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Survey Reveals that a Britain Exit From the EU Would Sway a Denmark Exit

Survey Reveals that a Britain Exit From the EU Would Sway a Denmark Exit

In a recent poll by the firm Epinion for the consulting business, Analyseenheden 4V, 27% of Danish participants acknowledged that they would leave the European Union in the event of a Britain exit.

Although, 30% voted that they would remain. With these results almost tied, they land in a margin of error.

This shows that it is more than likely that the country would withdraw from the EU in light of a referendum. However, there doesn’t seem to be a vote regarding this issue in Denmark’s near future. But, it’s not uncommon for the country to hold a referendum considering the country held one last week.

“No referendum has been called, but if it were, the result would likely be a Daxit, or Danexit,” said Erik Hogh-Sorensen, a partner at Analyseenheden 4V.

But then again, this also depends heavily on a move by Britain. This week the U.K. Treasury chief George Osborne said the exit would have a devastating effect on the U.K. economy.

“Britain would be permanently poorer if it left the European Union. Under any alternative, we’d trade less, do less business and receive less investment,” said Osborne. “British families will pay a heavy economic price if we leave the EU.” ​So, it’s safe to say that a Britain exit is not likely to happen anytime soon.

The consultancy also analyzed the possible impact on the Denmark. If the country was to follow Britain’s exit, it actually would work in the country’s favor. Denmark and Britain have a beneficial economical relationship, specifically Denmark relies on Britain’s support of the free-trade agenda.

“Britain and Denmark entered together in 1973 and remain political and economic allies. Neither country is a member of the euro,” said Hogh-Sorensen.

At this point it is all speculation, but it shows that Dutch voters are frustrated with the EU. Last week, the country voted against a EU trade deal with Ukraine, with 64% opposed.“The EU is ruled by an undemocratic bureaucracy and ever more Europeans have enough of it. And no one can prevent the Dutch people using this referendum to voice their dislike of the EU, and of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, the present chairman of the European Council,” said Geert Wilders of the Party of Freedom, who opposed last week’s EU deal.

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