainable business performance.”

Conservatives have long criticized liberal administrations for being soft-on-crime to the level of being pro-crime and anti-accountability. The conservative public’s response to the news of Target’s decision on stores closure was no different.

However, the hit taken by businesses by crime-ridden cities was not entirely attributed to leftist administrations in blue districts; some questioned Target’s own decisions relating prevention of theft. Comedian and political commentator Jimmy Dore, a former Democrat, wondered why Target chose to close down its stores in Portland instead of hiring security guards to prevent theft.

Target had addressed this question in its statement as cited by Yahoo Finance saying that they invested in security including hiring the services of third-party security guards as well as employing “theft-deterrent tools.” It added that there was no choice left except closing the stores in those locations.

One response to Jimmy Dore on Twitter/X came from someone who says he worked at a store in Portland before moving away and knows what’s wrong with the place. His comment hints at weakness in law enforcement and the judicial system:

“They were overrun with homeless people and meth addicts grabbing whatever they wanted. They knew even if they were arrested they’d be out in a hour.”

NBC affiliate King5 reported in 2021 that at least 160 businesses had left the city over a year due to crime and violence as well as repulsive scenes on the streets, like “human fecal matter and homeless people on the sidewalk.” In March 2022, Amazon was reported to have moved its downtown Seattle office due to rise in violent crime in the area.

In comparison with Portland, the law and order situation is only worse if any different in Oakland and San Francisco area of California. According to CBS News of Bay Area, more than 200 businesses in Oakland closed their stores on Tuesday for a one-day strike against rampant crime. A week earlier, Oakland NAACP President Cynthia Adams had expressed her frustration at the news that the city’s administration had missed the deadline for the application to secure millions of dollars in state crime fighting funds. She blamed the city’s Democrat mayor Sheng Thao:

“The buck stops with the mayor. This is the mayor’s fault. It stops with the mayor. We need to hear from the mayor.”

On the East Coast, the Democrat-run New York has been sinking in crime for years and it has only got worse over time. Even public servants are giving up on the state and big crime-infected cities, notably the New York City. Last year, Fox News reported that hundreds of prosecutors had quit the district attorneys’ offices due to “soft-on-crime policies and burdensome state reforms.” 

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  1. Dan tyree

    The same cities that keep electing idiots

  2. frank stetson

    Dempsey is a terrible journalist as this overly adequate piece once again shows. Many misstatements and no value add over any other flack job on the topic. At the end is where he does his best.

    Dempsey says: “On the East Coast, the Democrat-run New York has been sinking in crime for years and it has only got worse over time.” AP news says: “While it’s true that major crimes in New York City rose last year compared to 2021, criminal justice experts say crime levels were significantly higher three decades ago, and that the current levels are more comparable to where New York was a decade ago, when people frequently lauded it as America’s safest big city.” Yes, a post pandemic uptick in 2022 like most cites, but still overall lower than the past and equal to the rate when it was America’s safest big city. That was April, Ernie.

    “Even public servants are giving up on the state and big crime-infected cities, notably the New York City. Last year, Fox News reported that hundreds of prosecutors had quit the district attorneys’ offices due to “soft-on-crime policies and burdensome state reforms.” First, not crime-infected, see above. Second, there were many reasons prosecutors are splitting. One was the new discovery law that created extra NEW workloads and no extra resources, another – low pay, another – pandemic, another – a few quit because Bragg not tough enough on Trump :>), **

    It’s not too much crime as much as too much work, not enough pay, and burned out by covid. So, the Trump stuff does Ernie’s “soft on crime,” and the rest is covered by his “burdensome State reforms,” which the Governor is making revisions to in order to help.

