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‘Superman’ Flees California’s Policy Horrors to Live in NV

‘Superman’ Flees California’s Policy Horrors to Live in NV

Dean Caine, the movie star who played Superman in the 90s’ TV show Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, has finally left California. The conservative actor cited the Democrats’ destruction of California via their terrible policies as his reason for moving out of the Golden State.

Known for his conservative views and numerous acting roles in faith-based films, Dean Caine recently told Fox News that he had to leave his lovely Malibu house, which he thought would be his forever home, due to the ruin inflicted on California by its Democrat administration. And he shared a list of the some of the many problems under the Democrat leadership, specifically Governor Gavin Newsom – high taxes, the epidemic of homelessness, and rampant crime. Caine said:

“The policies are just terrible. The fiscal policies, the soft-on-crime policies, the homelessness policies.”

Caine also expressed his frustration with the proposed AB 957 legislation that would have favored the pro-transgenderism parent in the court of law in cases of child custody battle. The bill was vetoed by Governor Newsom, but its passage through the State legislature alarmed conservatives across the country.

Like other conservative parents, Caine was affected by the leftist school curriculum of the state and he told Fox News about having to move his son out of a public school and into a Christian school because of the things taught in the state’s public education system.

Now Caine lives in Nevada in a home he says is several times better than his Malibu home and cost less. Praising Nevada over California, he also expressed sympathy for those who want to leave California but don’t have the means to pursue it.

“I know so many people who want to get out of California who just cannot do it.” A number of actors are included among the large number of people that have moved out of California over the past several years due to the state’s high living costs and issues of crime and homelessness on the streets. Earlier this year, actor Scott Baio announced leaving California due to the rise in homelessness in Los Angeles.

Many Californians have been leaving the state for Portugal and, as reported last year in Los Angeles Times, the locals there are not happy with the impact of Americans and other foreigners flocking into the country. Living costs are rising in Portugal due to the large numbers of people, mainly Americans moving to the European seaside country. An interview with Californians who moved to Portugal indicated that they chose Portugal for affordability.

In March this year, United States Census Bureau data published by KTLA5 showed that California’s population continued to decline and decreased by some 113,649 people between July 2021 and July 2022.

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  1. frank stetson

    As is the case with many things, what people say is the reason is usually not the entire reason. Especially if there is an ax to grind. Why would a guy who is leading the Christian life, who can afford to live anywhere, anywhere on the planet, pick Nevada, well known as the sin capital of America? Nevada’s entire economy is fueled by gambling. Like Florida, it’s basically a service economy and that service is gambling and the associated trades like prostitution and drugs. The taxes on vice run the State’s finances. Problem gamblers have one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Nevada’s second largest industry is gold and silver mining, probably the largest contributor to atmospheric mercury in the world. In 2021, mercury in the air increased for the first time in a decade. Nevada violent crime rate: number 13 in the highest rates amongst the States. California violent crime rate: 17th, four states safer than Nevada. Nevada’s homelessness rate puts them at 9th in the nation, California is number 1. That’s pretty bad. Nevada’s COL is 17th, California is number 3, then again Nevada salaries are commensurate too.

    Don’t get me wrong, Nevada is a beautiful place, Vegas is a hot spot I considered for retirement. Things to do when you can’t sleep. Very safe. Many jobs for seniors. Won’t do it though I still love to visit.

    I am just guessing there were many things that went into Dean’s decision to leave his Malibu home, probably on the beach, overlooking the Pacific sunset to move to what is probably the desert in Nevada where the sunset is blocked by the Rockies. Personally, if I was him, I would have gone for ABQ, I think that’s the next Austin in American migrations.

    But Dean is an accomplished fellow, a product of LA, matriculated from Princeton, with many awards for his good deeds. His parents moved him to Malibu, he’s been there awhile he graduated from Santa Monica Hight School, hanging with Sheen and Lowe, he’s been there forever. That alone might be reason to leave. Just find it weird he stopped the next state over. I am betting he’s been visiting that spot in Nevada for awhile and it was just time for a change and why not issue some parting shots on his way out. Given he’s a liberal on social issues, and voted Democratic quite often, even if he’s on the NRA board, the guy is eclectic in his social and financial views, and so be it —- sounds like his own man able to make his own OBJECTIVE choices.

    As California said to Caine, “don’t let the door hit you on the way out, and thanks for the house.” He will not be missed. God speed Mr. Caine, and I love a good Christian film, keep em coming.