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Did Israeli Intel Allow the Hamas Invasion as a Two-Edged Sword?

Did Israeli Intel Allow the Hamas Invasion as a Two-Edged Sword?

The Hamas invasion of last Saturday has become one of the worst attacks on Israel in the state’s past 50 years of history, resulting in deaths, injuries, and abductions of well over a thousand Israelis. Media stories could not sensationalize this brutal attack enough to spark a violent response from the Netanyahu government. But what lies beyond the obvious in the story where one of the world’s top-notch national intelligence failed so miserably?

On Saturday, October 7, when Israel was attacked by Hamas militants, people started asking one big question: how come Israeli defense failed to stop the invasion at the fence. NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, who famously exposed the Obama administration’s illegal spying on American citizens, tweeted the same. He asked: “How could the government’s oppressive surveillance miss a sprawling conspiracy involving thousands?”

Snowden seemingly said it without saying it – the Israeli intelligence was letting the terrifying attack happen, if not really being actively in on it. And Snowden really isn’t alone in pointing a finger at the Israeli intel for the violent invasion into the country. Comments expressing rejection of the intel’s ignorance poured in on another related tweet of Snowden.

The question that naturally arises out of such speculation relates the motive, or the larger target behind the obvious mark. Why would Israeli intel want to let Hamas inflict terror on its land? It does take a little bit to connect the dots, but not very hard to see the political jigsaw here. Let’s connect a few main pieces to see if we get something of a picture.

First, the big piece with obvious signs – the political rift between Netanyahu and Israeli intel community. Last month, the Associated Press published a story about the “unprecedented opposition” of 180 former officials from various Israeli agencies – Mossad, Shin Bet, military, and police – against Netanyahu’s government. The story wrote:

But for dozens of former Israeli security commanders, the policies of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s far-right government are the biggest threat yet to the country’s future.

Earlier in the year (April), leaked official Pentagon documents made news for claiming that Mossad was behind the protests against Netanyahu’s government proposed judicial reforms – a political battle that has haunted Netanyahu’s government ever since. Both Netanyahu and Mossad denied the reports, but the reports hinted at Mossad’s secretive anti- Netanyahu designs.

The recent terror attack by Hamas, seen widely as the result of obvious intel failure makes sense in the context of the previous hidden and open dislike of Mossad and other intel agency officials toward Netanyahu. Immediately after the attack, the left-leaning newspaper Haaretz blamed Netanyahu for the worst security failure in the country’s history and demanded that he stepped down. That likely was the goal of the country’s intel leadership to bring down Netanyahu’s political image and pressure him out of power. But was that the only goal? Apparently not.

It was natural for Netanyahu to assert his political power as a leader to payback Hamas by ordering instant and powerful armed counter-attack on Gaza, the stronghold of Hamas. The reaction in the surrounding Muslim region would be further attacks as the dominos of war start falling and hitting others. And if the globalist establishment, led by US agencies, could drag powers like Russia into it, the next big war would mean a shitload of taxpayer’s money going straight into the Department of Defense with little to no accountability.

A glimpse of this effort was seen soon after the Hamas attack when President Zelenskyy of Ukraine went on video to claim that he has data proving Russia is behind the war in Israel:

Zelenskyy’s statement read much like the globalist war-mongering web would like it – make Russia a party to the war – and the Israeli intel likely looked forward to it along with the pro-war US/NATO group. But Netanyahu appeared to have sensed it and his ambassador to Russia, Alexander Ben Zvi, stated on Wednesday (October 11) that his government sees these claims as nothing but “pure conspiracy.”

The People’s Voice posted commentary along the same lines of speculation and claimed that they even have in inside unmade/anonymous official source confirming the whole attack was a false flag to start the “Holy War.” Their claim, however, remains unverified so far.

At a time when the Republican-led House of Representatives is denying more free cash flow to Ukraine, the globalist warmongers see the need for a new big war, something where big “anti-American” powers can be made a party and let the congress remove any blocking of the funds for war. It won’t be surprising to find out in due time the unofficial collaboration between Israeli and western world’s intel machinery for launching a major war in the Middle East while baiting Netanyahu’s government into it. For them it would be a win-win, that is, unless Netanyahu and Israel’s adversaries in the Middle East realize how they are being played into a new war where they have nothing to win but more loss, misery, and devastation of the region.

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  1. Tom

    Sorry Earnest, you are grasping at straws on this one. No such conspiracy exists even if the intel people did not like Netanyahu. I’m sure the intel people had relatives killed as well. This article is pure crap.

