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Some Hate Pages Allowed by Facebook (Hint: They are all Liberal)

Some Hate Pages Allowed by Facebook (Hint: They are all Liberal)

Conservatives are used to being blocked on Facebook whenever we cover even non-controversial conservative views.  One of our own groups, the relatively tame Republicans for Trump, has been blocked over and over.

Outlaw Morgan, an outspoken Libertarian commentator who supports Trump (most of the time) and who, to the best of my knowledge, has never uttered a word of “hate speech,” is constantly blocked and has been dialed back from a one-time 60 million followers to less than a million. I literally just saw Facebook cut him off in the middle of a rant about how Facebook keeps cutting him off.

Facebook loves to preach about its efforts to censor hate speech, but just like its failure to protect user data, Facebook is allowing hate speech to flourish (at least on the liberal side).

The problem with this is that Facebook openly allows hateful content as long as that content targets Republicans, whites, President Trump, and the police.

As mentioned above, Facebook restricted the political page “Republicans for Trump,” but allowed the anti-police page “CopBlock.” Facebook blocks content posted by Outlaw Morgan (a white comedian who loves guns and the US, hates Democrats, and speaks his mind), but allows content posted by Zellie Imani (a black activist and writer whose hateful rhetoric targets whites, Republicans, and the police). 

Here are a few hate groups Facebook allows: 

1. Blue Lives Murder

“Blue Lives Murder” portrays all police officers as villains who prey on civilians. The page supports antifa and is in favor of disbanding the police. “Blue Lives Murder” has more than 74,000 likes and more than 77,400 followers.

2. Anti-Fascist News

This fascist Facebook page claims to post “news and analysis related to anti-fascist and anti-racist organizing, and related social movements.” Based on a quick scan of the page, “Anti-Fascist News” appears to be nothing more than an outlet for criticizing whites, conservatives, Republicans, and far-right groups.

The page has more than 102,000 likes and more than 106,000 followers.

3. America Hates Us

“America Hates Us” is an anti-police, anti-white Facebook page and clothing brand that aims to foster conversations about hate. The page’s two authors claim the site isn’t “anti-American,” but describe the US as “the uncle that paid for your abortion but who also got you pregnant.”

“America Hates Us” sells T-shirts with provocative messages including: “slap your local racist,” “people of color don’t exist to help white people understand their privilege,” “free Palestine,” “reparations for black people only,” “white lies matter,” and “straight men are the feds.”

“American Hates Us” has roughly 15,000 likes and followers.

4. Memes for Better Tomorrow

This Facebook page defines itself as as: “Revolutionary pragmatic anti-capitalist memes for general leftist teens.”

In reality, “Memes for Better Tomorrow” is a group of people who insult, criticize, and ridicule Republicans. The current trend on the page is to mock the deaths of conservatives Bill Montgomery and Herman Cain because they died from COVID after refusing to wear face masks. 

The page has 47,879 likes and 49,601 followers.

5. Socialist Alternative – Red Flag 

Socialist Alternative is Australia’s biggest revolutionary organization and Red Flag is the group’s “interventionist” newspaper. The Facebook page claims to “bring socialist arguments to the debates of today” and seeks to “win people to socialism” and convince people that “the revolutionary overthrow of capitalism is the solution to the problems of society.” 

The page presents Red Flag as an alternative news source free from the “capitalist lies” and “right-wing bias” present in the mainstream media. As you would expect from a group of socialists, most of the posts and comments on the Facebook page are about hating rich people.

“Socialist Alternative – Red Flag” has more than 90,000 likes and followers.

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  1. Bill J Powers

    I had never heard of Blue Lives Murder. So I went there on Facebook. They spend a considerable amount of time complaining that they are being censored by Facebook, and warn that they will soon be gone. So I guess no one’s happy. I imagine the other sites mentioned are doing the same.

  2. Keith Reeves

    It was my understanding that Facebook is working with the Government and has allowed these groups to remain “on the air” so that the followers of these various groups can be tracked, monitored, and delt with when the time is right.

  3. Fred S.

    Would be sweet if all the hackers from around the world could take these companies off line for a few hours or more a bunch of creeps runs these, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.
    But they probably don’t have the smarts, they would rather play video games all day.