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Social Scientist: Woman Who Screamed at Florida Gov Scott has 'mindset of a child'

Social Scientist: Woman Who Screamed at Florida Gov Scott has 'mindset of a child'

Florida governor Rick Scott got more than just a coffee when he stopped into a Gainesville Starbucks and was yelled at by a female customer. The woman, identified later as Cara Jennings, told Scott that “he should be ashamed” to show his face in Florida after refusing to expand Medicare.

When Jennings accused Scott of not caring about working people, Scott argued that he had created over a million jobs during his tenure, but Jennings was still not satisfied, then attacking Scott’s move to strip Planned Parenthood of federal funding.

According to a well-respected social scientist, “The problem with this is that this girl will lambast Scott for not giving her more and more free stuff, and will say that the jobs produced in Florida are all low wage jobs, but praise Obama and Sanders for offering more and more free stuff, while the economy still produces little more than low wage jobs.”

The social scientist continued, arguing that Jennings is taking the mindset of a child who is incapable of getting the resources she needs without government assistance, “She started yelling at Scott for not allowing an increase in Medicaid to solve all of her problems. So what did she actually do? In reality, she perceived Scott as a Freudian father figure and yelled at ‘dad’ for not taking care of her.”

People like Jennings believe that the government has an obligation to provide everything that they need without individuals having to work hard to earn it themselves. These young people need to realize that the American government has no obligation to step in and provide for those who do not want to go out and be successful on their own.

When people begin to demand more and more from the government, the government can no longer afford to continue to provide it. When this occurs, rebellions and uprisings take place like those happening throughout South America. Police and military are forced to step in to squash the rebellion, leading to violent clashes between the government and citizens of the country.

There is no positive to feeling entitled to something that you have not earned. This overwhelming greedy, entitled attitude of the younger generations is just what will turn our constitutional government into a mob rule democracy.

It’s time for people everywhere, not just in Florida’s Starbucks locations, to stop complaining and get out there to earn what they want on their own.

Editor’s note:  Still like Rick Scott, he has done great work for Florida.

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