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Strategist Jehmu Greene Throws Hat in the Ring for DNC Chair

Strategist Jehmu Greene Throws Hat in the Ring for DNC Chair

Jehmu Greene, a Democratic political commentator and media strategist, announced late last week that she is running to be the next chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee (DNC.)

She is the seventh candidate to enter the race to lead the committee, which has been in the wake of scandal.

The democrats will be meeting in Phoenix for the first of four “Future Forum” meetings where the candidates, now including Greene will campaign for the chair seat.

“I’m the child of undocumented immigrants, a community organizer, a media strategist, and a proud Texan,” said Greene on her campaign website. “I’ve delivered for progressives as head of Rock the Vote and defended Democratic policies on Fox News. I’m writing to announce my candidacy for the chair of the DNC and to ask for your support.”

The members of the DNC will be selecting the new chair next month in Atlanta.

So far the list of candidates includes, Secretary of Labor Tom Perez; Jaime Harrison, chairman of the South Carolina Democrats; Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota; Raymond Buckley, chairman of New Hampshire Democrats; Sally Boyton Brown, executive director of the Idaho Democrats; and Peter Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana.

Greene again had some aggressive words about the soon-to-be administration when making her recent announcement.

“After an historic year and devastating losses up and down the ballot, it is women who are stepping up to protect the rights and freedom of every American,” said Greene.  “We are organizing, taking action and marching to demonstrate our opposition to the next administration’s hurtful, hateful policies. It is critical that the debate over the future of the Democratic Party reflects this energy — transformation the party and the country cannot be done without us.”

Greene appeared on the Fox & Friends show and bashed Trump, where she agreed with John Lewis’ that Trump is not legitimate.

“Anyone with a smidgen of common sense can remember Donald Trump looking into the camera encouraging Russia to hack into our electoral process, cheerleading them on. And the idea that whatever information these members of Congress are getting out of this classified briefing had them storm out of that room makes it very clear that the decisions that the FBI made that were unprecedented to get involved in the election against Hillary Clinton, pick a winner, pick a loser when they had so much information that was so damaging. What have we been talking about since this man was allegedly elected?” said Greene on the Saturday morning show.

Having someone so combative as the DNC chair would be a poor decision on the committee’s part, however they did elect the former chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who was exposed for sabotaging Bernie Sanders campaign and being bias to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Then there was the corrupt Donna Brazile, who slipped a debate question to Hillary Clinton’s campaign ahead of time, who also served as DNC chair.

Not only has Greene said deplorable things about Trump, but how is she qualified for this position? She has some steep competition, including Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota who recognizes that the DNC needs a major change. He also has impressive endorsements from Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Harry Reid, and Chuck Schumer. So hopefully Greene wouldn’t even stand a chance.

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