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Small Town America Resists Muslim Migrants

Small Town America Resists Muslim Migrants

Another storm is brewing regarding the ongoing Syrian refugee crisis. Rural populations in Wyoming and Montana are pushing back against Obama’s plans to resettle thousands of Muslims in small town America. The protest held this morning in Missoula was an echo of similar rallies held in Fargo, North Dakota and Twin Falls, Idaho. 

In all of the US, Wyoming and Montana are the only two states to escape Muslim refugee infusion – each state claiming less than 70 refugees during the past 35 years. Idaho, on the other hand, has been forced to accept more than 10,700 refugees. According to WND, the Muslim billionaire CEO of Chobani is working with the government to import refugees to work in his yogurt factory in Twin Falls. 

Since 9/11, North Dakota has been forced to accept nearly 5,000 refugees – Colorado 18,122, Minnesota 37,838, Nebraska 9,161, and Washington 36,395. Mayor Shelby Rognstad of Sand Point, Idaho attempted to welcome the refugees but was forced to roll back his welcome mat after serious blowback from his community. 

Residents in many of these states have pointed to evidence in Europe showing that importing Syrian and other Muslim refugees leads to increases in crime, terrorism, and rape. Meanwhile, undeterred by the threat of violence, local politicians in Missoula are working with pro-immigrant NGOs to attract Syrians. 

“We look forward to seeing approximately 100 refugees per year resettled in Missoula,” reads a letter from the Missoula Board of County Commissioners sent earlier this month. Let’s remember that these refugees are 98% Sunni Muslim and according to the FBI are nearly impossible to vet for connections to terrorism. “Missoula is an ideal city for resettling refugees. Our community enjoys good schools, incredible natural beauty, and a low unemployment rate,” the letter continues. 

Meanwhile, a group of more informed Montanans has mobilized to fight back against the plan, making a point that the refugee resettlement program means more people on welfare and the challenge of educating kids that don’t speak English – not to mention the untold risk to national security.

Today’s protest is not just aimed at Obama and the Democrats. Activists are also trying to persuade the state Legislature to act. “They’ve done little to help us and have basically given lip-service,” said Paul Nachman, an activist who is frustrated by the dominance of progressive politics in the city. “It’s a wildly left-wing town, known around here as the Berkeley of Montana,” he added. Nachman has made a serious effort to counter what he believes is dishonest propaganda spread by pro-refugee groups who stand to make big bucks from the resettlement program. 

According to the Refugee Act of 1980, local leaders have no control over the number of refugees they are forced to accept – even if these individuals are coming from jihadist-infested countries. In other words, the White House has cart blanche authority over which refugees are accepted and where they will go when they arrive in the US. 

Meanwhile, Obama plans to resettle at least 10,000 Syrian refugees in US towns and cities during 2016. If the program goes as planned, 85,000 potentially dangerous refugees will have new homes in the United States within the next few years. 

Caroline Solomon, originally from Europe, now lives in Kalispell, Montana with her family. She describes the quiet, friendly community: “It’s like one big family. Everybody is nice. When you go to shop, everybody talks to everybody. When I go back to the big city, I think I must look like a country bumpkin because I have a smile on my face. That’s why people come here.” 

She fears that an increased Muslim population accompanied by Sharia law might change all this. 

“I am an immigrant,” she says. “So anybody saying I’m against that is absolutely wrong. There are people who need help in a serious way. That’s what this country is all about. What makes me mad and sad is they want to bring people in without knowing who they are or what they are involved with,” she said. 


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