    BOTTOM LINE: these mob rob’s are terrible and local police are not well equipped to handle, stores can no way hire that kind of security. Could be a flash mob of strangers or organized crime of a neighborhood or national nature. Like prohibition, we need an Eliot Ness to deal with it on a national basis. But don’t be fooled: Target’s financials are like Ernie’s story: adequate. They were going to cut costs. Pandemic was probably good for them, but not Amazon great and now they face Amazon head on in the after-pandemic and it looks tough. If you look at the past 1.5 yrs of Target booking, a small loss is a reason to party…… Too bad, I love Target, and hope they can come through the downsizing. But now that I can return Amazon via Staples and other big boxes, it just keeps getting tougher. Downsizing looked inevitable, high crime areas probably coincide with lower revenue stores so what would you blame: being robbed or not being mobbed (for sales). Or look at it this way: if these stores were selling gangbusters, don’t you think Target would find another way? Portland though has so many more issues than Target, but Target really hurts them too, it’s getting to look pretty grim there. Portland has got to make some changes — fast. I am guessing Ernie will continue to be adequate, I do not expect changes at this time. He still copies better than Alice, but he’s in the first wave when AI is ready. Oh yeah, Walmart is closing over 22 US stores, but they announced in July, before the “smash and grab” bandwagon rolled through. They blamed the money. As it should be — it’s always the money.

  3. Darren

    This is all purposely planed by the Likes of George Soros and his Democrat Cohorts and his insiders
    in the Democratic party. From California to New York, this level of destruction is being done to major city’s
    as to DE VALUE the city and the property it sits on.
    When property owners can no longer pay the Taxes, the Democratic Governors and elected officials will see
    the State or the Likes of Soros will be there to purchase the down town structures and become the landlords
    of the city’s.
    Suddenly in a few years, the LETS GET TUFF ON CRIME WILL HAPPEN.
    At this point as the city rebuilds and the homeless are kicked out, the property value will rise.
    This is what Soros did in a fashion when he made his money the first time.
    Betting against the power of the Pound!
    Now he is doing it with government help as the biggest get rich scheme ever transected.
    And the people who vote Democrat are just to stupid to put the pieces together.

    • Frank stetson

      Wow, some fantasy. Got facts? Or even one fact.

      Cuz this one is not BUSTED.


      wanna buy a bridge? Shares in Trump’s LLC.

      • Jim lucas

        It’s true Frank. It’s been in the news for a while. But stupid people like you keep your head up your ass

        • Frank stetson

          Wow, two guys in matching hats. How cute. Got a source Jim, or just another TFHat lover?

          • Frank

            Jim fyi there’s 9 targets and 22 walmarts you can buy so you can be soros rich. Move right in, theres room in aisle 6

            No wonder you believe Trump v

  4. Jim lucas

    Great news from California. Dianne Feinstein croaked. That’s a start. Unfortunately the dictator is California will pick another commiecrat. She was a blight on freedom. Just another gun grabbing bitch

    • FRAnk stetson

      Jim: may your kindness be returned by God ten times fold.

      • Jim lucas

        By dying she helped MAGA

        • Mike f

          Blissfully unaware that Feinstein was one of the most centrist senators we have. In all likelihood her replacement will be further to the left than she was. Yet you celebrate her passing? Ignorant and disgusting…

  5. frank stetson

    Jim, are you actually saying the death of Americans who have a different opinion than MAGA is advantageous to MAGA? Do you really believe that about your fellow Americans? Is your goal to have only MAGA live in America and everyone else should DIE?

    How dark can your thoughts be?

    • Dan tyree

      Just wait. Perhaps kumala will be picked for the replacement. That would save the democrats from kicking her to the curb as so called VP.

      • frank stetson

        Not a bad idea actually, IMO, but don’t think Harris would see that as a win. Beats hitting the bricks though.

  6. Darren

    Frank, give me fact that say I am wrong.
    Meant time I will wear the foil hat if that is what it takes to keep your biased opinions away!

  7. frank stetson

    Darren, here’s a buck, buy a clue…..

    The way it normally works in polite discourse is that IF you make a CLAIM, you are on the line for proving it. Especially if questioned. Those asking you to actually back up your bullshit are NOT on the line to disprove you. But if you like, I will do it using the same standards of proof that you do.

    proof positive using Darren’s tin foil hat of evidence and truth.


    or let’s reverse it. I say “Darren is a douche bag.” According to Darren, I do not have to prove he’s a douche bag. In Darren’s world, he has to prove he is not a douche bag. I am pretty sure that’s an impossible task. Perhaps a survey….. who think’s Darren is, or might be, or could possibly be a DOUCHE BAG? My neighbor just chimed in: yup, he’s a douche bag.