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Sweden: Eat Mealworms to Fight Global Warming

Sweden: Eat Mealworms to Fight Global Warming

According to Breitbart, the Swedish government has committed to spending the equivalent of millions of dollars to encourage Europeans to shun meat and eat a more “climate smart” diet.  For protein, they are developing food prototypes made from “refined mealworms” and mincemeat made from “climate smart” insects such as crickets.

Vinnova, a Swedish research agency will award 500,000 kroners (about $76,000) to at least 15 foods to create an “edible prototype.”sponsoring this activity, have a competition in November so select the best foods with the prize of an extra 2 million kroners to get it off the ground.

According to Vinnoa, “The projects can also increase the Swedish food industry’s competitiveness by products that are developed based on raw materials that can be produced cost-effectively in Sweden” (I guess Sweden has a lot of bugs…).

Much of this is based on the common belief that cattle contribute to global warming.  We are talking about cow farts, folks.  This is udderly ridiculous (get the pun there??).

Author’s Commentary: This is typical of what happens when sheltered idealists come to power. First they are spending the hard earned money of the Swedish people trying to convince them to eat grubs and bugs.  Second, it appears they ACTUALLY BELIEVE there will be an export market for this crap. Third, nobody in Sweden seems to be calling them on it, so maybe they deserve to have their money wasted.  

As a former farmboy from Kentucky, I can tell you the cows don’t fart nearly as much as my uncles pickup truck. As an engineer, I can tell you the numbers don’t add up. That entire argument is someone’s fantasy, another idiotic argument put out by gullible climate change alarmists that has no basis in reality.

Sorry to be so sarcastic folks, but I call ’em like I see ’em.


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  1. Pj

    There is no climate change. These nut countries with their stupidity are just sickening. This is just a scam for Al Gore to become a billionaire. American people and other countries are just so dumb down from Obama’s hate for humanity. Take your worms and put where the sun doesn’t shine. People starving and you come up with worms. God out animals on earth to feed people but you stupid bleeding heart fools will let people die because of your stupidity. Men being turn in to women and women disrespect everything and just nasty people and murderers.