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Sweden Closes its Doors to Refugees

Sweden Closes its Doors to Refugees

With the most generous immigration rules in Europe, Sweden had quickly become the biggest host country to refugees. The European country was a safe haven for Syrian refugees after offering them permanent residency in September 2013. Ever since then, the country has continued to welcome refugees from the Middle East and Northern Africa. 

But, Amnesty Anarchy is putting this to a stop. Sweden has announced that it can no longer handle the growing pains that come along with this mass immigration.

In just ten to 15 years, the country has grown by 1.5 million with almost 10 million people. This is almost a whopping 20 percent increase. With that said, violent crime is up by a chilling 300 percent. Not to mention, there are 60 “no-go zones” now in Sweden. So, to say the police are overwhelmed is an understatement. 

“We have the same amount of police officers as we used to have, but we have more people, and more violent people, more criminal people coming from a very violent culture,” said Ingrid Carlqvist, Senior Writer at Gatestone Institute, to 

These crime numbers are partially attributed to Islamic terrorists who have taken advantage of the country’s open door policy. “Perhaps it’s been hard for us to accept that in the middle of our open, democratic society there are people sympathizing with the ISIL killers…. Sweden has been naive,” said Stefan Lofven, the Swedish Prime Minister.

This statement caused somewhat of an uproar from the Swedish public. Many argued that they were not naïve, but rather that they were called racist when they voiced concerns about the Islamification of Sweden. 

The Swedish officials encouraged the public that the immigration was a good thing. The more workers to pay taxes, the better. “But the truth is that most of them don’t work. They live from the welfare, so we will have less and less money to pay out the pensions. And I’m sure pretty soon the whole system will collapse,” said Carlqvist to

After witnessing Sweden’s experience, it’s safe to say that the country is paying a major cost for being too refugee-friendly during this dangerous time. Is allowing an innocent on a country’s soil worth the price of allowing a terrorist? It just proves that no good deed really does go unpunished. 

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