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‘Sound of Freedom’ Actor: Federal Agencies Involved in Child Trafficking

‘Sound of Freedom’ Actor: Federal Agencies Involved in Child Trafficking

Faith-based movie Sound of Freedom that exposes child sex trafficking, has become a box-office hit against the expectations of many who hoped it wouldn’t get much attention.

While the mainstream media continues to try dissuade people from watching it, a bombshell interview of the movie’s lead actor Jim Caviezel with conservative commentator Steve Bannon has appeared about who is involved in child sex trafficking and the cover-up for this international crime.

The interview was posted to Bannons’ War Room channel on Rumble last month (June 2023). About 15 minutes into his interview with the movie star and pro-life conservative, Bannon asked him whether he thinks anyone inside the United States facilitates child trafficking. 

“A hundred percent. All the three-lettered agencies are all involved,” replied Caviezel, who went on to say that the people in position of power at these agencies are keeping this information from the public.

Bannon then asked whether he meant the CIA and others are involved in it. Caviezel replied with “yeah,” and pointed to Obama’s presidency’s Fast and Furious and other cases covered up by the authorities.

Based on real life rescue missions led by former Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officer Tim Ballard, Sound of Freedom takes viewers to the dark world of cross-border child sex trafficking in Colombia and other Hispanic countries all the way to the United States and beyond. Caviezel plays the protagonist Tim Ballard with Bill Camp and Mira Sorvino in notable supporting cast.

At the end of the movie, Caviezel tells audiences in commentary with the closing credits that every effort was made by people opposed to the movie to block it. Leftist mainstream media launched a smear campaign against the movie by trying to trash Caviezel as a conspiracy theorist and associating the movie with conspiracy theories. However, conservatives have largely supported the movie and its mission

According to, Sound of Freedom has made over $85 million to date since its theatrical release on July 4th against an estimated production budget of $14.6 million (IMDb).

The filming was completed in 2018 and the movie was originally acquired by 20th Century Fox. But when the company was acquired Walt Disney Company in 2019, the producer bought the movie back for distributing elsewhere. It was finally acquired by Angle Studios in 2021.

The tagline for Sound of Freedom is a quote by Tim Ballard that summarizes the mission of his movement: “God’s children are not for sale.”

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  1. frank stetson

    Although Bannon not exactly a fav, I do like Jim Caviezel as an actor, always have. Thanks for the heads-up, can’t wait till this hits HULU…although that’s a Disney station. Not sure what all the hub bub is about, it’s a fictional story based on true life experiences where a guy heads to the jungle yet in realty never did. He did free a number of kids, people too.

    Then Caviezel in the interview opens his big fat mouth and says: ““A hundred percent. All the three-lettered agencies are all involved,” replied Caviezel, who went on to say that the people in position of power at these agencies are keeping this information from the public” to caution my movie watching. Using “fast and furious” as his proof seals the deal —- if this whack-job logic and conspiracy theory is laced within the film —– I’m out.

    Therefore, I am in the “further research needed” before I see a fictionalized account that the originator says is embellished, over the top, and fictionalized that might have conspiracy-theory overtones, Qanon theory, or worse. Need to review more, but hopeful it’s just a good movie, on a good subject, telling an inspiring story.

    Thanks for the heads up, it sounds like a great movie depicting heroic actions to save the children as well as, at minimum, our government’s inaction, who cares the reasons.

    As to the rest, Caziezel’s political, Qanon, etc. beliefs, public outcries (either side), rumors (turning off the AC at the movie house, etc.), who cares —- a good movie is just that. Meant to inform, meant to entertain, this one attempts both.

    On the real news, Rolling Stone did a nice overview showing:

    ” the U.S. State Department has reported that 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders per year, with about 50 percent of these cases being children.”

    “Contrary to urban legends about kids getting abducted in Target parking lots by strangers, or anonymous figures snatching children from alleyways, the majority of child trafficking victims know and trust their traffickers, explains Teresa Huizar, CEO of the National Children’s Alliance (Huizar has not seen the film yet, but was able to provide context about the myths and realities of child trafficking). “Some are throwaway kids. They are kicked out of their homes and trade sex for food and a place to stay, and end up being trafficked by a pimp,” she says. “In a lot of these cases, the trafficker starts out calling themselves their boyfriend or girlfriend.” Indeed, a large body of research shows that many child trafficking victims are LGBTQ or gender nonconforming youth who have been kicked out of their homes and forced into the sex trade by someone close to them.”

    “While Sound of Freedom almost exclusively focuses on very young children, the majority of child trafficking victims are adolescents or teenagers, says Huizar. (A report from the Counter-Trafficking Data Collaborative states that 67 percent of children trafficked are between the ages of 15 and 17). While there are, of course, cases where child trafficking victims are much younger than that, they overwhelmingly — and heartbreakingly — tend to involve parents with substance abuse issues selling their children for drugs, Huizar says.”

    I will let folks read the rest, but seems like a good overview of the subject with might temper the film’s intense focus on Ballard’s heroic journey.

    Thanks for this one, Mr Dempsey. News to me. ps: don’t let the title blow you off, it’s a good overview without the hyperbole. While shading it under “not as bad as you think,” it’s still far worse than it ought to be, no matter what RStone says. IMO.

    • Tom

      Yeah Frank, I did the ole eye roll and brow uplift when I saw that Fast & Furious reference. I seem to recall that was a triangular scandal of guns for drugs, then drugs for money, then money for funding Nicaraguan Contra’s or some para military Central American group.

      Hey help me here, during that Obama Administration who was the VP during the Fast & Furious scandal?

