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Suspicions Fly after Marilyn Mosby Rashly Accuses six Baltimore Cops

The national spotlight swung up to illuminate the city of Baltimore last week when Maryland state attorney Marilyn Mosby gave a passionate speech about the death of a young black man named Freddie Gray. Many suspect a conflict of interest as the speech occurred two days before the police investigation was finished.
Twenty-five year old Freddie Gray was arrested on April 12 after he reportedly made eye contact with a police offer and then ran away. The cops found Gray to be in possession of a legal sized knife and went on to beat and arrest him, allegedly without probable cause. Gray died on April 19 from a broken neck.
Believing Gray to be the victim of negligence and police brutality, the city’s infuriated population quickly formed a protest that evolved into a violent mob.
Although state attorney Marilyn Mosby called for a stop to the violence, this woman’s words are anything but peaceful. Mosby is the youngest state attorney of any major city in the country and has a habit of getting involved in cases regarding young black “victims.”
The bias is clear to see in this situation and Mosby has been called out not only for her social justice activism but also for her political relationships, first and foremost being that the city councilman in charge of the area in which the arrest took place is none other than Mosby’s husband. Surely this harsh attack on the police coming from his wife will boost Mr. Mosby’s political future.
On top of that is a $5,000 “contribution” from Bill Murphy Jr. given to Mosby in support of her most recent campaign in which police reform was a major topic. Murphy Jr. is coincidentally the attorney hired to represent the Gray family.
Mosby proclaimed in a press conference last Friday that of the twelve cops involved in the Gray incident, three would be charged with the rare accusation of manslaughter and two with assault. We can only wonder what half a dozen convictions would do to the delicate relationship between local prosecutors and police.
The Fraternal Order of Police was outraged with Mosby’s rushed press conference and accusations, especially considering her speech took place less than 24 hours after the investigation was completed. Not only are they asking her to recuse herself from the Gray case, they are also maintaining that all of the officers are innocent.
Mosby “pulled the race card” in a later speech to the Multicultural Prayer Movement, talking about how black youth
are police targets in every American city. She spoke about the “frustration” of the criminal justice system and announced that she “will pursue justice by any and all means necessary.”  

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