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Socialism is Force – A Message from one of the Smartest Men on Earth

Socialism is Force – A Message from one of the Smartest Men on Earth

In the video below, Milton Friedman explains why socialism is fundamentally flawed.

The essential notion of a capitalist society is voluntary cooperation, while the basis of socialism is force. “Whenever we depart from voluntary cooperation and try to do good by using force, the bad morale value of force triumphs over good intentions,” he says.   

Government is the large scale managing of relationships between people and those relationships should be based on respect, not use of force.



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  1. Case mueller

    If we believe that forcing good intentions on an unwilling populace is bad, then that should stop all of America’s wars, present and future.

  2. Paula

    Socialism is communism is Marxism. Look up all in dictionary. All is government run everything. No capitalism! That means no money coming into government. Look what happened to Cuba. Look at communist run countries. You get false promises! It is impossible to give all that dem’s are promising. No one offers way to pay for it all. Ask AOC, Bernie, Booker, Harris to give away 70% of what they have as example of equality. After Bernie ran for president & lost, he went out & bought another house. Why didn’t he give that extra money away to people who needed a lift up. He sure didn’t hand it down!!!! Niether did Hillary. And she holds on to money in Clinton Foundation. Doesn’t give it away. Pays daughter, takes travel money , etc out of it. It’s “her” bank!!