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And On The Seventh Day, Brian Kolfage and Friends Said, ‘Let There Be Wall!’

And On The Seventh Day, Brian Kolfage and Friends Said, ‘Let There Be Wall!’

“Only in America” just doesn’t cut it here. It doesn’t say enough, or sufficiently express, the far-reaching implications of what went down on our southern border this past Memorial Day weekend. When the American people took matters into their own hands, reached into their own pockets, and constructed a short wall along one of the most problematic illegal crossings from Mexico into New Mexico and Texas.

Brian Kolfage founded We Build The Wall (WBTW) which is responsible for the project. He started its GoFundMe page on January 20th, and within 20 days, reportedly raised more than $20 million. (God knows how much they’ve raised since then.) The following months entailed formulating a secret plan of action that wouldn’t be derailed by dumb (mostly dumb Democrat) party politics, but it wasn’t all that secretive:

WBTW contacted all relevant government organizations to learn the “rules” on getting this done properly, but most important of all, they contacted Customs and Border Protection, and asked, “Where do you need an effective wall the most?” The answer came back in a heartbeat, and they said Sunland Park, New Mexico, which is 6 or 9 miles northwest of El Paso, depending on which news report you want to believe.

(That’s Sunland’s main tourism selling point, “Just a short donkey ride of 6 or 9 miles to El Paso!”)

Fortunately, the landowners of this proposed wall said full steam ahead, build it with our blessings, and over the Memorial Day Weekend in just a few short days, half of the mile-long wall was completed, until politics came into play.

First, Sunland Park’s Mayor Javier Peras (a Mexican-American, you think?) declared the building permits were faulty, and he ordered a cease and desist on construction after they built the thing right under his nose while he and his zoning and police force were taking a siesta. Except the permits weren’t faulty, the cease and desist order was ceased and desisted, and construction resumed.

He had also claimed that the maximum allowable size for a wall/fence in Sunland Park was 6 feet (while this wall is 18 feet), but he and his people were wrong yet again. The smaller height referred to residential housing. And he later claimed death threats against him from neo-cons, today’s go-to defense from the liberal playbook! Woe is me!

But I wonder what he thought about Kathy Griffin Tweeting a photo of Trump’s severed head?

The Progressividiots soon came out of the woodwork trying to challenge the wall’s legality, but they haven’t found anything yet that works in their favor. And of course, as usual, they used the moral outrage card, while at the same time claiming that the wall would be ineffective, mooting their argument that the wall was a moral outrage in the first place.

Like, if the wall won’t work anyway, what are they so upset about!? I will never understand why Democrats don’t realize how stupid they sound when they keep using these same two contradictory arguments over and over again.

An interesting aspect to this story is how the liberal media got it wrong from the start, but they got it so wrong that they were almost forced to admit it. We Build The Wall is run/operated by committee, an advisory board, consisting of many members, including former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, former Kansas State Secretary Kris Kobach, and Blackwater USA founder Erik Prince. However, it was Steve Bannon they jumped on as the bad guy for starting and leading this “illegal effort,” because Bannon is the only Republican they can think of who makes Michael Moore look like George Clooney.

Can you imagine their surprise when they learned it was Brian Kolfage, Iraqi War veteran, Purple Heart recipient, who lost both legs and a hand in combat? I can’t wait to see Pelosi and AOC start attacking his motives! (Schumer will probably just be shriveled up in a corner.)

This section of the wall was erected in a crossing area where the really bad guys go…the drug smugglers, the coyotes/other human traffickers, plus your regular everyday violent criminals. Just ask the Angel Parents who lost children to murder by illegals.

Boys’ Town founder Father Flannigan might have believed, “There’s no such thing as a bad boy,” and many people can accept that philosophy. But how many people can accept today’s Democrat philosophy of, “There’s no such thing as a bad illegal migrant?”

We can only pray not many, and that Trump triumphs in 2020. In the meantime, Kolfage and his people scored a huge victory in support of homeland security, and they’re just getting started.

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  1. Mary Hughes

    Kolfage is really one real HERO.! I’ve listened to him on the Mike Huckabee show, and I was truly impressed.
    I can’t believe how Dems have turned on America and it’s People. It took A real man that’s fought and nearly lost his life, fighting for freedom for so many , to do what useless Politicians should have, gotten done along time ago.Shame on them.

  2. Phil in TX

    More money is on the way to Build The Wall, just as soon as I can walk to the mailbox!

    Phil in TX