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Swedish Police Unable to Police 50+ “No-Go” Areas

Swedish Police Unable to Police 50+ “No-Go” Areas

America is becoming an increasingly dangerous place for policemen. But it’s even worse in Sweden, where up to 80% of policemen are considering changing jobs to get out of harm’s way. 

Reports show that theft, gang violence, and sexual assault have risen in tandem with the significant increase in migration during the past year. Attacks on police and emergency services workers have also increased, and Sweden is seeing up to three police officers quit every single day. Those who continue to work are subjected to daily attacks. 

Police admit that they have lost complete control of 55 “no-go” zones. That’s 55 areas in a country about the size of California, with half as many people, that the police can’t control.

“We do not come to solve crimes, because we are called daily to so many incidents,” says police spokesman Peter Larsson. 

For example, police were able to find and catch only one suspect after more than 70 cars were set on fire by migrant gangs in the border town of Malmo. 

The violence in Sweden has grown so intense that some migrants are considering moving back home. One Somali migrant who fled to Sweden described his new home as a “war zone.” 

Police argue that higher wages and increased funding will attract more individuals to the job and enable current police to better handle crime in no-go zone, but Incoming World Bank economic chief Paul Romer suggests sequestering migrants in an area about the size of Hong Kong and leaving them alone to operate under their own laws.

Editor’s note: Its interesting that more and more law enforcement and political leaders are coming to the conclusion that assimilation of Islamic immigrants is just not happening, and contemplating isolation as a solution to crime.  As we have said before, without assimilation, this is a defacto invasion.


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