  2. Darren

    If this is true, this is because NO country cares about its people as much as proving cause to be able to
    carry out its pre determined plan.
    I doubt this was the case, but look at Pelosi and Jan 6th.
    Tell Babbitt’s family that was not planed.

  3. frank stetson

    The best outcome is a 9/11 style investigation which Israel has promised. Conjecture is really not helpful especially “Snowden seemingly said it without saying it – the Israeli intelligence was letting the terrifying attack happen, if not really being actively in on it” which is not stated as conjecture as is the rest of the POS article.

    Yes, Israel needs to trace those missiles, who paid for them, who supplied them. There’s too many to be Hamas alone, they don’t have the cash or the expertise. Iran, Russia, all possible candidates, but that’s just conjecture.

    Let the investigation complete. Today is time to focus on ending Hamas.

  4. Emke nygvos

    Conspiracy is between Netanyahoo and Hamas to start war so boths of thems could be in power.

  5. frank stetson

    From another aspect, this could be true, but might be unintended outcomes as well.

    First, the planning took a long time, possibly years. As did the logistics to get all those missiles in place.

    Second, Netanyahu’s hard right authoritarian stance has much push-back in the ranks. Rather than overtly plan this, they might have just become lax knowing that a little incursion might help there cause. Kind of like manslaughter versus murder.

    Russia easily could fund but that’s a really long view like Putin started this when he started the Ukraine war and that’s a hell of a lead time in thought almost divining that Ukraine would not go well. Or he could have just shoveled some cash in at the end.

    Iran is the top suspect by most, had plenty of time since the nuclear accords went South.

    But….imagine if the security became lax expecting a little incursion and Hamas attacked with forces expecting a much harder defense. Thus, both sides could be totally surprised at the powerful outcome.

    Don’t matter. Once Hamas stooped to barbarism and war crimes so heinous that we don’t even know the worst of it, most reporting they can’t even speak the totality of what they have seen, who cares who did what. Hamas must be destroyed first and then we can circle back to who did what to who.

    I follow the team formerly known as The Redskins. In the 90’s, their quarterback Joe Theismann was a renown asshole even bringing in “get hot with Kathy Lee” t-shirts to show off and rub it in. At that time, the Hogs were aging out, the revered, yet un-woke John Riggins and the humble Mark Mosely remained and often would be the only ones eating meals with Joe during training. The line was awful that year and Theismann was blaming, shaming, and screaming. One game it appeared the line mysteriously opened wide, the Giant’s LT came through for the most famous Monday Night leg snap in history ending Joe’s career. Jay Schroeder took over, through a 40 yarder, Riggins fumbled, but they finally won one. Legend has it he gave the defensive line Rolexes before the next game. We were 4-1 after that with a fantastic line. Go figure.

    Netanyahu is a hard right authoritarian and it’s easy to see the defense who wants a more humanitarian approach to Palestine opening the line. And if they didn’t tell Hamas, Hamas too could have planned for the rigid line and therefore streamed through like no tomorrows. Does not mean they colluded, just got unintended outcomes.

  6. jboo7

    As in most cases, there is likely SOMETHING in the “Conspiracy Theory” – maybe even MUCH MORE:
    And Mossad, as Shin Beth (plus CIA, MI6, BND, etc.) were all quite aware that there was something brewing.
    And from the weapons’ material and logistics of it: What is it? How much? Where is it? Where is it pointed to?would tell about the plans.
    – The timing might be left open – not to be divulged – kill the sleeping dog!
    But what could be better than the dogs laying around the yard just glimpsing with one eye – occasionally – but not barking!
    Because they didn’t like the old tyrant who always wanted them to go on a big rampage – and HERE HE WAS AGAIN!
    He was determined to get the country into rage – the whole PILLARS OF THE TRIBE IN RAGE AGAINST EACH OTHER!
    He had just managed to hop away from a holiday in prison – but that was far from over!
    And he let it go: Terror Murder, land Theft good old Meir Kahane resuscitated in the West Bank – let them grab for their weapons!
    AND HE INVITED IT WITH OPEN ARMS! – He knew they would not let go that chance.
    ON HIS SIDE! – Not over there with the prosecutor! He WAS THE WARLORD – and Psst! not in jail!
    …………the bombs drop like thick rain…and so flows the blood…………………
    BUT IT WORKED: Will take years – nay: Decades to repair – MAYBE EVEN A FINAL SOLUTION?
    But with that, any Judicial Horseplay can be pushed through – and those 3 cases? All forgotten.