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Stephanopoulos: A Democrat Sleeper Agent

Stephanopoulos: A Democrat Sleeper Agent

Recently, it has come to light that George Stephanopoulos, a prominent Journalist for ABC, failed to disclose a rather sizable amount of campaign funds ($75000) that he made to the Clinton Foundation.  This obviously is a conflict of interests, especially since he belongs to a group of Americans tasked with keeping politicians honest through media investigation and clarification.  But in all reality, this should come as no surprise.  The politicization of America’s media has been rampant in recent years, particularly when it comes to liberal-leaning news agencies and Democrat candidates.  These contributions bring several things into question. 

To begin: did Romney get a fair shake in 2012 when George Stephanopoulos was mediator for one of the debates?  He has obvious political leanings and Romney’s opponent, Barack Obama, was the boss who hired his favorite female Democrat to the Secretary of State.  Another question is does he have the right to continue as a journalist if journalism is supposed to be neutral and the pursuit of facts?  Admittedly, one can look to Fox News journalists and most likely find a similar thing, so I would assume that the answer is yes.  However, the bias of ABC is quite clear in this regard.  A Fox News contributor, Geraldo Rivera, was fired for making a $200 donation in 1985.  Yet, Stephanopoulos has yet to receive the pink slip.  Why?  Well he contributed to a Democrat which is morally sound in the minds of his producers and the protection of his individual freedoms.  I wonder if the same treatment would have come about had he donated to Jeb Bush’s campaign?  Ask Geraldo. 

This is just one example of the growing trend of America’s media losing its impartiality, a vital characteristics if we, the people, are to fight against government overstep and corruption.  His campaign contributions should all but bar him from any further interviews regarding the presidential election, disqualify him from mediating any debates in the up coming election, and certainly from interviewing Hillary Clinton.  I found it amazing how he was chosen to conduct Hillary’s ABC interview, one of her few so far.  Was she inclined to accept his because of his obvious support of her?  Can we expect any actual questions of substance or any investigations into her scandals from a guy who hands over what would be two-years worth of my salary?  This is the new media in America.  It ain’t about reporting the events, its about shaping the message.  His support for Hillary will undoubtedly show through when he plays lineman for her missteps and when he throws softball questions at her and other liberals.  I am so comforted that the secrecy of Washington is being exposed by such upstanding members of the journalistic community.

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