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Supreme Court Allows Trump to Spend Pentagon Funds on Border Wall

Supreme Court Allows Trump to Spend Pentagon Funds on Border Wall

The Supreme Court on Friday voted 5-4 to block a California judge’s attempt to stop President Trump from using Pentagon funds on the border wall.

The Supreme Court broke its summer recess to approve the funds, which would have expired on September 30th.

The Court’s ruling gives Trump the go-ahead to use $2.5 billion on projects to rebuild existing border fences in Arizona, California, and New Mexico.

The $2.5 billion adds to the $1.4 billion Congress allocated for “primary pedestrian fencing” in February (Trump had asked for $6.7 billion).

“Wow! Big VICTORY on the Wall,” tweeted Trump. “The United States Supreme Court overturns lower court injunction, allows Southern Border Wall to proceed. Big WIN for Border Security and the Rule of Law!”

The Supreme Court’s decision is a major downfall for opponents who had challenged Trump’s use of emergency powers to obtain border wall funds that were not approved by congress. Other critics are concerned about the wall’s potential effects on communities and ecosystems.

“Today’s decision…will wall off and destroy communities, public lands, and waters in California, New Mexico, and Arizona,” argues Gloria Smith, an attorney with the Sierra Club.

White House officials insist the wall projects are necessary to reduce drug-smuggling and illegal immigration.

“Respondents’ interests in hiking, birdwatching, and fishing in designated drug-smuggling corridors do not outweigh the harm to the public from halting the government’s efforts to construct barriers to staunch the flow of illegal narcotics across the southern border,” argued Solicitor General Noel Francisco.

Friday’s ruling sends the case back to the Ninth Circuit, but I doubt the lower court can get through the case faster than Trump can spend the money.

Editor’s note: The ninth circuit appears to not care how many times they are overruled by the Supreme Court.

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  1. James Andrews

    Good news for Americans, our workers, and our national security!

  2. Mike Careccia

    Thank god walls work.Ask Pelosi if she feels safe with the wall around her home.

  3. Glenn

    About time ! We need to have control of the border for many reasons. We need to slow down the flow of illegals drugs and people that that come over our borders. I would like to have DNA samples on everyone that crosses into our country and every person that goes into our jails and prisons.

  4. Regina

    This is so sad.. We are all immigrants or come from immigrants. Yes our system needs an overhaul, but Trump uses hate and lies because he thinks his way is the only way. There are so many other options and a wall is not gonna stop anything and we all know it. We have drug dealers and traffickers and other really bad people already here,thought many are citizens and others come from around the world, not just Mexico.. Trumps true colors are coming thru and they are not bright.. Soo, soo, sad..

    • Neta

      Regina , are you saying that your family came to this country illegally? Mine didn’t! Legal all the way. As it should be. These people are not immigrants, they are invaders. They bring their own countries flags, customs, beliefs, diseases , etc. they do not want to be Americans – they just want what Americans will give them free!

    • David Barron

      we may all be immigrants but we came here legally. If the Southern immigrants want to come here the same way they are welcome.

    • David Barron

      The immigrants you cam from came into the USA legally. they waited their turns and went through the process, they brought skills, and wanted to learn the language, in other words they wanted to assimilate and become Americans.There is nothing wrong with that and they method that Most Americans want it done. This sneaking into America is like sneaking into your house uninvited. They become a liability, bring in disease, are unskilled, and immediately want to get on the welfare rolls.Why do we as American need to pay for that? come in legally and assimilate and there is not a problem.with immigration.

    • DB

      Issue shoot on sight for all drug dealers and traffickers. Not a problem then, just good target practice. They give up their rights when they deal or traffic in drugs which kill others.

  5. Patriotson

    Tunnel vision environmentalist, drug running supporters have always fought the idea that the wall intrudes upon their right to be obstructionist.

  6. Roadrunner

    At least there is still some sanity in the judicial system to deal with the fruits and nuts of Comiforia! The wall will help us separate our enemies, foreign and domestic.

    • David Barron

      The 9th circuit court should be eliminated or new conservative put in place. If they oppose the Supreme Court rulings they need to go.

  7. Lee

    One can tell Regina has been so deceived and confused by mainstream media’s deception and confusion….Confusion is not of God but Satanic.

    What does she mean Trump’s true colors. He loves America. Regina would you work for free with many assasination threats to you and YOUR FAMILY daily – without any salary (which Trump doesn’t take and proof he puts up with this for what – fame and fortune? He already achieved those. So what is his motivation? He is not in the White HOuse and this headache for himself. He doesn’t need the job and should go golfing often like Obama did and just be a do-nothing President. He used to get 4 hours of sleep but now sleeps 2 hrs. Is that a sacrifice do you think Regina? Would you do all this for fame and prestige. He already had that. He is in the White House for you Regina. He is the most hardy Patriot, getting so much done while the Communist-Democratic owned media bashes him at the same time every day. Little thanks for his constant sacrifice in battle especially from misled poor readers who don’t read enough to find truth. Please go online and read any of the news with the word “patriot” in it. Type in “Patriot News.” Regina please don’t be part of the take=down of this country. Help us fight by spreading the TRUTH.

  8. Robert

    When such a waste of money it is apparent that some live in a dream world, not when the majority of illegals come in Airplanes, ships and buses, that is a lot of money to spend on a wall which will have only one good purpose to supply work to the workers who do the work. No wall any where in the World has stopped anyone who wanted on the other side of it.Look at Israel a country the size of New Jersey with 69,000 illegals in Israel, just think Israel poays the illegals to leave and still can not get rid of them.

    • John Lawrence

      You’re only partly right. The majority are here by overstaying their visas. And the left-wing politicians who look at them as fodder for new House seats, have thwarted their removal (backed by the rich who can afford to look magnanimous) and the PC Police who wants the government to mandate minority mindset on the majority of Americans.
      Evergreen Park was a beautiful suburb of Chicago under the reign of Richard Daley Sr.. Since then gangs were allowed to grow, the city became a sanctuary city under a PC-dictated mayor and now I would be afraid to walk down a sidewalk in Evergreen Park for fear of catching a disease (if I could FIND the sidewalk under all the filth and debris.)

      • David Barron

        Every Democratically controlled city in the Nation is a cesspool of filth, corruption, crime, and destroyed dream of those who built the city in the first place. Most are gun free zones in which only the criminals have guns What is wrong with this picture?

  9. John Lawrence

    The wall has already reduced the number of illegal crossings to a manageable level..especially in San Diego. It costs more to support illegals and their families than the wall costs (based on a 10-year projection).
    Look what illegals in Chicago have done ..teachers want more money. Mayor says no money left. The teachers’ raise was used up supporting the sanctuary city illegals. Teachers want smaller classrooms. They would be smaller if illegals’ children weren’t sitting in desks, adding to the cost of the free lunch program and school supplies, which in part are paid for by working parents due to the mandatory grossly inflated school supply list (4 boxes of crayons? 2 Dozen pencils? etc.,etc.)