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Swedish Sexual Abuse Victims Blamed for Migrant Assaults

Swedish Sexual Abuse Victims Blamed for Migrant Assaults

With the spike of both violent and sexual assaults in Ostersund, Sweden, the city will not be celebrating Earth Hour in 2017.

An hour without lights on in this area could get dangerous.

The crime in the city has been out of control ever since 1,200+ migrants posed as refugee children (several of which were sporting beards) entered Sweden last year. Many of these refugees were holding up signs begging for help from locals for these “child” refugees.  

There is no coincidence that the violence has increased significantly since their arrival. And the citizens in the most danger? Swedish girls.

However, these criminals are not being blamed for their actions. Instead, the Swedish teenage girls and alcohol are what the authorities are citing for the recent steep rise in sexual attacks by migrants.

According to, the Swedish police are blaming Scandinavian teenage girls and the “Nordic Alcohol culture.” In the police report, the refugees responsible for the sexual attacks (on mostly victims under the age 15) were given the excuse that they “cannot handle their alcohol.”

Most of the attacks occurred in public places with heavy migrant populations, where the women and girls are afraid to walk in these areas. The Swedish girls are often called whores and abused for their clothes.

The report continues to defend the attackers by saying the refugees’ poor reaction to the alcohol causes them to feel “horny” and then have “ignorance of the consequences for the girls.”

Sweden has the highest rates of physical and sexual abuse on women and girls in all of Europe, which makes sense since the real culprits aren’t being held responsible.

Note from the author: isn’t it depressing to hear that there are parts of the world where authorities, who are supposed to protect their local citizens, fault the victims? A woman should never be faulted for sexual abuse when they don’t consent, regardless of their attire or how drunk their attacker is. Should a murderer be given the excuse that he just can’t handle his liquor if he kills someone under the influence? No. 

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