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Special Snowflake Syndrome at Indiana University

April 4th represents yet another example of the stupidity that has become an epidemic in American colleges. Earlier we reported Emory University students were ‘frightened’ by ‘Trump 2016’ messages in chalk on the sidewalk.

Indiana University erupted in panic last week when a man in white robes was spotted “prowling” the streets of Bloomington. The rosary beads at his hip were mistaken for a whip, causing passersby to assume he was a KKK klansmember. 

Concerned students took to Facebook and Twitter to spread the word with posts like:

  • “IU students be careful, there’s someone walking around in KKK gear with a whip.”
  • “@IUBloomington There’s a man walking around campus in a KKK hood carrying a whip and there’s NOTHING you can do to make students feel safe?”

Ethan Gill, a resident assistant (RA) at Eigenmann dorm, sent out a mass email warning students to travel in groups or stay inside. “Because the person is protected under the first amendment rights, IUPD cannot remove the person from campus unless an act of violence is committed.”

Ethan’s follow-up email referred to the entire situation as a “hilarious miscommunication” – and rightfully so. Turns out, the man was a local priest from St. Paul’s walking the campus with his rosary and praying for students. 

Social media posts quickly evolved from concerned and frightened to sarcastic. “He was praying for our poor souls before Little 500,” one student joked. (Little 500 is an annual cycling race at Indiana University that attracts students [and police] from all over the state. The race has evolved into an entire week of missed classes and DUIs.)

While funny, this incident reveals a culture inclined to panic. These days, it seems that every race, gender, culture, and religion thinks it is under attack. This situation is a prime example of how shockingly naïve and sheltered these students really are. 

What are we teaching kids these days if they can’t tell the difference between a KKK klansmember and a priest; a whip and a rosary?

Editor’s Note: Like the students at Emory, who were ‘frightened’ by ‘Trump 2016’ in chalk on the sidewalk, these students are a victim of their own gullibility. This is a second example of students who are so sheltered, poorly prepared, naive and ignorant, they just not ready for college. Its no wonder our kids come out of college brainwashed by liberal B.S.



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