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‘Street Takeovers’ – The Cool Way to Loot Stores in LA

‘Street Takeovers’ – The Cool Way to Loot Stores in LA

It happened again last Monday around 1am: a squad of motorists blocked the intersection of Figueroa Street and El Segundo Blvd., creating a sort of “pit” in which the most reckless drivers did donuts as spectators watched. 

A second traffic blockage occurred later that night, clogging the 110 Freeway and stalling several individuals in the midst of family emergencies.

“There were people on the freeway that were trying really to get to places they needed to go…and they’re just sitting there stuck so these guys can do their thing,” laments LAPD Detective Ryan Moreno. “People are getting really tired of this.”

The first incident, described by local news as a “street takeover” spawned a flash mob that stormed into and looted a nearby 7-11 (see image above). The gas station was staffed by a single employee who found himself in a “violent encounter” with one of the perpetrators after items were thrown over the register at him. 

As noted by the LAPD in a press release, the term “flash mob” was first used to describe a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public area, perform a dance or other activity for a short period of time, and then disperse. Flash mobs are typically organized through social media for the purposes of entertainment or artistic expression, but have recently evolved into opportunistic criminal events. 

“It turns into an angry, somewhat mob mentality,” said Moreno. “They come inside the store, they start ransacking the place, taking everything.” 

Most of the looters had fled before the police arrived, but authorities are examining surveillance video in an attempt to identify some of the individuals involved. The 7-11 clerk told authorities he had been afraid for his life during the incident. 

Author’s Note: LA has labeled this crime a “street takeover” as if this is something that shows the power of the street. This behavior really shows the lack of morality in LA and the willingness of these people to screw over their neighbors.


‘People are getting really tired of this:’ Looters ransack 7-11 after ‘street takeover’; separate incident blocks drivers – some of whom had ‘family emergencies’

‘Flash Mob’ Looters Ransack Convenient Store after Street Takeover

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  1. Rat Wrangler

    If the 7-11 clerk testifies that he was afraid for his life, and presents any reasons why, they should go after these alleged perpetrators with attempted homicide charges. That might wake them up if they face 25+ years in prison rather than a slap on the wrist. Not that I expect that to happen in LA.


    Did you notice all the looters are black? They seem to think they are entitled to ruin someones life or business. They are to lazy to get a job and pay for what they want no it is there life style to just go out and steal it. They would probably run over their grandmother to steal a new pair of shoes or the ring in their nose.


    I think they should all be loaded into a cargo van and dropped into the ocean for the sharks to eat.

  4. cmw

    AK 47 needed.

  5. frank stetson

    hmm, it appears Joe’s moderation folks be upset about folks desiring death for low level criminals. Too bad Joe’s too cheap to get the software right and now we have more comments noted than are printed. Spoooooky when free speech really looks like censorship.

    Clean up your software, get a decent search engine while you’re at it.

    • Joe Gilbertson

      What are you babbling about. We put up with your crap, you have to put up with other peoples crap. And lay off the booze,

      • Frank stetson

        Joe, you have six comments noted and only four are shown. Two have magically disappeared, but they are still showing in the total as having been there.

        Apparently, Joe, it’s your software and your web design that’s doing the babbling. Maybe you should spend a few bucks and get a decent web design, including some search capabilities of which you have none.

        And again with the drinking. You like to do this because you think it causes pain in a stranger and for some reason, you enjoy that. Hope it picks you up.

        You seem to be a very angry man who gets overly defensive over the silliest affronts.

        I commend the moderators for having made the bold choice of deleting a few of the violent posts. I was just noting that your website design is in sufficient in support of their actions in this regard. Perhaps instead of lashing out at the commentor, you might think about the comments, take them to heart, and actually attempt to make your own website better.

        Then again, you’re pretty cheap.

  6. Frank stetson

    Alice seems to make two points in this article, the first being that these actions are wrong. Who can disagree with that. The second is that there is low morality all over Los Angeles, and that is a stereotypical generality that is obviously untrue.

    My niece and nephew live in LA and are very moral. He is a lawyer for the US government protecting the rights of individuals as a public service since he could make far more money outside of the US government..

    But the real point is these actions are wrong, while there may not be a lot of personal injury right now, it’s only a matter of time until they really hurt someone,. The police and the courts have been overlooking these crimes because, generally speaking, low level thefts receive very little attention and penalties. Again, it’s only a matter of time until this becomes a personal injury or death.

    Charge em with terrorism, use the Patriot Act, put em on ice without representation, that will chill them off.

    But Alice mistakes the problem as occurring only in Los Angeles. It has occurred at the same time in San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, Atlanta, and many other US cities. It is a national trend.

    I am sure it is only a matter time until the police get together, decide the best plan of action, and clamp down on the shit. In California and many other states that apparently Alice would feel very also have low morals. Probably even in the one she lives in. Do you know the old saying, when you assume…

  7. Jim

    Keep voting for the demoncRATS and this criminal behavior will continue. When you have an extortionist and thief in high office like 90% of the demoncRATs this will continue to happen.

    • Ben

      Shoot the bastards