      All the things you mentioned about child trafficking are true. Epstein was probably just a jagged tip on the child trafficking iceberg. I wish there were some way of stopping it! If I apply the Frank test, I really do not see any solid proof of three letter agencies being involved and hope to God they are none involved. I think we all need to watch out for people that seem to really like smelling child hair and other creepy stuff like that! :>)

      By the way, as citizens, we need to be aware of the child sign used to indicate that a child is in distress because they are being taken away by someone they do not trust. Most people do not know there is a symbol kids are supposed to use. We should all be teaching this symbol to our kids and grandkids. The Women’s Funding Network has created this symbol and kids are using it, see at ** If you see this symbol being flashed in a mall or store or other public place, it means the child is screaming for help.

      Thanks Frank for the link to the Rolling Stone review. I will be reading it.

      Thanks Ernest for bringing this subject up.

      • frank stetson

        “Hey help me here, during that Obama Administration who was the VP during the Fast & Furious scandal?” Quit being a douche, Fast and Furious, aka gunwalking, was a tactic developed during Bush, at least by 2006. During Bush, they screwed the pooch and no arrests made. It got ratcheted up during Obama and was just peachy keen until a border officer got killed with one of the guns. To kick it off, in 2009 there was a meeting. Participating were Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden, Assistant Attorney General Lanny A. Breuer, acting ATF Director Kenneth E. Melson, Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Administrator Michele Leonhart, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation Robert Mueller and the top federal prosecutors in the Southwestern border states. I am not sure Biden or Obama even knew until the xxxx hit the fan. In the end, Holder owned it. Guess who uncovered it and couldn’t make it stick: Jordan and Grassley, go figure. Still fucking it all up today. I doubt there are too many Epstein’s in this world, then again, the 1.6.2021 criminals posted video’s, so who can say. I mean those Ohio cops lets the dog’s loose on a black guy, on his knees, on an open superhighway, with his hands in the air…..and Trump is still incriminating himself while obstructing justice. Who can say what fools these mortals be. And some jerk wad wants to know who Obama’s VP was…… It’s a weird world.

        That’s three letter orgs because it’s just like “fast and furious….” Wow, just wow.

        The actual person, Mr. Ballard, noted that he quit Homeland Security because he was allowed to track the kids, but not allowed to get the kids and that was killing him. So, chatting with the wife, they chose to leave the government to try to save some kids. That’s a bit different from the idiotic headline which, in PBP, I am thinking the author may not control the heads. Cuz this one is stupid and off focus. It’s the lack of involvement by the government. At least according to Ballard, the guy in the middle.

        I agree, the movie can illuminate the darkness. Ballard is a heroic figure, biographic, based-on, or embellished, and his story deserves to be told. And the fact that it’s a fictionalized account does not diminish that at all. It’s a movie after all. Just hope it’s not convincing people that groomers are everywhere, all kids are targets, and all the other crap people are filling their heads with. Cuz it’s un-woke propaganda again, I will just replay ARGO one more time when we were all on the same side or watch any Stiller or Penn movie —- they be banned from Russia and that be berry, berry goot to me.

        You notice how douche and pooch rhyme and both remind me of your snarky post, you dog you…. :>)

    • Tom

      Frank, I read the Rolling Stone review. At least I read what parts were not covered up by that annoying scroll ad. While I agree with Rolling Stone that thriller movies can create false stereotypes in our minds, they do serve the purpose of giving light to dark problems that most people do not think about. I did appreciate the expert opinions embedded in the review. I have no frame of reference for how fair the review was, but I do think it was professional and moderately objective.

      • Dan tyree

        Want corruption??? Vote for democrats.

  2. Lela Markham

    I don’t know that federal agents are directly involved in child trafficking (although they were directly involved in the Fast and Furious gun scheme, which isn’t a good look for federal agents being trusted on any other scandal), but I do think they’re facilitating it by ignoring it. There’s a reason no one was prosecuted from Gislaine Maxwell’s little black book and it wasn’t because federal agents were doing their jobs.

  3. Lyudmila

    Would it surprise anyone if federal agencies were found to be involved in child trafficking? They are the real criminals. After all, they still keep hundreds of innocent peaceful demonstrators of the “Stop the Steal” march in prison. And the real killers – the Capitol cops who killed demonstrators Ashley Babbitt and Rosanna Boylеnd – are on the loose.

  4. frank stetson

    Yes. ” they still keep hundreds of innocent peaceful demonstrators of the “Stop the Steal” march in prison” is a lie; the only ones in prison are those few felt unsafe to let loose because of their alleged crimes OR those adjudicated as GUILTY GUILTY GUILTY in a court of law, based on the evidence presented, to a jury of their peers like the last fool found attacked cops with a makeshift flagpole spear he concocted at home for the festivities who just got 52 months. This “innocent peaceful demonstrator” pleaded guilty, guilty, guilty as in “I did it,” I stuck that cop with my spear on purpose. Read the cases Ludy before you make this stupid mistake again and look like a complete brainwashed Trumplicant, or worse. Isn’t Lyudmila the name of Putin’s ex-wife? Or maybe “Lady Death?”

    Ashley Babbitt made the mistake of saying “go” when the cops said “stop.” Lucky she didn’t get others killed. Rosanna Boylеnd was killed by Trumplicants. She’s on tape being trampled by them. One way or the other, none of these people would have been injured, including the 140+ cops, the hero’s of the day, and all of the insurrectionists should rot in jail. All Republicans. All Trumpers. All bad.

    • Gan tyree

      Were you there? I didn’t think so. If Ashley were black the commiecrats would want to burn the country down